So Incredibly Pointless

Braves sign Woodward, fill infield void |

Why? I mean, WHY?

Woodward is a career .247/.303/.384 hitter who is 31 years old and not exactly commonly confused with Bill Mazeroski with the glove. I guess if this ends the ridiculosity of the Braves considering Jose Castillo it’s a somewhat positive move, but I don’t think Woodward does anything Prado or Orr can’t. If he’s the second baseman we’re in trouble.

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  1. Well, he can play SS … that’s something Prado and Orr can’t do. If he’s taking L’il Tony’s roster spot as the backup SS i’m fine with it. If he’s taking Aybar’s role as the super-utility guy (and making Aybar our starting 2B), i’m pretty happy with it.

  2. Oh, and i realize the article implied that he’ll be considered for 2B, but i refuse to believe that.

  3. I agree, mhr. I’m fine with this — Woodward may be able to replace Orr AND render Pena unnecessary.

  4. chill fella’s, he wont see playing time its just a back up plan in case our other 30 infielders dont work out

  5. Look on the brightside, at least Woodward doesn’t have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for a knee joint, yes I am looking at you Jordan.

  6. Pedro, exactly. Dont really think that improves our pitching. Well at least now we have these options at 2B.

    Prado, Orr, Pena Jr, Aybar, Johnson, and Woodard. Something will work out

  7. If Pete Orr could play SS, he’d be Chris Woodward. We need someone on the roster who can play SS, which means that L’il Tony was probably thisclose to having a spot.

    Really, what this might do is concentrate all the light-hitting bench spots that are variously supposed to go to Orr, TP, and/or Prado onto a single guy in Woodward. If KJ can actually play 2B, our bench would be:

    Brayan Pena

    TP and Prado take their rightful places as Richmond starters, and we may have to finally close the book on the L’il JS Era. What a time we had!

  8. Spealing of bad decisions, there’s already controversy in Denver with A.I. and ‘Melo. What a surprise!!!!!

  9. We dont need more infielders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need ONE good outfielder and relievers! That’s it! We don’t need another 2b!

  10. its probably a sign that LaRoche will be traded and we’ll have a Woodward/Thorman platoon at 1st. I will be pissed

  11. Hopefully this means we can package some of our many infielders and trade for something USEFUL.

  12. One of DOB’s post regarding 2B.

    By David O’Brien

    December 20, 2006 04:33 PM | Link to this

    Rammerjammer, that was quite humorous.

    Carolina Gent, wish I could. But as we currently have no backup Braves writer, I’ll be writing a Chris Woodward story for the next part of the afternoon.

    Just so you guys know, they got him as a utility guy. ANOTHER utility guy, yes.

    Schuerholz just said Prado and Kelly J currently would compete for 2B job, with “Aybar in the mix.” whatever that means.

    But he also made it clear they’re still working on things, trades. of course gave no indication what they might be

    gotta write a bit for the print edition

  13. Look at the bright side…When we need a pinch hitter to come in and ground the ball to the right side of the infield and move the runner from second to third, we will have 5 guys to chose from. I love small ball :)

  14. Woodward does have a career .303OBP, he’s here to teach Frenchy to watch some pitches. Could you imagine having these guys in a regular lineup

    Langerhans, Francoeur, Woodward, Pitcher = guaranteed K’s

  15. Woodward used to be a shortstop. I am unconvinced that he still is. I would prefer that they try Prado there if it’s a consideration. Actually, I’d really prefer that L’il Tony be the backup SS and come in for defense late, but with Renteria’s reputation that’s not going to happen, so L’il Tony belongs in Richmond. Or Mississippi. Or the Northern League. Whereever.

    As for Orr, I am coming to realize that I am the closest thing that he has to a fan. I suppose that should be a troubling thought to PTGO. He would be a terrible regular, but he’s actually a useful bench player, possibly the team’s best if Diaz is in the lineup and KJ in Richmond. And that is definitely a troubling thought to me. He can’t actually hit, but he can put the ball in play, and he’s a terrific baserunner, the best the team has had since Otis Nixon.

