Game Thread: May 2, Phailies at Braves

UPDATE: Saltamacchia and Barry up, Pena and Dead Man to the DL. No word yet on if Barry will start or relieve. The immortal Tanyon Sturtze went to the 60-day DL to make room for Saltalamacchia on the 40-man.


Welease Wedman!

Welease Wedman

In other news,’s blog, where I used to work, is back up. They’re looking for a volunteer to fill my tiny, tiny shoes. Drop in if you’re interested.

Today’s game thread video is dedicated, belatedly, to Ryan Langerhans!

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  1. From the last thread:
    According to, there are only 39 names listed on the 40-man roster. Any idea who is left off, or could they just add Salty to the list?

    If that list is 100% accurate, they could open a roster spot by moving Hampton to the 60 day DL, right?

  2. Yeah, but it’s more complicated then just having him play a game and then send him back.

  3. A minor point, but I think it is confusing to have the link to comments at the top of the article instead of at the bottom.


  4. If a lot of people think that’s a problem I’ll try to fix it, but I’m reluctant to mess around with that out of fear of breaking it.

  5. hopefully they made redman walk the plank, otherwise they should make sure he brings his L-Screen out with him for batting practice, i mean his next start, when he flops his frizbees at the batters, yuck he is terrible

  6. Heard a rumor about Redman being put on DL.

    Wouldn’t surprise me. The Braves certainly have a strong history of putting guys on the DL with a case of suck-itis.

  7. We lost Pena and Redman to the DL; Mets lose El Duque and Valentin to the DL. I say we come out better there but who is going to fill in for Redman? Vulture?

  8. redman should be put on the 60 day DL as a favor to him for coming in and pitching lights out baseball…….and they should forget his phone number and never think of him, or his l-screen again…and let one of the young arms come up and pitch…he throws JUNK

  9. Any random Richmond starter would have to be better than Redman or just let Vulture pitch again. He did an adequate job last year.

  10. Hmm Salty’s first start on ESPN. the omens are nice.

    Surely in the history of music, there has been a song recorded called “Salty Dog”. that has to be the game video

  11. Well if Salty does do well in the two to three starts he’s going to get I say we send him back to AA and have him work on LF or 1B. It would be nice to see LF as I really like Thorman.

  12. Salty Dog by Flogging Molly should be the video for tonight. Dunno if there is one though. I used to have a live version of the song off Conan.

  13. yeah, i noticed that too! He is starting at catcher tonight. Coincidentally, today is also is birthday. Thats quite a birthday present.

  14. anyone seen LaRoche’s stats lately?
    He’s hitting a Langerhansesque: .138BA 3HR 11RBI 31SO 87AB. OUCH!

  15. I’m assuming the reason we can bring up Barry is because we only had 39 men on the 40-man, like someone else mentioned, because according to, he wasn’t on the 40-man. That would mean either Redman or Hampton is on the 60-day DL.

    Also, on a bit of an aside, does anyone who follows the goings-on at Richmond know what happened to Blaine Boyer? In looking through all of this the last couple of days, I noticed that he’s inactive, but he’s not listed as disabled on the Atlanta 40-man roster.

  16. so…does anybody know exactly WHY redman was put on the DL? or, are they just put him there as an excuse to skip his next start?

  17. ok here is a question, Langerhans vs Redman w/L-Screen, 100 at bats, what does langerhans produce?

  18. With the off-day tomorrow, the Braves don’t really need to make a decision on the 5th starter’s spot for a while.

  19. According to the AJC article, Redman’s going to have surgery on his left big toe. It didn’t specify what was wrong.

  20. please, toenail huh? they had to stretch for that, maybe he dropped the l screen on it carrying it down the stairs last night from the dugout

  21. Well, I can imagine that an ingrown toenail would make it difficult to pitch well. And that’s assuming that the pitcher in question was good to start with. When your upside is “average innings-eater”, you’re going to look like Mark Redman has.

    That being said, I wouldn’t be shocked if this were a ploy to let Redman go quietly. The last thing the Braves want to do is release Redman at the beginning of May. It would have repercussions going forward. One of the reasons they do well at getting the veterans to fill holes is the way they treat them.

