170 thoughts on “Game Thread: June 26, Nationals at Braves”

  1. Quote from Cox…

    “I didn’t want to move Kelly,” Cox said. “Willie is hitting almost .380 or whatever he’s hitting. Maybe Kelly can get into some RBI situations. He doesn’t deserve to be moved, period. I couldn’t have asked for [him to do] a better job.”

    “Andruw is swinging better, he’s hitting some balls hard.”

  2. Mac, I don’t mean to jinx us or anything, but if by some miracle the Braves DO manage to win two games in a row some time this season, can we all agree to put Hall & Oates in the “equivalent to NY Mets” category, along with with Loggins & Messina, the Captain & Tennille and Sammy Hagar & David Lee Roth?

    And a correction for our African friends: Hall & Oates were not our greatest black band. That would be Otis Day & the Knights.

  3. I must confess that I like Hall & Oates. Or find them catchy enough to want to listen to their songs from time to time, anyway. The same is true for the one Loggins & Messina even-though-we-ain’t-got-money song.

    What that does to everyone’s opinion of me, I don’t know, but I feel better having put it out there.

  4. Yeah, I shoulda remembered that, Mac. I definitely downloaded it via Napster back in my freshman year of college.

  5. I think we’ve hit a new musical level here. Seems to be in sync with the new VH-1 “soft-rock” specials. Makes me remember why I fell so hard for punk rock. The very existence of John Denver made The Ramones possible.

    OK, so here’s my soft-rock guilty pleasure (other than Elton John): Lionel Richie.

    Not everything, as in “I-had-a-dream,-I-had-an-awesome-dream” tripe. But the ballady stuff from The Commodores.

    So sue me. And here’s to a very modest 2-game winning streak.

  6. I have to admit, you guys are way ahead of me with this music talk. I’m into the more current stuff, like Death Cab, Collective Soul , The Killers, among many others. So, I really have no idea what you’re talking about. Hah.

    But, anyways, go on….

  7. What about “Night Shift”, ububba? I love it. Of course, I love most Motown stuff, since that’s what my mom generally played for us growing up.

    I actually have several soft-rock guilty pleasures, the most current of whom is probably Josh Rouse.

    I should stop revealing all this before my music-recommending credibility is destroyed. (Note to david15 from a few threads back: I’m a Wilco fan, too, and I respectfully disagree—Sky Blue Sky IS a must-own.)

    Go Braves!

  8. I fell for punk rock for a while too. All these old bands like Minor Threat, Descendants, Bad Religion, Pennywise, Rancid, and the like occupied about 3 years of music devotion. I don’t know what happened…

  9. Mike,

    I really like Hot Fuss and listen to it frequently, but The Killers’ recent release doesn’t really catch my fancy.

  10. That’s one bad video.

    Hopefully this season doesn’t come to an Air Supply video protest. Dear God.

  11. I was into some pop-punk like MXPX and Slick Shoes (a Christian punk band, as hilarious as that may sound) for a year or two. I love talking about music.

  12. Stu,

    Yea, the new album is quite a different style. After about 4-5 listens, I liked it. There’s some crap on it, but there is also a few gems.

  13. I liked some pop-punk too. MXPX was good, my brother was really into Slick Shoes, and then there was the catchy ska like Five Iron Frenzy and Mighty Mighty Bosstones

  14. Notice how many times Johnson led off an inning yesterday? How many innings where Francoeur seems to make the last out?

  15. I was in Chicago in May and saw that Propaghandi was still touring. Canadian/Feminist/Anti-American punk rock dorks. How To Clean Everything wasnt too bad, but someone should tell these guys that they are hanging on too long to a scene they were 20 years late to already.

  16. Rob,

    Not a big Bosstones on the whole, but ‘Impression that I get’ is one of my favorite all time songs. So, I’ll give you that much.

  17. Propaghandi had a really gem of an anti-American track on some Fat Wreck compilation some years ago. “Four more years of war is peace, ignorance is strength, and slavery is freedom.” I like their sound, but if I want to hate my government, I can do that all by myself, thankyouverymuch.

