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  1. with Reeksma gone, I wonder who will have to endure our wrath this year….my guess is Pete Orr

  2. Well, at least Sturtze is helpful during bench clearing brawls. He starts many of them, but still……..

  3. I seriously doubt Tanyon Sturtze will ever pitch a meaningful inning in a game this year. For the first year since Smoltzie was closing, I’m not really all that concerned with the bullpen. The starting rotation is what gives me the willy’s. Too many question marks and hoping old surgically repaird arms dont give out…..

  4. Arkansas is so confounding. They outplay Wisconsin all over the field, but they get about a million yards in penalties. As they say, “You can’t fix stupid.”

  5. We have to wait one more week to see the National Championship thanks to FOX. I’m starting to believe that everytime Fox touches something it turns into crap.

  6. Dayn Perry strikes again.


    Only about a week ago he said the Braves should adjust to “their new role” as losers looking up at the greatest team ever, the New York Mets. Then only a day or two later he verbally attacked Barry Zito for daring choosing the Giants, pitching close to home and the money over the Mets. Now this. Make him stop.

  7. Who cares what this schmuck writes?

    If my mailman had the Mets’ resources, he could’ve overpayed for Wagner, Beltran & Pedro, or taken on a Delgado salary dump. Omar’s no dummy, but nixing that MIlledge-for-Zito deal doesn’t exactly make him look smart now.

  8. While I have nothing against Michigan personally, them getting blown out by USC brings me great glee. After hearing about how they got “robbed of their rightful spot in the NC game” and how an “inferior Florida team only got in through politics and circumstance,” very few things could make me happier.

    But I hate having to pull for Florida in lieu of Tenn and Arkansas losing to Big Ten teams, SEC pride and whatnot.

  9. I can only take joy in the LSU-Notre Dame game. No matter how the Glendale Bowl turns out, I won’t be genuinely happy.

  10. falcon coach comedy continues. blank is control freak like jerry jones. vick cannot work with any coach. solution make vick player coach. then blank and vick will be forced to make it work or get the hell out.

  11. LSU beats Notre Dame by 27.

    Just reported on Fox’s abysmal Fiesta Bowl coverage: Bama and the Dolphins want a decision from Saban by tomorrow night.

  12. Mora deserved to go…I know Arizona will make a push, but will Atl go after Carroll or Stoops or just stick with guys in the NFL

  13. I heard the most discouraging news on the Bama coaching search that I’ve heard in a long time during the UA/OU b-ball game. They said a few times that Saban is Plan A (great) and Plan B in no particular order is:
    Petrino (not bad)
    Cutcliffe (bad)
    Houston Nutt (incredibly awful)

    My hope is that it’s the usual ESPN inaccuracies. Hopefully the person who leaked the coaches names was Jimmy Sexton – the agent for Saban, Nutt and Fulmer (hence the Cutcliffe connection) – I don’t know about Petrino’s agent. Saban would be great, we might as well re-hire Shula if we get either Cufcliffe or Nutt. Nutt was on the verge of being fired at Arkansas until he pulled out one decent season this year!

  14. 2007 hasn’t been all bad. Not one of these things has happened yet:

    Reitsma, Remlinger, and Sturtze haven’t thrown a pitch.
    Francoeur hasn’t swung at a pitch three feet outside.
    Chipper hasn’t waved at a grounder two steps away from him.
    Hampton’s arm hasn’t gone sproing.
    Schuerholz hasn’t hawked another book.

    And ObFootball: Arkansas pissed me off something fierce- five 3-and-outs in a row for Wisconsin and the Hogs still couldn’t score more than once in the second half. How do you waste that much running talent? And is Mitch Mustain on milk cartons? Where the hell did he go to leave us with Casey “Can’t Pass Worth” Dick?

    At least Georgia won the Peach-by-another-name Bowl, so I am content.

  15. Are Remlinger, Jordan and Pratt playing next year for any team (I know not with the Braves) or what? I’ve heard nothing about them.

  16. May I go ahead and say Boise State/Oklahoma may have been the most dramatic game I’ve ever seen?

  17. A fairy tale game. Can’t wait to watch it again on Classic someday. And the marriage proposal at the end was like the bow on the top. Just perfect.

  18. Local sports channel here in DeLand says that the Dolphins and Bama hacve given Saban till 5pm EST today to decide……

  19. Nevermind. Just saw SportsCenter and they showed the proposal. Pretty cool.

    Definitely one of the best games I’ve seen in my young life. Great game.

  20. Hmmm, I guess I shouldn’t have gone to bed with the score 21-10.

    I went to UGA and Miami. Cannot root for the Gators. Plus my boss is an Ohio State fan so I can curry some favor by rooting for the Buckeyes. Go Buckeyes!

  21. With Auburn holding up it’s end of the bargain already, it’s a bit easier to root for LSU and Florida (both teams Aburn beat), but only a bit. Go SEC. Disappointed in Tenn and Ark though.