  22. Hmm, those voices in my head were right regarding BM and the DL. I know self praise sucks.

    Anyways, should be real interesting to see what Salty can do as the options really are endless. LF, 1B, trade bait.

  23. I may have to rush down the Ted. I hope they aren’t hoping to put Salty on display for a week or two and then trade him.

    I will miss seeing Brayan Pena’s photo on the mega-mega-tron. He looks like the happiest man alive.

  24. Were it not on in HD tonight, I would probably rush down there, too. But the fact that it is has satiated me just enough to keep me from charging down there by myself.

    If I could’ve gotten a friend to come with me, I would’ve gone, but alas…everyone seems to be busy tonight.

  25. All hail our Salty Dog Overlords! I wonder if they’re using this as an opportunity to showcase Jarrod for a trade. We could sure use another starter.

  26. This year’s JS model is certainly more proactive than last year’s model, for which I’m thankful. Now, I’m hoping that the Redman ingrown toenail will become infected, necessitating his placement on the 60 DL where he, like Jordan last year, can provide “veteran leadership” and of course “eat innings” (innings=favorite Cuisine of pitcher in question).

    I only have one complaint thus far against this year’s model of JS–evidently, the nepotism feature did not get scrapped. Can it be scrapped next year?

  27. Ingrown toenail sounds pretty serious. Do you suppose they may have to amputate? Say, a career-ending amputation of his entire leg?

  28. I think the Redman move to the DL is more of a “get your **** together in the next two weeks or you’re gone” move.

    Tonight’s starting lineups, the Salty Era begins now!

    J. Rollins ss
    A. Rowand cf
    C. Utley 2b
    R. Howard 1b
    P. Burrell lf
    W. Helms 3b
    J. Werth rf
    R. Barajas c
    F. Garcia p

    K. Johnson 2b
    E. Renteria ss
    C. Jones 3b
    A. Jones cf
    S. Thorman 1b
    J. Francoeur rf
    J. Saltalamacchia c
    W. Harris lf
    C. James p

    Notice that Thorman gets moved into the 5 hole. Don’t know if its a reward for the last week or so, or just to keep a left-handed bat between Druw and Frenchy. I’m assuming the latter.

  29. Mets avoid the sweep today. Perez apparently can beat someone other than us.

  30. I think best case for us is that Salty tears it up for a week or so in Atlanta so a team will be willing to trade us a good starter for him. That will be much better than a position change long term. This team needs one more quality starter. James and Davies just aren’t tested enough. What do you guys think?

  31. Jordan is just as bad an actor this year as he was in the field last year.

  32. This has to be the worst pre-game show ever .. aside from that JP SEC Football crap.

  33. I guess I should be glad I can’t see this pregame show then.

    And I still think the C/1B platoon betwee McCann and Salty is worth trying. We have a bevy of pitching prospects almost ready; it just doesn’t seem right to cut them off from the majors and give up Salty for a short-term solution, no matter how painful Deadman and Davies are right now.

  34. IJ Rosenberg on the pregame show just said Redman is having toenail surgery. I’m really not kidding.


  35. This is awesome. Does anyone know what la macchia means in espagnol? Indications are that it’s a row of shrubs. Jump in the shrubs.

  36. As a longtime (and future continuing) lurker, I just wanted to pop in and say how much I love the new site, Mac.

    Not only a great design, but super easy on the eyes. Cheers. :)

  37. alla machia in italian means to go into hiding. So that’s something to think about.

  38. ESPN’s Closing Number:

    At 14 letters Jerrod Saltalamacchia has the longest last name in MLB History.

  39. How do you spell Salta(la)macchia’s name?
    What the hell was ESPN just talking about?

  40. The only problem with Salty and BMac switching b/w first and catcher is that there’s no way Bobby would do that and not have another true catcher on the roster.

    It looks great on paper, but I just don’t think it will happen.