  18. Ah, “Impression That I Get” is the only Bosstones song left on my iPod. They had some other good stuff, but that song is geat.

    I’m gonna listen to it now…

  19. Roid rage….

    That just makes me dislike Bonds and Co. even more. This is ridiculous.

  20. “war is peace, ignorance is strength, and slavery is freedom”

    yeah, ripping off Orwell that blatantly is pretty lame, even for a canadian punk band. Orwell deserves better.

    They had an anti-America/Zionism song that ends with a chorus of “F*%# Religion, F*%# Religion”… Someone put that on at a party in college and a few drunkards began relieving their jr. high punk years by running into each other and jumping around the living room. Every girl in the house immediately began looking for a ride elsewhere. Me and my roomate decided that Propaghandi was like some social programming weapon like the Joker would come up with, that when played, would kill all chances of a hook-up within audible range. We hid the CD for future parties.

  21. I’m with Ububba on the punk issue. I’ve always been older-school in my punk tastes–CBGB and Max’s Kansas City, all the way. New York Dolls, Television, the Patti Smith Group, Richard Hell & the Voidoids, Suicide, Blondie, Talking Heads, the Dictators, the Dead Boys, Tuff Darts, the Shirts, the Mumps, and the blessed Ramones, all playing in a couple rock clubs in the space of a couple years between 1973 and 1977… God knows they have some annoying baseball fans in that town, but they sure know how to write a tune.

  22. I’ll not dredge up my punk roots too much here—not enough time, really. But I’ll say this: I saw them all, with the notable exception of Minor Threat, who never toured in Georgia.

    Best shows of the lot: Bad Brains & Husker Du.

    That Commodores song “Night Shift” was WITHOUT Lionel, their only hit after he left the group, but I loved it anyway.

    BTW, I snagged the Wilco last night. Put it on my iPod, but haven’t listened yet. Got my hands full with work-related music right now.

  23. Too bad we can’t send Escobar and a pitcher to LA for Loney.

    I suppose they are finally going to start him at first. Smart move.

  24. While I’m at it…

    Work-related music recommendation: Fort Knox Five – “Reminted”

    If you like to get your groove on, these DC boys can really kick up some breakbeats. Totally addicted to this one. The new Uberzone CD “Ideology” rocks pretty good, too.

    Also, two months down the road, I still love the Amy Winehouse record. “Rehab” is one of the greatest pop songs in recent memory.

  25. In 2 starts at richmond, Jo-Jo is 1-0 with:

    12 IP, 11K, 1ER

    Think they’ll call him up in September?

  26. I’m really liking that “Rehab” song, but have been unsure about whether the rest of the album would be as good.

  27. I’m catching Man Man at 40-Watt on Friday. For those in athens or atlanta, you wont find a more lively show on tour these days.

  28. Also, my boy Kaiihue has 15HRs and .400 OBP in the park that hates offense. They should probably move him to Mississippi.

  29. MLB rumors….

    Marlins Trade For Jacque Jones?
    There’s a rumor floating around that the Marlins have traded for Jacque Jones. It’s not verified yet, but I know we have a lot of Jacque-junkies among the readers so it’s worth a mention.

  30. J-Jones apparently has to be traded to make roster space. Still, unless the Marlins were to give up something worthwhile or actually pay a lot of his contract, it’s hard to see how.

  31. A vegan anarchist band from Canada? No thanks.

    Harrison and Jo Jo Reyes are doing so good. Free at least one of them. They can’t be worse than Carlyle.

  32. csg,
    let me see if buddy bounces back the i’ll tell you.
    it’s the size of the sample, not what you do with it.

  33. I do think we should trade Davies while we can get something for him, or at least throw him in in a trade for a pitcher (like Morris). I’m getting Marquis premonitions from .

