Diamondbacks 4, Braves 0

ESPN – Diamondbacks vs. Braves Box Score, August 17 2007 – MLB

There’s really nothing you can do. Brandon Webb is really good right now, probably in the process of locking up his second straight Cy Young, and a valiant effort by Lance Cormier, who had allowed just one run heading into the eighth, went for naught. The Braves managed only three baserunners — a double by KJ in the fourth, a single from Francoeur in the fifth, and a walk by Teixeira in the seventh. They only struck out six times, but didn’t make solid contact at all. Even the hits were little squirrely things.

Cormier allowed a solo homer in the third, and that was essentially the ballgame. On his 104th pitch, in the eighth inning, he allowed a two-run homer to kill any lagging hope. He was good, and it’s still a quality start. Yates gave up a homer in the ninth, but it really didn’t matter any.

That’s your recap. There’s really nothing else to say. Let’s get them tomorrow.

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  1. At least Cormier provided some sort of pitching depth for the #5 spot. ‘Bout time someone actually pitched well from that spot.

  2. Cormier was the bright spot, fer sure. And I never expected to say that.

    Kudos to Roger for tweaking the mechanics on his landing. It certainly helped him keep the ball down most of the night. And most importantly, the look of fear on his face was totally absent. Goodbye frightened weasel, hello concentrating weasel.

    But yeah, let’s go get ’em tomorrow.

  3. #2 – It doesnt look like pitching was the problem tonight, you can never complain about your #5 getting you to the 8th and only giving up one run. You can however complain about our offense, I dont mind that Webb shut us down, he’s doing that to everyone.

    I dont want to hear anyone complaining about Cormier tonight, complain about Bobby or Yates all that you want!

  4. oh yeah thats 7 hr’s given up in 2 games now, Im going to the game tomorrow. Better get the win

  5. Cormier for Cy Young in 2008! Well, maybe not, but at least we got our first glimpse of why he won the 5th starter spot during spring training before he was injured.

    I don’t know if he can keep it up, but my thought is that he’s our best option right now over Reyes or getting Wells after he clears waivers. We really need 3 or 4 good starts from Cormier – not breaking in another 5th starter during the last month of the season. Especially not Wells, I think he’s through.

  6. Great start by Cormier. Let’s hope he can continue to be a good 5th starter. That’s really all you can ask for at this point. Nothing really else to say about tonight. Oh, and Webb’s not bad.

  7. Well, Mets won, Phillies won. Tomorrow’s another mismatch for us and another easy win for them. Looks like we’re doomed. Unless we get really lucky, our playoff chances are gone by the end of this weekend. Too bad.

  8. Well, the upcoming series with the Reds doesn’t look that bad:

    Game 1: Hudson (14-5) vs. Dumatrait (0-1)
    Game 2: James (9-9) vs. Livingston (3-3)
    Game 3: Cormier (0-3) vs. Arroyo (6-13)
    Game 4: Carlyle (7-4) vs. Ramirez (0-0)

    Our weak pitchers against their even weaker pitchers. If we sweep them, we’re back in it. Of course, we GOT swept last time we saw them.

  9. Tom, get back off the ledge. We’re 1.5 games out in the wild card with more than a month to play. Relax.

  10. That was as close to 1990s Maddux that I’ve seen since……uhh…..Greg Maddux…..in the 1990s. Ummm…

  11. Murphy’s Law of Mediocre Pitching–Even mediocre starters will have a good start every so often, usually against a guy who will win the Cy Young Award.

    CSG–I agree–I’d rather have seen Acosta than Yates in the 9th.

  12. 42 scoreless innings in a row? Maybe we could offer Woodward and Julio Franco for Webb–and, even throw in Yates. That should do it. (:

  13. well if we can’t beat the reds it’s gonna be tough to do anything. surely the brave can come out of the gate and get some runs on this kid. webb is a monster,glad he’s behind us now, maybe buddy will bring his a game…or at least is b+

  14. I was at the game last night. Cormier pitched much better than a fifth starter, last night at least. Let’s hope he can do it again, and next time we can actually score some runs.

    The two home runs he gave up were absolutely crushed though. You could tell right off the bat. The one to center that looked like it must have bounced to the plaza from where I was sitting. Definitely the longest I’ve seen in person.

  15. Thanks for that link, beedee. The last line of that article was greatness. Of the home run to A-Rod:

    “A week later, it was kind of cool,” Davies said. “He sent me over a bat. He signed it. It said ‘To Kyle, it was a really good pitch. Sorry. Home run No. 500 to a good sport. A-Rod.’ “

  16. So A-Rod signs his name ‘A-Rod’? Too funny.

    I’m guessing Davies will get to start every fifth day next year without fear of losing his job. I, for one, and hoping he succeeds.

    The next six games need to produce at least five victories… if not, well, let’s just see how it plays out.

  17. That article confirms the wisdom of the trade. Davies just doesn’t have the tools upstairs to pitch for a winning ball club right now. He should be able to turn things around and get his career back on track pitching for the last place Royals the rest of the decade.

  18. That article confirms the wisdom of the trade.

    Until you factor in this:

    4 1/3 IP, 8.31 ERA

    You understand that at this point we received virtually nothing, other than additional salary, in return, right?

  19. We actually gave up a cheap starter who’s under control for at least 3 more years for an expensive, broken-down reliever.

    Even if it’s the nothing/nothing exchange you describe it as, how is that “wisdom”?

  20. Heading down from Nashville with a bunch of guys to see tonight’s and tomorrow’s games. The last game I went to was the freezing cold opening day beginning of the Redman disaster, so I am expecting much better results this time. Seats are in LF power alley, maybe Frenchy will hit us one.

    Go Braves!

  21. I’m with Stu on this one. Davies wasn’t exactly wowing anyone with his last few starts, but I feel like we got the short end of the bargain.

  22. i don’t think we need to be a bunch of sour pusses over the dotel/davies trade. davies wasn’t going to prosper in atl because among other other things, he put too much stress on himself. Dotel will hopefully give us some innings of grandslam free ball down the stretch and maybe if he can stay healthy we get a little more.
    i’m more concerned about our offense and it’s inability to score against weaker starters.

  23. Stu…Dotel was brought in here to try and win a championship this year. Despite his numbers since the trade, he is a proven major league reliever, and may help us yet when all is said and done.

    Davies was given every chance to excel in Atlanta, but it didn’t work out, and he for sure was not going to help Atlanta win a champ. this year. you have to take chances like this every so often, and when the downside is losing a pitcher who has basically done nothing for you, it is not really a tough decision.

  24. beedee,

    I’ve been sour on this trade since even before it went down. This isn’t buyer’s remorse or anything.


    The whole point—and I made it at the time the trade went down—is that I didn’t think Dotel added much to this team. So far, I’ve been proven right.

  25. Stu…so far you are…but 4.1 IP is hardly a sample size with which to evaluate. At the end of the season, 6 weeks from now, would be a better time to judge this trade.

  26. Well, I should point out that the whole reason I was skeptical about Dotel was this very possibility—the likelihood that he’d be injured.

    You’re using his IP as a reason to call “sample size” on the ERA, which is fine and true, but I posted the IP to highlight the fact that he’s not pitching.

  27. I’m dissapointed now for sure, but when the trade was made, I saw a chance to get a proven late inning reliever for basically nothing. Were there other targets, perhaps, but the team was in dire need of relief help and he was available.

    I will say if the team did not do their due diligence with respect to an injury then they deserve what they get for the trade.

  28. Stu,
    i think the braves knew he was injured when the traded for him, and were willing to roll the dice. Is his injury shoulder related or is it the dreaded “dead arm”?

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