Game Thread: July 3, Braves at Dodgers

I didn’t want to do this, but last night’s poor play forced my hand.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Genesis.

Now, don’t make me do this again.

91 thoughts on “Game Thread: July 3, Braves at Dodgers”

  1. Please Braves, win….I cant do much more of this horrible, horrible 80’s videos. I’m afraid I will wake up with a members only jacket on….

  2. With a win can we get “Invisible Touch” tomorrow? I once heard that song in a restaurant and had it stuck in my head for 3 weeks. It was like an infection.

    I posted this without knowing that a new threat was started so I’ll say it again:

    On MLB 07: The Show, Artificial Intelligence Matt Vasgersian’s favorite pun on a passed ball is: “And McCANN McCAN’T hold on to it!”

    It ran through my head last night. A.I. Vasgersian must be destroyed.

  3. from previous thead too:

    as much as i don’t care for bonds i don’t hold him or other players entirely responsible for the mess that has occurred with this and other records. the player, their union, and everyone else in baseball contributed to these tainted stats. i feel bad for hank and the other guys who achieved their stats the right way.

    bud has no right to say their will be no celebration for bonds, he’s just as dirty by providing a lax system that allowed it’s atheletes to use. Also JC and other economist have made very compelling arguments as to expansion having more of an effect on records than performance enhancing drugs. the whole dilution of the tallent pool, especially in pitching.

    bonds would have very well passed hank even with out drugs. i think he looked around at these guys in the league that had half the ability he had saw them basically matching his numbers. he took to compete and maintain his place …to keep his job.

    i do not support sport fraud of any kind, but we are only fooling ourselves by thinking the athletes are the only ones in the wrong.

  4. Beedee,

    I agree with you. I dislike Bonds for being a general asshole much more than I do for the steroids, which probably added a handful of homeruns, at most, to his total. But, in fairness, I’m not sure economists can speak authoritatively to the effect of steroids on performance, although, in general, they believe that economic analysis can pretty much explain everything, including why Julia Roberts married Lyle Lovett. I think the jury is still out on the effect of steroids, but I would rather hear from scientists rather than economists before I conclude they had no effect. And, in any event, my issue with steroids is not their effect on records–who really cares and we know that a lot of the old timers that “did it clean” would probably have used steroids if they were available. But the issue is the affect on young athletes and the pressure it puts on them to take steroids.

    Certainly, everyone in baseball had a hand, but before we shove Bud under the bus, I think it’s only fair to examine the role of the union. Does anyone think that, if Bud had raised the issue of steroids, say in 2001 (even if he wanted to) that the union would have done anything but laugh at him. I’m sympathetic to much of what the baseball players union has done, but, let’s face, it has pretty much run baseball for years and there was no way that Don Fehr was going to accept steroid testing until Congress forced his hand.

  5. Phil Collins is pop music’s answer to vanilla extract. He’s so inoffensive, you can’t even get mad at him. He’s just so…nothing.

    But if he gets us on another winning streak, crank up “In the Air Tonight” & his tepid version of “You Can’t Hurry Love”

    Office is closed. I’m off to the Bronx. As Hank Jr. once sang, “Put a cold one in my hand.”

  6. This is entirely off topic, but when did Jose Reyes make it a requirement that his name cannot be uttered without following it with “the most exciting player in baseball”? I knew ole Chip did it, but so did the All-Star show, Baseball Tonight, and Tom Verducci. Give me a break already. He’s a good player, but calm down with the rhetoric.

  7. I don’t get it either, jea. I’m much more excited by A-Rod. Since when did triples become more exciting than homers? Or even great pitching — say, a Jake Peavy start this year. If he played for the Royals, you’d never hear that.

  8. aaaHHHH!!! New thread…I stopped posting earlier because I didn’t feel like throwing around f bombs at people I don’t know.
    Now we can talk about some bball.

  9. Sorry guys, but I’ve always loved Genesis. I could go for some “Home by the Sea/Second Home by the Sea”.

  10. I agree with the earlier posts about Bonds, Selig, the Players Union, etc. Selig seems to have conveniently forgotten how much the sport was revitalized by McGwire and Sosa in the late 90s – something that was only necessary after he and Fehr called off the World Series. The owners and league is just as culpable, if not moreso, than the players. But hey, this is the way it works; so let’s put all of it on Bonds and ignore the culture that made Bonds possible. And while I’m no lover of Bonds – I think he’s quite the surly dude who disrespects fans, which is particularly disgusting – putting an asterisk by his record means we should altogether throw out Babe Ruth’s numbers, considering he played before baseball (re)integrated.

    And Jea, I too am tired of the hype surrounding Reyes. Hell, Curtis Granderson is almost as exciting, yet half of ESPN’s analysts are still trying to locate Detroit on a map (it’s somewhere west of New Jersey…?)

  11. I was actually thinking about Granderson in response to Stu’s post, AdamM. He’s got 15 triples to Reyes’ 8. (Interestingly enough, Rollins is leading the NL in triples.) And yet, Reyes is the man. I also think it’s funny that Wright’s contract extension dwarfed Reyes’ last year.

  12. Lineup:

    Y. Escobar 2B
    E. Renteria SS
    C. Jones 3B
    A. Jones CF
    J. Francoeur RF
    M. Diaz LF
    B. McCann C
    J. Saltalamacchia 1B
    K. Davies P

  13. I think in 5-15 years all baseball fans will look back on Bonds in a positive light. All Bonds haters, myself included, will wonder what exactly we hated about the man.