    My preference would be for KJ in leftfield, Aybar at second, Prado, Orr, Diaz, and Langerhans on the bench, and Woodward back in Queens hurting the Mets. If Renteria is out for an extended period, call up L’il Tony, otherwise Prado can’t be much worse.

  16. Seriously folks, there’s no way Woodward will be in the 2B mix. Almost 2/3 of his career games are at SS, with a smattering of 2B, 3B, 1B, and OF sprinkled in. We signed him b/c we had no palatable option for a TRUE utility guy (i.e., someone who can play all of the non-1B IF positions, but isn’t good enough to start).

    i think Sansho is right in that Woodward takes the place of at least two out of L’il Tony, Prado, and Orr, meaning an extra spot on the bench that, almost by definition, will be occupied by a better hitter.

  17. Maybe we can groom Woodward as a mole–train him in methods of psychological warfare and unionbreaking, and then unconditionally release him in the hopes the Mets pick him back up. Then, he’ll eat away at their clubhouse chemistry from the inside, until they’re as disaffected, angry, and mistrustful as the Red Sox.

    I think this would be a good use for Chris Woodward. Of course, I would feel the same way about virtually anything other than actually giving him playing time.

  18. I’m starting to worry about these signings. Last year Pratt, this year Woodward,next year Sammy Sosa?

  19. he’s a terrific baserunner, the best the team has had since Otis Nixon.

    I like that about Orr, too. Every year about this time, I start wondering if MLB will eventually add a 26th roster spot, because I think there should be more room for bench specialization.

    It sounds weird to say this, because what I really miss is the days of 10-man pitching staffs, but I miss the days of 11-man pitching staffs.

  20. I took it from the AJC that Woodward is just insurance in case Orr sucks and Aybar wins the second base job. Mac I’m with ya and I have to change my mind. I looked at Aybar’s stats and he has some potential. No pop, but decent offensive skills, good defender. He should start at second and KJ should play left. Or…. could it be that LaRoche is a goner, Chipper moves to first, Aybar is the third baseman and Woody is around just in case KJ can’t field? Then Thorman/Diaz in left unless they do something completely stupid and trade LaRoche straight up for Cabrera. Shoot I can’t figure it out. Who knows WTF is going on.

  21. update…

    ATLANTA — For more than a decade, fans could turn on a television broadcast of a Braves game and know there was a good chance that they’d see either Pete Van Wieren, Skip Caray, Don Sutton or Joe Simpson.
    But as TBS enters its final year of providing Braves games to a national television audience, the members of that familiar broadcast team have found themselves with new roles. In fact, Simpson will be the only familiar face from yesteryear who will continue to regularly broadcast Braves games on television.

    Late Wednesday afternoon, the Braves announced that Simpson will team with newcomer Jon Sciambi as the broadcast team for games that are aired on FSN South and SportSouth.

    So does this mean no more Torborg or Rathbun

  22. No one in the Braves organization has said anything about it, so it probably won’t happen, but everything seems to be lining up for Chipper to move to first. The Braves seem to be intent on trading LaRoche and it would just seem easy for Chipper to move to first with Thorman as his backup. Aybar seems to be most natural at 3rd and seems more ready for a starting role than Prado or even Thorman at this point. I know people are still upset about the WB being traded, but I was never impressed with his defense – especially at 2nd and even 3rd.

    As for Woodward, I was hoping that Cox had gotten over his fixation for getting a veteran bench presence. If this guy doesn’t play a really good short, we’re hosed!

  23. Soooooo….WTF did they do with Skip Caray. I would seriously consider looking for a new team if they push him out the door. You bastard Braves!!! You only ever disappoint me.

  24. i think Bobby is starting a new trend, game planning with the 2B position to force other teams into feeling in adequate in there “depth” of mediocre talent.
    This will eventually cause massive payroll purges for talented players and cause an all out scramble for those who are average or slightly below…a market correction aimed at alllowing the Braves to compete at a fixed payroll…Brilliant!

    @40 skip is a freak’n institution who has given his liver to cover the Braves, when is Blank gonna save us?

  25. Aybar’s .386 OBP is very promising…if we get that out of him for 300 AB’s, we are going to be pretty happy with that result.

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