  34. Y. Escobar 2B
    E. Renteria SS
    C. Jones 3B
    A. Jones CF
    J. Francoeur RF
    B. McCann C
    M. Diaz LF
    J. Saltalamacchia 1B
    B. Carlyle P

    All you Salty fans will be happy tonight. I don’t like Mac batting behind Jones and Francoeur. The only guy who hit the ball recently is not going to get any rbi situations.

  35. Devo – Smart Patrol/Mr DNA from the Duty Now For The Future album. That should inspire a win.

  36. I agree, Jones and Francouer are killing us batting back to back. I think Bobby is benching KJ and moving him down after that botched bunt the other day. Bobby didnt look happy with that. Its either that or we are showcasing Escobar at every position. I think Johnson could play RF and Escobar at 2nd, but that would never happen.

  37. Again Kelly Johnson out. Another “rest” like two days ago?

    Bobby Cox’s fetish is going too far.

  38. I must admit that I like having Renty batting second. Of course, that means Andruw is probably cleanup, so fingers crossed there. Still, I have a strange feeling that we’ll score a few runs tonight. Just a hunch.

    Good McCartney interview. Thanks. He’s such a cheery chap.

    Thanks for the Lionel link. Will get to it.

    Vegan! Anarchist! Canada! Yikes!

    Just curious, gun to your head—your favorite musical act?

  39. Any of you old Rancid fans heard Tim Armstrong’s latest reggae/ska project? It’s pretty effing hot.

  40. Chuck G/beedee,
    Well, thanks. FYI–It’s my mag.

    And I’m sure James Murphy has a better fastball than Mark Redman.

  41. @56
    sweet, had no idea you were in publishing. need anyone in your art department? ;)
    just kidding…thanks again

  42. beedee,
    Dunno. I’d check the Warp Records site for him. (I don’t always keep up with the wafty electronica–club jocks don’t really play it; it’s tough to dance to, y’know?)

    And our art dept is pretty solid. Same gals for over a decade. (As they say, without them, we’re nothing.) And yes, they’re Mets fans.

  43. “We won yesterday. If we win today, that’s two-in-a-row. If we win tomorrow, that’s called a winning streak; it has happened before.”

  44. Funny, on the Yahoo gamechannel they still have a picture of Langerhans with his Atlanta cap. He’s swinging just like the rest of our outfield, that’s for sure.

  45. 7-2-6 how about that
    Hopefully this gets that guy names Diaz a few more at bats

  46. McCann can’t play defense right?

    If you aren’t willing to admit that McCann’s been playing terrible defense lately, you don’t have much credibility.

    That said, I certainly can’t argue with the good plays.

  47. csg,
    i think i’m ready to say that we need to put ledezma in the 4 spot and let davies and carlyle go at it thurderdome style for the 5th spot. or maybe they could combine their effort ala masterblaster.

  48. I don’t understand why Bobby would bat the two coldest hitters on the team 4th and 5th. It’s just stupid.

  49. Because they’re both right-handed and the Braves are facing a left-hander, Jeremy. That’s how Bobby does it.

  50. Ryan Langerhans, addition by subtraction. And I hate saying that because I really wanted him to do well for us. Oh well.

  51. Bobby, I recommend the Braves have a high-sodium diet at first base: lots of Salty!

  52. I always have problems with mlb.tv, so I just use mlb.tv mosaic instead. it hasn’t failed me yet.

  53. I’m late to the game portion of the game thread, but it sounded on the radio that Salty absolutely smoked that ball. Pete Van Wieren tonight has been talking about the peculiar defensive alignment of our outfield. He basically says that they bunch the outfielders in left center-right center, basically giving the hitter the lines. Anybody notice this?

  54. Please tell me that Druw is smashing his way out of his eternal slump, please. Atta boy, Andruw!!!!

  55. Looks like Andruw saw the chair boy down the right field seats was hustling well and threatening to steal his job.

  56. I just got home.

    Nice to see Andruw in the 4 hole. And how about that, a 3-run homer ;)

  57. The both hands lecture is stock material. I bet he doesn’t even say it anymore. He just presses the button that says, “outfielder drops ball while only using one hand”. Simpson also has another button on “going the other way” and two for either playing shallow or playing deep in the outfield. Eventually, the games will be called by Simpson3000, announcer of all trite wisdom and such.

