Game Thread: July 7, Braves at Padres

Today’s game thread video is dedicated to Jo-Jo Reyes.

Note: As far as I know, Jo-Jo Reyes does not think that he is a loner.

84 thoughts on “Game Thread: July 7, Braves at Padres”

  1. from the last thread…

    “I assume AJ’s 16 million gets freed up for a middle range CF and 3rd/4th starter next year.”

    Nope, it’ll just go to Hudson and Smoltz to pay for their salary increases. If we did indeed get insurance money for Hampton, maybe we can use that to sign another SP for next year and then apply Hamptons salary to them after 08. Man, I’m ready to get his salary off the books

  2. man our catchers have been getting beat up this year. McCann has knee and ankle injuries, Pena got hit in the head and had a concussion, Salty is apparently hurting from the foul ball last night. Not good for these guys

    Atlanta website says Bobby can use either Diaz or Escobar behind the plate if need be

  3. csg, I saw that as well, does anyone know if Escobar has ever caught before?

    I bet Bobby is kicking himself, this would have been the perfect time for Petey Orr to live up to that emergency catcher tag.

  4. Great Beatles video (thanks, Mac)-took me “back” to my college days and through the other YouTube videos and re-appreciation for the Beatles.

    Kevin Kennedy in pre-game show just referred to AJ as his chosen first half goat in the NL. Said Braves would be in first instead of 2 games back. Easy target, not tough analysis for his pay.

    During my “Blogasomniac” time at the end of last night’s thread I pulled stats for Dave Kingman from Baseball Reference, (questioning who might have done 30HR/100RBI season close to or below the Mendoza Line), yielding this:

    37 99 .204 in 1982 (closest he came to what I fear AJ may “accomplish” this season.)
    35 94 .210 in 1986
    Best year was 1979:
    48 118 .288 (a very good year for anyone!)
    Career average:
    37 101 .236

    I prefer to be an optimist and hope, as earlier posts, he is in the early stages of a great second half (and post season)-and not challenge King Kong for the “Kingman Line”.

    Go Braves!!!!

  5. Two balls that would have been dingers at the Ted. Oh well, thatta boy Diaz and Salty. Now Escobar too.

  6. He does have a point. Andruw and Jeff both should have been rung up. I was surprised they both got the call.

  7. Of course, you argue balls and strikes, you’re gone. Wells knows that, so I don’t feel sorry for him. Plus, this will kill San Diego’s bullpen.

  8. Ok, for those of us watching Gameday…

    How did he get ejected after a homerun?

  9. he aproached the ump and asked about a call, the ump didn’t want to hear it and tossed him.

  10. Wells was whining because the umpire is calling the pitches where they cross the plane instead of where they were caught. Both pitchers were obviously outside.

  11. Wells yacked (an F-bomb maybe?) at the ump on the pitches called balls to AJ on 2-2 and 3-2.

  12. Oh, and now we’re going to get treated to another two-hour dialogue about the starting pitcher getting tossed and how the Braves are getting an unfair advantage.

  13. The ump seemed to warn him. He pointed his thumb seeing to say, “if you keep up, peace out dude.” Wells continued to yack, and he was gone. Now, I dunno if those balls were strikes, but they were really close, especially Francouer’s 0-2 pitch.

  14. I wonder if there’s a way of finding out how many wild pitchers per 9 innings there are with McCann catching versus Salty.

  15. rob, this is getting ugly, but we can coach them thru this.
    i’m a little surprised that salty hasn’t gone to the mound to calm his friend down.

  16. Adrenaline must have run out on Jo-Jo. Maybe he’ll relax a bit more during the next start. Unfortunately, this doesn’t bode well for getting rid of Davies…

  17. Wow, an inning can certainly change things. Let’s get out of this and get back up to bat…

  18. The padres and dodgers pitchers have all been hitting the ball well against us. Oh well. Let’s get some runs and rescue Jo-Jo from certain defeat.

  19. Davies was great in his first game and not so good since. Maybe Jo-Jo will do better next time. However this parade of so-so pichers from the system is getting old.

  20. Alright, time for the “Rob’s Going to China for Three Weeks So Here’s His Last Good Meal For a While” dinner. Texas Roadhouse, here I come…

    Go Braves.

  21. Rob, surely there has to be some good food in China. A billion people can’t all be eating crappy food, can they?

  22. I hate FOX – everytime they were supposed to show a Braves game this year, they haven’t shown it in my area. And because it is supposed to be on FOX, they don’t show the stupid thing in my Extra Innings package.

    FOX can go to hell…

  23. Is it just me or does McCann have an abnormally large amount of pass balls called wild pitches and thus a lot of wild pitches when he catches?

  24. Yates has been overused. Paronto should have started the inning. This mess is as much Cox’s fault as Yates’s.

  25. Or you could blame JS for not getting another starter and forcing us to use a AAA callup in the middle of a pennant race.

  26. This is disgusting managing by Cox. We lose this game and it’s on that jackass.

  27. Frank, you are 100% correct and took the words out of my mouth–Yates is exhausted and Bobby has been abusing the guy.

  28. It’s not JS’s fault that Bobby insists on pitching Yates every goddamn day.

  29. Combine inexperienced arms with tired ones and you get eight walks in 6 2/3 among the staff. What we need tomorrow is a rainout; unfortunately we’re in San Diego.

  30. Can’t blame the bullpen here. They’re admittedly exhausted. Blame the one who rolled the dice on Reyes today when we needed innings from a starter.

  31. I’m not the GM, but it would have occured to me at some point that starting Buddy Carlyle and Jo Jo Reyes in back to back games on the road when trying to catch the Mets probably isn’t the best idea. Esp. with Smoltz on the DL, Hudson maddeningly inconsistent, Chuck James maxing out after 5 innings, and Davies pitching like, well, Kyle Davies.

  32. Bobby really needed to let Yates not pitch again until after the All-Star break. Give the guy a real break, and hopefully he’ll end as strong as he was in June. No way should he have pitched today or yesterday. You can’t regain confidence when you’re exhausted.

  33. This really stinks. I was hoping to somehow grab a win today because tomorrow looks like it might very well be a debacle. Here’s hoping Davies shocks me.

  34. I am not sure if this is just me cuz I am a big fan or is it we can’t get a break. Every pitcher we bring up gets whacked. We get a strong Canadian he turns into a hockey puck. We need to bite the bullit and make a big move. One of our two young studs have to be sacraficed.

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