  22. Why do people root for conferences, I will never understand that mentality. If you have a favorite team you root for them, and root for everyone else to fail. I am a Texas fan, and I was absolutely thrilled when Oklahoma got beat, because they are our rival, and I would rather see them lose than the BIG 12 be represented. Maybe its just me.

  23. more teams from the conference means more $$$ for your favorite team, more publicity for the conference, the better players that come. I want sec teams to beat up on other conferences so ESPN can shove it. Also it improves recruiting and I want my team to play the best week in and week out!

  24. It is just good when your teams confrence wins. however, it was perfectly fine to pull for Bosie State last night. I thin we should start a poll. Was that the most exciting College Football game ever?

  25. I agree with Smitty. I pull for the SEC in all its games, except for Florida. I hope Florida loses in a horribly tragic fashion (but not a blown call) thanks to Chris Leak. Nothing would make more unhappier than Florida winning a championship.

  26. I’m pulling for Florida more than ever…

    Check out the conference records in Bowls
    ACC :3-4
    Big 12 : 3-5
    Big East : 3-0
    Big 10 : 2-4
    C USA : 0-4
    Indepen. : 0-1
    Mac : 1-1
    Mount West : 3-1
    Pac 10 : 3-3
    SEC : 4-3
    Sun Belt : 1-1
    WAC : 3-1

  27. Petrino
    Houston Nutt

    Macadamia Nut…
    Pine Nut… which is also the name of a town.

  28. Why root for the conference? What csg says. A rising tide (pun intended) lifts all boats.

    If Florida & LSU win, that’s 6-3—not bad.

    I gotta say, though, that Arkansas game still sticks in my craw. They were like the superior hockey team that couldn’t stay out of the penalty box. It got to the point where, if the Hogs made any kind of play, there was a flag. Not blaming anything on the refs, because that’s usually a lame excuse; I’m saying the Hogs were undisciplined & stupid.

    And what’s with Tennessee & those long fumble returns?

  29. I’m surprised that Salty is listed first, I thought his stock had fallen a bit. Are any of these guys other than Thorman close to being ready? 2005 really tapped out the minors with all of the rookies brought up that year.

  30. “Are any of these guys other than Thorman close to being ready?”

    Joey Devine is ready. The Braves picked him for the sole reason that he’d be ready quick. Also Matt Harrison could make the majors this year, if Davies falls apart or there is an injury. I hope Bobby is quick to go to him should anything happen and not just keep using Lance Cormier for his usual four runs in five innings pitching.

  31. BA may be a little delirious with their projected 2010 lineup for ATL. They have Andruw Jones still playing center. As much as I’d like that to be true, I don’t put much stock into it. Also, I found it interesting that they projected Renteria to be playing 2b in 2010 for ATL. That one I could see as a possibility.

  32. Here’s something interesting… I was doing some work on getting my old entries loaded to into the blog version of the site, and the NY Post reported a Rocker-to-the-Indians rumor in July 2000, a year (well, 11 months) before it happened. It was supposed to be for one of three righthanded pitchers, Paul Shuey, Steve Karsay (who of course was in the actual Rocker deal)… or Bob Wickman.

    Well, I thought it was interesting, anyway.

  33. I am also glad that Michigan got beat–but it is a shame that one of those teams had to win…

    Go Gators! Go LSU! Go SEC

    The one good thing about the Baseball America prospect list is that it gives some credit to Van Pope, who has pretty much flown under the radar despite a pretty strong season at Myrtle Beach last year. For what it is worth, I am not sure that Devine is ready, but I would not be surprised to see both he and Harrison in Atlanta before the end of 2007….

  34. So, let’s see if I have this right. If the SEC team wins, it’s because it’s a superior team from the better conference. If the SEC team loses, it’s because they didn’t play well, but they were still the better team. That sounds like a Catch-22 to me.

  35. Well, in the Arkansas game, they really were the better team. I mean, they out-gained the Badgers by like 2:1. IMO, their play calling was horrendous. I swear, if they’d tried to pass it on first down, they may have actually gotten somewhere. Their offense blew the opprotunities their defense gave them. They drive-started at the OTHER TEAM’S 30 and had to punt. It was just pathetic.

  36. IMO the better team will win the big games. To say Arkansas is the better team, just because, won’t hold water. Maybe if they played best of 5, they might win the series but there is no way of knowing that. Right now I would have to say the Badgers are the better team. I think we’ll find out how good the SEC was this year in the BCS champ game.

  37. Until 2002, I did my entries “manually” rather than on blogging software, and I have to import them that way. And I haven’t done it yet. I need to, but it’s not really very interesting work.

  38. I’m sorry, but Cy Young’s victories mark should be the clear #1 on that list. As tough as it is to envision Rice’s and Ripken’s records being broken, it’s at least conceivable that people will approach them. No pitcher will ever again come close to 511 victories.