  58. I don’t disagree, having just sent the spring working with my daughter’s softball team, but it’s so predictable.

  59. this from atlantabraves.com, talking about what they may do with Hamptons insurance money…I knew about Buerhle, but they other guy was a suprise…

    Whatever money the Braves can save via insurance could help them become bigger players in the trade market. They are among the many teams who will talk to the White Sox about left-handed starter Mark Buehrle. and it’s believed they also have shown some interest in Rangers right-handed reliever Akinori Otsuka.

  60. I’m a little worried about not using an H&O video tomorrow, but on the other hand that’s the rules.

    Why would the Braves go and get another righthanded reliever? They have three good ones. Yes, I’m including Kali now. And Moylan as a #4 righty isn’t bad at all.

  61. Yea, Otsuka is pretty good and like Soriano and Gonzales, he will set up or close. But like Mac said, I’m not sure why we would need another right hand reliever. Plus he’s not that young, so he wouldn’t be a long term solution for dealing with Soriano moving to the starting side and Wickman retiring.

    And Mac, you can always threaten to return to H&O if the crappy play returns.

  62. My only guess is maybe they plan on including Yates in the deal for Buehrle. They might be able to get Otsuka for Escobar straight up. Yates and a prospect may be enough for Buehrle

  63. Awesome to see Salty’s and Andruw’s homers, but I wish we could score without waiting for the homeruns, so next time our offense goes into hibernation we at least have a chance.

  64. ‘Rissa, we’ve been getting some hits, but no power — really, no power for almost two months now. It’s vitally necessary that the team start hitting more homers.

  65. I’m not sure why the Rangers would want Escobar. They are pretty set in the infield with Blalock at 3b, Young at SS, and Kinsler at 2B–all are young and pretty good.

    But they aren’t a crappy organization for no reason. So who knows what they might agree to.

  66. The White Sox don’t strike me as a team that will admit they’re rebuilding anytime soon.

  67. I’m not sure the White Sox see themselves as rebuilding, or at least on a long-term basis. But either way, their bullpen is atrocious. Yates would immediately become their setup man.

  68. Nowhere in particular, just stuff that keeps popping up indicating that he either wants to close or start, but not setup any longer after this year. I have no idea whether the Braves will let him start or not. And I’m totally unconnected and ignorant. So take everything I say with lots of salt, rehabreject.

  69. Soriana said he’d like to either start or close next year as opposed to setting up.

    Maybe he’s our #5 next year? I don’t know, I would really like him as our closer.

  70. Soriano has started before, and has said previously if he cant close, he’d rather start.

  71. Soriano has said publicly that he’d eventually either want to close or start.

  72. hmm… if the braves get gonzalez back healthy next year and kali doesn’t struggle, i’d use him as a closer

  73. The Rangers would probably want pitching, and you’re right that Escobar isn’t a good fit for them. Then again, they traded away Chris Young for Adam Eaton, so who knows?

  74. a sure sign….but its also a sign we’ll probably see his sorry a$$ on the roster for a few more weeks…

  75. I don’t think Kali would do well as a closer. he has good stuff, but he doesn’t *seem* to do well in tight situations after the 7th inning.

  76. The Rangers always need pitching. Arlington is an abyss for pitchers not named Nolan Ryan. Even Clemens wouldn’t go there for all of Hicks’ money.

  77. Ray King resembles the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man of Ghostbusters fame, but it seems he was left over the fire a little too long.

  78. Just joining the game….this is so much better than the last couple of weeks…ready for Wickmania….

  79. @153
    i said theoretically because the ball ended up in the outfield grass. c’mon, give woody a break, mac

  80. Dont give Woodward any credit. Rule #1 in the Dirty Ray King universe is to allow at least one inherited runner to score before closing out the inning. Even Woodward cant overcome the Dirty Ray Kink Theorem.

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