  14. Good at baseball, Bad at baseball
    Steroids or no “performance enhancers”…

    I just think Bonds is kind of a dick. He’s just not that likable. He didn’t have the personality to elevate the game in his single season home run chase the way McGuire and Sosa did, and he doesn’t have the charisma or likability to get the attention he deserves for breaking a historic record. It’s too bad.

    Sid Bream still beat his throw.

  15. It’s kind of fun to watch Bobby play lineup Roulette every night. You just never know what you’ll get.

  16. joesteve,

    That was a pretty good throw buddy.

    By the way, what a stupid comment by simpson saying that “one day loney could hit in the dodgers 3 spot” when he is hitting there today.

  17. right, I wasn’t particularly talking about that throw, but thinking about the last week or so.

  18. Kinda sad, we hit a 2 run homer and no one posts. Must be the late night game. I’m done for tonight, take it easy braves fans!

  19. So when Francoeur came to the plate I thought: “So let’s see what a retard with a piece of wood can do.”

    Go Braves.

  20. Happy 4th of July!!

    I have to think that Dodger Stadium just saved Wolf–one of thee fly balls might have gone out in a less pitcher-friendly ballpark….

  21. Another bullpen battle, I guess. After last night I’m not so plussed.

    Still, Go Braves!

  22. I hate to say it but this team sucks, terminally so. Unless we’re playing someone that sucks more than we do.

  23. There goes the lead again. Cox ought to go postal.

    So Davies has a better bat than arm and Frenchy has a better arm than bat. Maybe a position switch is in order. I exaggerate, but not by much. :-)

    I’ve been doing the family vacation thing for the past two weeks. Did I see correctly that Renteria was snubbed for the All-Star game? Hope not b/c he’s having a great season.

  24. Interesting theory Frank. Can I subscribe to your newsletter?

    But yeah, Renty got robbed. And he’s probably the best looking Brave, too. Go figure.

    /thought I’d stir it up for the ladies. Can they get a poll? Best looking Brave?

  25. Pierre at bat reminds me–why didn’t Diaz take third (on the SF by Salty) against noodle armed Pierre? Bad baserunning.

  26. I bet Davies heads to the DL or AAA tomorrow. One way or the other, he doesn’t make his next scheduled start. So, who’s next on the merry go round?

  27. It just can’t be Davies.

    He just isn’t ready. He’s far from ready. He couldn’t be less ready. If he ever was ready, then he has gotten himself un-ready. He might have been more ready when he was drafted than he is now, that’s how un-ready he is.

  28. I really hoped Brian’s swing the other inning might have the juice, but it was just shy. He’s looking a TON better at the plate, though, and even Andruw’s looking improved. If those guys are swinging the bat, we’ll have a good July.

  29. Also, I owe Oscar an apology, for now. His numbers are much better than I thought they were, and he hasn’t been so bad for us overall this year. He just has a habit of sucking hard whenever I’m watching.

  30. Besides Harrison, are we producing any SP that could play in the old Class D League? That just seems to have run completely dry and used to be a strong suit.

  31. Kyle Davies is now 0-5 in his last five starts and had a 6.54 era before tonights game in that span. He doesnt deserve another start in my opinion. Villareal get ready or Escobar be ready to go to another team

  32. I’m with you csg. He had some alright starts a while back, but lately it has all been pretty awful. I think it’s time to go in another direction, at least for a while. I mean really, he’s just not giving the team much of a chance to win (6 runs in 6 innings and we are only tied?).

  33. The truth is that Kyle Davies had been a consistent pitcher for the last two years….every now and then he flashes a good game and it just enough to allow Bobby to give him the ball for another start….I had really hoped that he would spend the first half of the season at Richmond, but even if he had I am not sure it would have made any difference….

    Jo Jo Reyes is hot at Richmond and a much better prospect than Lerew (and possibly Harrison) and we just might see him.

    Otherwise, there is Kevin Barry….

    The Braves have made D.G. Houlton look like Rivera in his prime….

  34. i know i’m here late but why is salty batting 8th? what is bobby’s deal? our pitchers have better averages than out clean up man, rediculous.

  35. Our bullpen needs help. Just checked in. Oh, did I mention we don’t have depth in our rotation too;)
    O.K. so every game I am reminded of these painful realities. It really hurt losing Gonzales for the year, but our rotation would still be sick.

  36. We need to rid ourselves of Paranto, Moylan and Yates. We need a quality 4th starter and this organization really needs to dive back into developing pitching prospects.

    It’s been painful watching these Braves for the last 2 seasons…a model of mediocrity.

  37. Moylan and Yates have actually been quite good for us for extended stretches this year, so dumping them ain’t the answer unless we get an attractive piece in return.

    Getting a starting pitcher is the most important thing in the world, however, and if those two guys can fetch something then I’m all for it. Maybe we can hoodwink Wayne Krivsky into thinking they’re closer material.

  38. Tom,
    i’m with you on paronto, but moylan and yates have been great this past month or so. we do need pitching help, a #3starter would be great. prospects are a tuff one to figure out and really boils down to our scouts and what JS tells them to look for.

    though any help would be nice.

  39. AAR,
    Actually, Paronto has been pretty good this month. At chop-talk, Gondee says: “But June was a different story as Chad put up a 1.29 ERA in 14 innings of work. He finished up the month on a very positive note, not allowing a run in his last 8 appearances spanning 9 innings.”
    So, maybe the bullpen (Paronto included) really isn’t the problem here, though it may be beginning to show symptoms of overuse do to the extended suckiness of Davies, the inconsistency of Buddy, and the all-to-short outings of James.

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