  39. Smitty, not yet

    Cy Young’s 511 wins

    Young had the benefit of pitching from 1890 to 1911, an era in which hurlers could finish what they started. He picked up wins by throwing 749 complete games out of 815 starts on his way to setting a record that will undoubtedly never be topped. In 1903, Young got his 365th win, passing Pud Galvin for the record, and proceeded to add nearly 150 more victories for good measure.


  40. Nobody who watched the Ark-Wis game can reasonably say that Wisconsin was a demonstrably better team. Wisconsin got outrushed 232 yards to -5 (that’s negative five). They got manhandled & in the second half their QB got chased around like a rodeo clown.

    But Arkansas committed penalty after penalty in big situations. That the Hogs tallied nearly 125 yards in penalties was bad enough, the timing of their penalties were ruinous. Wisconsin was more disciplined & they benefited hugely. Bully for them. But physically, it was a mismatch.

    It’s like the 2 hoops titles that Dean Smith won at UNC. People point to the weird endings of those title games (remember the Chris Webber “time out”?), but UNC never would’ve made those mistakes. You don’t apologize for winning.

    And Marc,
    Penn State beat Tennessee & you didn’t hear a word from me about that. That game was a standoff until Penn State made a big defensive play in their end. Good for them. They deserved to win.

  41. Agreed, Stu.

    Averaging 25 wins a year for 21 years is damn near mathematically impossible in this era.

  42. Yeah, my point about not knowing the better team was that Arkansas lack of discipline was absurd. They seemed to have the better athletes, but that doesn’t always win games.

    Just a side note…since things are so quiet on the trade front, something tells me JS is about to announce a trade in the next few days. Just a ridiculous hunch that has absolutely no weight behind it.

  43. Gretzky was amazing, but if he’d have played with these new NHL rules (where everything is a penalty) he woulda put up a lot more than 215 that year. Having linemates like Jari Kurri didn’t hurt either.

    Y’know, Gretzky has more career assists than anyone else had points (goals & assists). That’s kinda mind-boggling, too.

  44. Yesterday, I guessed that it was 50/50 that Saban would leave the Dolphins. At this point, I would say it is 90/10 in favor of ‘Bama – I have a hard time envisioning a scenario where he entertains their offer and then has to go back to S. Fla.

  45. I don’t feel like any trades are about to happen. Most of John Schuerholz’s trades are seemingly in November, December and March during spring training.

  46. I dont think he’s coming, hope I’m wrong. Bama gave him a deadline for today and then he gives them a different deadline. Maybe he’s calling all the shots. They did say that Mal has met all of his demands though. If he turns Bama down, the flood gates will be opened. Mal will need to run and hide.

  47. I think Saban will leave Miami due to their insane salary cap issues. It will be nice to have him out the AFC East (I am a Jets fan), but I don’t look forward to another premier coach in the SEC.

  48. I’m with ububba. This postponement tells me he’s gone. If his heart was really with the Dolphins and the NFL then the money from Bama wouldn’t matter and this would be an easy decision.

    As a Phin fan I’m pretty oblivious to this. I don’t think we’re worse off with or without him. His two years with the Dolphins were filled with undisciplined play, poor execution, and (most importantly) bad personnel decisions. Going with Culpepper over Brees really doomed his NFL career.

    It’s a great get for Alabama, though. He’s a proven winner and motivator at the college level.

  49. Oh, he’s staying. With an extension. Mal Moore is now the Coaching Raise/Extension Fairy. He’s probably on his way to the stadium right now to secure raises for Grobe and Petrino. Then he’ll stop by Atlanta on his way back, secure one for Chan Gailey just to show he can, and the beat will go on. Scott Boras should be so effective.

  50. As I said earlier, the Coaches Association needs to pay half of Bama’s next HC’s coaching salary. They have contributed more to rising college salaries (and maybe now NFL) than any team in history.

    I’m thinking Saban will take the job this time though. When Rodriguez toyed with Bama and returned to WVU he was a hero and was gladly welcomed home (although he never really left). If Saban does the same thing he will make a fragile relationship with the Dolphin fans a lot worse.

  51. He’s gone. And good riddance. Why would the Dolphins (and I’m a fan) want a coach who is ambivalent about being there and obviously doesn’t care for the NFL? It’s not like he’s Vince Lombardi. He will probably do a great job at Bama, but he is like a lot of coaches that talk about “character” in his players when it suits them but quite willing to abjure his committments when it is in his interest. If he had any class, he wouldn’t even have listened to Alabama with three years left on his contract. And what does it say about Alabama (and other colleges) that ostensibly exist to teach responsibility (naive, I know) but are willing to entice coaches to break their contracts and spend millions of dollars to do it? Give me the NFL over the NCAA anytime–at least there is no hypocrisy about what the NFL is.

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