  41. I’m wondering which broadcast will be worse, FSN or ESPN.

    I’m leaning towards ESPN. Sciambi hasn’t irritated me yet, and while Joe was my least favorite of the big 4, he’s still better than Torborg or Paciorek.

  42. Macchia is apparently a town in Calabria so maybe it means “out of Macchia”. Lots of Italians immigrated to Central and South America so I bet that’s what it is.

  43. Macchia is a town in Calabria. I bet his name means “ex of Macchia” or something like that. Lots of Italians immigrated to Central and South America. I’m sure some had to go to Puerto Rico as well.

  44. There is simply no way a broadcast can be worse than what is on FSN. It can’t happen.

  45. Guys available in the pen tonight:

    Barry (if he’s in town yet)
    Davies (maybe)
    Paronto (MAYBE)

    We could really use 7 innings outta Chucky tonight

  46. An ajc article says Bobby is trowing Tyler Yates in the colser mix. Oh God, help us.

  47. 3rd attempt to post this:
    Macchia is a town in Calabria. I bet Saltalamacchia means “ex of Macchia” or something to that effect. I know that a good number of Italians immigrated to Puerto Rico in the 1800s.

  48. Great battle there. That’s what I love about baseball. Both Chucky and Howard were doing well there, and Chuck got the better of a good hitter.

  49. Way to pitch around some trouble. Let’s get him some runs so he can throw some fastballs and work quickly.

  50. Alright Renty nice start. Now it’s time for a base hit from one of the Jones’s

  51. Good hustle by Andruw, good job going in hard by Chipper. We’ll take the one.

  52. Why would you send the runner with pitcher at the plate with two outs?! Oh wait…it’s Manual, haha!!!

  53. So, did Pena or McCann go on the DL or is this temporary? I sure liked Salt’s arm behind the plate!

  54. I say we see if BMac can move to first and keep this kid behind the plate, he defense seems to be fine. And i’m sure Brian wouldn’t mind getting beaten up behind their every night.

  55. For those who don’t lip read that was:

    “Oh Jesus! Oh my God! OH MY GOD! OHHHHH”

    nice single there Willie.

  56. One problem with this lineup… Harris’ only plus tool — only non-minus tool — is speed, but hitting eighth he gets almost no chance to use it.

  57. On FSN South on my laptop, was that Salty’s milfy mom or is he married to a hot older woman?

  58. Swing and a drive.. to the fence.

    He keeps getting swings like that on the ball and there will be plenty over the fence.

    Love it!

  59. Yeah, I like the idea of rotation McCann and Salty at 1B and C. However, I don’t think the Braves will do that.

  60. Salty, when he married his wife (at 20 i think) she was 35…so i guess she’s like 36 or so now. I believe she is a school/gym teacher.

  61. Great, now everybody who googles “Salty’s milfy mom” will end up here. :D

  62. Salty’s married to a woman who is about 10-years older than he is. I read a while back that she’s a teacher, and may have even been his teacher in High School…

  63. Man, I was hoping that first drive had enough to get out. I also thought that was a bit of a poor throw on the steal, but that was a GREAT recovery and tag by Renty. :D

  64. Pat Burrell needs to be interviewed about whether or not he enjoyed that impersonation…

  65. I think that the fake to third throw to first play should be a balk, because it’s stupid and boring. Ooh, a double in the gap!

  66. Garcia is having trouble locating his fastball.

    Chipper and Andruw have both fought off the off speed pitches, waiting for a fastball they can hit.

  67. There’s ol’ “First Pitch Francoeur,” and a fine lesson on how to not advance a runner who is in scoring position with no outs.

  68. Chipper now hitting .324 with 22 RBI.

    Just for fun, I just ran this through my head:
    Mets vs. Braves:
    Alou vs. Harris/Diaz – advantage Mets
    Beltran vs. A Jones – close, but advantage Mets
    Green vs. Francoeur – advantage Braves
    Wright vs. C Jones – right now, advantage Braves
    Reyes vs. Renteria – Renty’s hitting well, but I think Reyes’s defense makes the difference, advantage Mets
    Valentin vs. Johnson – advantage Braves
    Delgado vs. Thorman/Wilson – advantage Mets
    LoDuca vs. McCann – advantage Braves…usually
    starting pitching – advantage Braves
    bullpen – advantage Braves
    coaching – advantage Braves
    payroll/ability to add another player – advantage Mets

    That’s 7 to 5 us fellas. I’m just sayin…

  69. Andruw was the one who didn’t advance the runner.

    Why does Wes Smelms hit us? Is there some sort of secret he learned in the minors?

