ESPN – Braves vs. Twins Box Score, June 12 2007 – MLB

For a while there, Kyle Davies looked really good. He took a one-hitter and a one-run lead into the fourth. He didn’t finish the inning. After getting a flyout, he walked the next two on full counts, then gave up a double to score them both. After that, he got singled to death, “death” being replacement by the Vulture down 5-1.

The Braves finally got some homers, but unfortunately they were of the solo variety; Francouer one in the second, Thorman in the fifth… They had a good chance in the sixth to get back in the game, cutting it to 5-3 with two on, two out, but Thorman grounded out. The Twins then tacked on runs in the seventh and eighth to put it away.

Renteria didn’t play, Escobar getting the start at shortstop and Orr playing third base, just so we could simulate the NL experience with a pitcher hitting I guess. Actually, Orr got a hit. Harris had three, and the Braves ten in all, but none from the 3-4 slots, which killed.