Game Thread: June 9, Cubs at Braves

Here’s another video.

I don’t actually like the Cure, but let’s face it, this is the Braves’ soundtrack right now. If this thing doesn’t turn around soon I’m going to have to break out the Morrissey, and nobody wants that.

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  1. What will today’s humiliation be? Facing old “friend” Marquis means lots of possibities…

  2. Any truth to the rumor that Jack Kevorkian, recently released from jail, is going to be the team doctor?

  3. I don’t know if this was mentioned yesterday…but apparently McCann is still having effects from his ankle injury last season…

    First up, a bit of news: Brian McCann had a cortisone shot in his right ankle two days ago and is out of the lineup tonight, with Salty catching. But McCann’s expected back in there tomorrow, according to Bobby Cox.

    This is first I’ve heard of the cortisone shot for McCann, who hates talking about his injuries for fear people will think he’s making excuses. He’s such a good dude, he feels guilty about not being in the lineup, about being hurt.

    It’s the right ankle, same one he sprained badly last season. This time he reinjured it when he rolled it on a swing Tuesday, which we knew about. It’s just we didn’t know it was bad enough to require a cortisone shot, which he got Wednesday.

    TThe ankle injury comes just when McCann’s left ring finger is finally healed completely. That’s no longer a factor, he said.

  4. Why not just disable McCann until he’s 100%? He hasn’t been doing much anyway. Salty can catch with Pena backing him up for a few weeks.

  5. Ron,

    Check the stats, McCann is hitting over .300 the past couple weeks. He doesn’t need to be DL as he is capable of playing.

  6. Cubs:

    Soriano LF/ PitA
    Pie CF
    Lee 1B
    Barrett C
    JJones RF
    DeRosa 3B
    Fontenot 2B
    Izturis SS
    Marquis P


    Johnson 2B
    Harris LF
    Renteria SS
    AJones CF
    McCann C
    Francoeur RF
    Thorman 1B/ Out
    Escobar 3B
    Hudson P

  7. Cormier is now on the DL with a tired arm. Myself, I can’t even bring myself to joke about it.

  8. Re Cormier having a tired arm–the way he pitched it isn’t certain he even has an arm.

  9. It might not be a good idea to have a beanball war with the Cubs–in the last week they’ve shown their quite willing to duke it out.

  10. they’ve shown their quite willing to duke it out.

    sheesh, who taught me to write–make that they’re quite willing …

  11. seriously WTF

    down 4-0 already…. and why the @$%^! are there so many Cubs fans in ATL?

  12. So Hudson hits him and puts Soriano on base to lead off the game because Soriano three home runs the night before? That’s just stupid. Why do that?

  13. Nice theory, Mac, but didn’t someone yesterday put up a comment about Sosa having an ERA less than 3?

  14. Thanks, Jay.

    God, the Cubs are dumb. It’s like they have a team full of Francoeur’s.

  15. I love the Escobar and Moylan glove tap. No question they are best friends.

  16. is the behind the plate umpire testing pinella, because some of those pitches didnt look close. but then again, he is a sidewinder.

  17. I texted my cubs buddy that i saw a brawl coming in the first inning after the soriano remark to hudson.

    how can you not love harris? he was flying around the basepaths

  18. I love Renteria’s demeanor. He is straight chillin’ on the bench drinking water and answering escobar’s questions after that bomb.

  19. is it evil to have hoped Thor would get hurt on the play at the plate?

  20. No one else has said it, so I will: Peter Moylan, with 3 no-hit innings, gets the game ball for turning around our incredibly demoralizing streak. Huddy couldn’t get the job done, but this guy’s having a great year and this is his best outing of all.

  21. Just joining the game–its a nice change + the Mets have lost….I guess Hudson’s ok?

  22. He’s day-to-day. As AAR was saying, it seems like a good thing Moylan ended up in there instead of Huddy.

  23. dunno, he didn’t throw any pitches after getting hit. Though Bobby may have just told him not to bother and take the rest of the night off. And as AAR has pointed out, Moylan and the rest of the pen have bailed him out admirably.

  24. Thanx–with his great start and recent starts it almost looks like we are back to the 2005 version of Hudson….

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