  70. With the bullpen situation, I’d like to see Chuck challenge the bottom of the order. Make them hit the ball and beat you. You have the 3 run lead. Buckle down when you need to.

  71. I know a lot of women love the Braves, but do they really think a wrinkle cream is the best thing to advertise at 8 during the ballgame?

  72. Time for Salty again. :)

    I was in Wal-Mart at the magazine rack this evening and a guy asks me if I’m a Braves fan, and I said yes (I’m wearing my Braves hat I got allllll the way back in 1991) and he says he’s a Mets fan. It takes all kinds, I said. He and I both agreed that we would like to see the Mets and the Braves in the playoffs. That’d be one interesting matchup.

    I told him about Salty and he didn’t know who he was, so I just pulled a Fantasy Baseball Guide 2007 mag off of the rack and found his name to show how long it was.

    Nice fouling off pitches by him so far.

  73. He’s more than a year younger than me, catching in the majors, and married with a kid. If he wasn’t a Brave I’d hate this guy.

  74. Salty did have one steal this year down in Mississippi. Doubt he goes here, but at least he’s got some more speed than Mac.

  75. As long as he wears the double flap helmet, Willie gets 25 free points on his batting average as far as i’m concerned.

  76. Willie Harris knows how to win over Braves Journal posters.

    Just missed a double, but a quality at-bat. Could be useful.

  77. Because I was curious, the active NL leaders in sacrifice bunts:

    1. Glavine
    2. Maddux
    3. Smoltz

    sure longevity is part of it, but it really shows how good those three were at getting the bunt down when necessary.

  78. Omar Vizquel is the only active player with more sacrifice bunts than those three.

  79. Good quick inning there for Chuck. Hopefully he can give us one more good one.

  80. I love Chucky but somebody needs to slap him for reaching his pitching hand out like that.

  81. …Chucky is such a five-inning pitcher that Bobby has to start realizing the fact by now…

  82. Still gotta give it to him though, he was dealing and at least he went more than 1.2 innings…I won’t mention any names…REDMAN!!!

  83. Chuck’s last three starts IP: 5.1, 5.1, 5.0 (and further back 6.0, 5.0). Any chance it is just in his head now? It’s like he hits a wall in the 6th innning every time.

  84. I think it’s not so much of an inning thing with Chuck, but it’s more of a situation where he is using too many pitches in the early innings. He’s getting out of jams, but he’s wasting pitches and it winds up catching up to him in the 6th.

  85. That works Frenchy!

    I would really like to see him bunt from time to time. With his ability to make contact with anything, I think it would be a good move to, just every once in a while, drop one down when the defense doesn’t expect it.

  86. Alright that’ll work well enough.

    In the words of Ricky Vaughan, “Come on, Willie!”

  87. It hit the back of his arm, not his rib cage. At least that’s what it looked like to me.

  88. Sam:

    must be the ESPN guys. Joe and Sciambi were marvelling at Salty’s cuts in that at-bat. As was I. He took some really good swings there.

  89. No, I’m watching FSN right now. They mentioned it in one sentence, and I said “He bunts, Harris is walked, and a pinch-hitter grounds out into a double play.”

  90. Looks like Salty was saved by the mighty tricep. He’s laughing it off. Stings though, I’m sure.

  91. yeah, salty will wake up tomorrow and it will probably be a bit sore. I’m glad its not as serious as i thought it was at first.

  92. Alright, Willie, you did a hell of a job talking up your love for the Braves earlier.

    Time to seize the moment!

  93. I really like Saltalamacchia. I think he’s going to be good. What’s with me and Braves catcher man-crushes? Yikes…

  94. I don’t know where Willie played last year but I’m sure he did a helluva job

  95. I knew this was going to happen to me, but forget trading him, let’s find a way to keep him in our lineup. Much like Rob, I really like him.

