ESPN – Braves vs. Phillies Box Score, August 10 2007 – MLB

So, the way for Chuck James to not tire is apparently to give up a whole bunch of runs in the first. The Braves took a 4-0 lead in the top of the inning, with Diaz homering, Teixeira singling home Chipper, and McCann hitting a two-run double. And Chuck gave it right back, including a home run by Wes Smelms to tie it. After that, both pitchers settled down, and the Braves didn’t threaten again until late.

In the seventh, Bobby hit for Chuck, who after the Phillies batted around in the first had retired sixteen in a row, with the immortal Martin Prado, even though James had only thrown 89 pitches and really isn’t much of a worse hitter than Prado anyway. Moylan came in to pitch the bottom of the inning, and got hung with a loss he perhaps didn’t deserve, Escobar throwing the ball away to allow the go-ahead run. On the other hand, the run very possibly would have scored anyway. We’ll never know.

Francoeur had the first Braves hit since the first with two out in the eighth, a double, but Andruw grounded out to end the inning — as usual, everything is his fault. McCann walked to lead off the ninth, and Woodhead ran for him, getting to second on a swinging bunt by KJ. But Harris (pinch-hitting for Kali) and Escobar couldn’t get a hit. (I try to not complain about umpiring, but both of them wound up in 2-2 counts instead of 3-1 because of bad calls.)

Weird game. The Braves put Dotel on the DL and called up Manny Acosta. Why Acosta and not Ring or Paronto or Devine or Ascanio? I don’t know. I’m sure they have their reasons.