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  1. I should hope so. I also hope that the Cubs organization is fined for their fans getting out of control — though that is really Piniella’s fault for getting them riled up.

  2. Sounds like it could be a somewhat lengthy suspension. They don’t normally suspend someone indefinitely while they’re waiting to figure out how long they’re actually gonna suspend them if it’s just gonna be a game or two.

  3. Anyone else notice how the ESPN guy completly butchered Salty’s name on the video of that page?

    He also called Thor “Scott Thorton”.

    What a complete homer.

  4. “Salamanochi?” It’s a long name, true, but it’s not that complicated. That ESPN announcer should be ashamed of himself.

    My guess will be 7-10 games for Piniella’s suspension. He didn’t bump the ump the way Pete Rose did to earn a 30-day suspension, but the incitement of the fans will put him on the shelf for longer than most suspensions.

  5. Seems to me like he was suspended 10 games for a similar tirade at some point when he was with Seattle, so I would agree that that’s probably about right.

    To his credit, though, Cubs fans are idiots. He didn’t actually directly incite them. Perhaps he meant to, perhaps not, but he didn’t gesture toward them or even look toward them or anything. I think the Cubs fans more or less incited themselves. With his reputation and the idiocy of Cubs fans and so forth, I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens every single time Lou gets tossed at Wrigley.

    On a side note, at least the Cubs didn’t lose much money on that free travel mug promotion. They got most of the travel mugs back…heh.

  6. Kirk H. – David O’Brien is reporting that Prado was sent down to make room for Cormier.

  7. i like that move. one would hope we could keep escobar up to be a betemit-ish backup to 3rd, ss, and 2nd. i dont know that this could happen, but i sure would like to see what our lineup could do with an everyday lineup of kelly, willie/diaz, renteria, gimper,druw, mccann, francoeur, and salty. that sounds pretty unbeatable. i vote we name our left-field platoon willie diaz. HOW CREATIVE! that’s a really funny name. mac, i also vote we make thor our new whipping boy. i dont mind him, but playing him at 1st holds back any chance of us seeing salty in a braves uniform for the future.

  8. If Piniella is really suspended 7-10 days, I don’t want to know how long Phillip Wellman will get. What do you recon: He has got to get fired or what?

  9. Wellman has some serious issues…

    The crawl and the grenade launch is just not something you see very often.

  10. He’s supposed to be an adult. If I did that at my job, I would have been fired before I threw a base, let alone tossed a rosin bag grenade.

    He did have good placement of the grenade at the ump’s feet.

  11. KJ,
    Nice start.

    Ramones, yes.

    I dig that tune, but lyrically that one’s always been, um, problematic to say the least.

    If you’ve seen the Ramones’ documentary, “End of the Century” (which is terrific), there’s a bit about that song where the owner of Sire Records is begging them to change the lyrics—and Johnny just won’t do it.

  12. Wellman’s antics–especially around home plate–reminded me of the scene played by Richard Dreyfus in Close Encounters. At least in that movie Dreyfus was dealing with alien life….

  13. Lance Cormier sucks. It’s sad so many people forgot this just because he had a meaningless good spring training.

  14. I’m not so much putting my faith in the Braves as putting my faith in the Cubs’ ability to fall apart under pressure.

  15. Remember, the Cubs don’t exactly have Ferguson Jenkins out there today. Be cool—we still have 8 more times at bat.

  16. This game is national on both TBS and WGN. The guys on WGN cheered less for that grand slam than Chip Caray did. I think I’m going to watch WGN to avoid Chip Caray.

  17. yes, that is pretty quick to say the least that they are counting him out already.

  18. “One inning in and people are already downing Cormier?”

    That implys that at one time I believed in Lance Cormier.

  19. “Wellman should be fired.”

    Wellman should be the frontrunner for Bobby Cox’s job when he retires.

  20. The question is whether James and Davies can fix our third starter and fourth starter problems… and whether Smoltz is going to be able to stay in the rotation. Remember that Smoltzie should have pitched today.

  21. Brian J.,

    I have no qualms that Smoltz SHOULD have been out there today. Just let him get better. No rush.

  22. It’s finally happened: Julio Franco is playing like a 48-year-old man.

    He was just toyed with by Doug Davis. The last few times I’ve seen him hit, he was blown away pretty easily. He was hitting .171 coming into that AB & he just isn’t getting around like he used to. Bound to happen, sure, but he’s certainly not a guy to fear anymore.

    I know Minaya loves him, but he’s killing the Mets. I wonder if he’ll finish the season with them.

    D-Backs hanging onto a 4-1 lead in the top of the 8th. Isn’t Chi-Town expecting rain?

  23. So, the Cubbies are in need of a catcher for the future. If we did deal Salty, do they have a young arm we could use?

  24. Sky is “ominous”, but it hasn’t rained yet from what I’ve seen. Maybe the Braves will have to call up someone else, or keep giving people chances. I don’t think there’s much else they can do.

  25. Yeah, he just got in a fight with their
    catcher. And the other guy, Rich Hill, I would imagine is fairly untouchable. Nobody’s trading us their good, young, cheap pitchers.

  26. Given Redman’s prodigious numbers, our 5th starters have to be on pace for some kind of record of futility.

  27. What happened to Francoeur’s power. He slugged .396 in May and has only 2 HR in his last 131 AB.

  28. I’ve had the game on but I’ve been too concerned with destroying the Tigers in The Show which I hadn’t played in a while. I won 19-4…Chipper and Andruw both hit for the cycle.

  29. “Sickels is having a live mock draft and has the Braves taking Josh Smoker.”

    Isn’t Smoker a pitcher? Bowman keeps saying the Braves want an outfielder. Why? I don’t know. It feels like the Braves have plenty of position depth and hardly any good pitching prospects.

  30. just to let you guys know..it seems as though andruw has gained a couple of steps back in the outfield. since we are now 1/3 of the way through the season, andruw is on pace for 475 putouts. that would be the 100 extra balls that the “overrated” centerfielder should be getting to.

  31. They are some good pitching arms in the lower levels. Feliz, Hanson, Richmond, Rasmus, Locke, Evarts. Those guys are a long way away but I don’t think the system is totally bare of arms.

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