    Frenchy, that’s the type of situation where you gotta get into your football mindframe and run him the hell over.

  96. Paronto in line for the win now. Too bad we don’t have Jake Peavy. We could have Jake be replaced by the Fat Man.

  97. I don’t think that would have done much good, Jay. All Barajas had to do was touch the plate because it was a force. It may have just gotten Frenchy injured for no reason.

  98. I think he got him, only because Salty didn’t quite have his left leg extended enough to get it.

    Victorino made a great throw, give him some credit.

  99. yeah, salty is slow. Thats probably why they didn’t want to move him to LF a few years ago, although I could be mistaken.

  100. I always figured Harris was one of those Jake Taylor type players who lives somewhere between Triple A and the Bigs…

    He’s been solid so far. I’m really surprised.

  101. Mac

    Well, my gym teachers never looked like that. I did have an English teacher and an algebra teacher, but not gym.

  102. While that one wasn’t as bad, that is now 3 outs at the plate in the last 4 games on non-force plays.

    I’m not including Renteria starting a double rundown to eliminate Wilson b/w home and 3rd last night.

  103. That whole inning revolved around Woodward. Why is he even allowed to pinch “hit”? A sac fly is in order, surely Wilson or Diaz are the choices. What good is a bench if you won’t use it to win the gdmf game?

  104. Did you guys just see Kali you know, do well in a close and late situation?

  105. Tyler REALLY locating his fastball well. I think the extra help in the bullpen has allowed him to maybe relax and just get out there and throw.

  106. Gonzo should be coming in next to take care of Utley and Howard. Then Soriano will be coming in the ninth.

  107. I think the 8th may be the more important inning. If Gonzo can get them in order, it’s just Burrell, Helms, and a pinch hitter in the 9th

  108. 5 straight scoreless innings from Yates. The only times he’s been hurt this year have come in games that we would’ve lost anyway.

  109. I love that he works fast. I hate guys like Trachsel and whoever that irritating dude for Toronto was during interleague play.

  110. Thst was as good as Gonzo has been all season–it really rocked! Lets get some runs….

  111. Utley playing a little far back for a guy like Thorman who hustles down the line. Thor almost beat that out.

  112. This kid Geary’s got some good stuff. Not many bullpen guys can be this effective for 3 separate innings.

  113. There’s an article on that in this season, cocerning right fielders, there has been Jeff Francoeur… and then there’s everyone else.

  114. True enough Sam. Some people on here may give him a lot of grief, but we’ve got it better than anybody else.

  115. The bats haven’t been great this series outside of Chipper, but I think Geary is pretty good. He’s really kept us off balance, and that fastball is apparently tough to hit.

  116. Man. Now that Gonzo and Soriano are here, I had forgotten what a real slider looked like (outside of Smoltz of course).

  117. A buddy of mind runs a coffee shop. I suggested that he create a new drink and call it a “Saltalamacchiato”. He agreed and asked me “what should it taste like?”. I was tempted to say “Salty” but didn’t.

    Any suggestions?

  118. Langershit would have made that play, but he also would have struck out 3 times.

  119. yeah! we needed this series! of course, i’m going to say that about all of them.

  120. Gatorade Player of the Game: Willie Harris


    Loved Salty’s debut too. Big future ahead.

  121. Nice win for the Braves–and one that would not have hardly been possible a year ago!

  122. Still in first, but we’re one game behind the Brew Crew for the best record in the NL (who knew?)

  123. yeah. No hits from Salty. But he made his presence known witha deep fly ball and with his plate discipline.

  124. I was VERY impressed with his plate discipline, even in that small sample size. I hope he can do it again tomorrow. :)

  125. He didn’t have a great game, but he didn’t let us down. Good enough for me, Salty.

    Obviously the FSN Braves Live girl is NOT a Georgia native…

  126. Ryan Langerhans’ career with the A’s is over: he has been traded to Washington for Chris Snelling….

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