Rockies 6, Braves 4 – MLB – Box Score – Braves at Rockies

Only eight more games, only eight more games…

The Braves gave Hudson a couple of leads, but he couldn’t hold it. First he gave up a two-run homer in the second to turn a 1-0 lead over. The bad inning was the fifth, in which he gave up three runs to turn a 3-2 lead to a 5-3 deficit. He gave up another run in the sixth. In all, 5 1/3, six runs on nine hits, four walks, and a homer. I blame the humidor. The bullpen held up pretty well, Paronto in the sixth and the Vulture in the seventh and eighth.

McCann did most of the work on offense. He moved Andruw into scoring position in the second with a single (Francoeur brought him home), doubled in Andruw and LaRoche in the third and just LaRoche in the eighth. Bobby then pinch-run for Brian even though Brian didn’t represent the tying run. Marcus had a couple of hits but hit a GIDP to end the game.

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  1. Yep.

    I have no college football to pay my full attention to this weekend since Georgia Tech played on Thursday. :(

  2. Bad news:

    Notes: Yates a capable setup man

    DENVER — Before he left the Braves to become the Royals’ general manager, Dayton Moore indicated that Tyler Yates belonged in the big leagues. But Moore wasn’t certain which relief role would best suit the right-hander.

    At the time, Yates was just a few weeks removed from being released by the Orioles and attempting to prove himself at Triple-A Richmond. Four months later, he’s proven enough to believe he’s capable of being Bob Wickman’s primary setup man in Atlanta next year.

    Tyler Yates for primary set-up man in 2007? Say it ain’t so, Schuerholz.

    But there is some good news:

    If the price is right for either Chris Reitsma or Danys Baez, the Braves may choose to retain their services. But it appears both former closers may have price tags that exceed their value.

    Yates, who has limited opponents to a .227 batting average and registered 44 strikeouts in 47 innings this year, currently appears to be the best option for the role.

    Looks like the end of the Chris Reitsma era in Atlanta.

  3. Capable of what? Yates may believe he’s ready to be a set-up man. I believe I’d be a better quarterback or kicker than the Falcons’ current personnel, but I won’t be in the Superdome on Monday night.

    And Reitsma’s price tag would exceed his value if it read $0.00.

  4. I think that we will see much more of Kali–after all he does not cost a lot.

    I hope that we have seen the last of Reitsma…

  5. No way. Jordan can’t lose us near as many games as Reitsma. Reitsma needs to be put out to pasture. Jordan needs to sit on the bench, as a coach, preferably for another team. A minor league team.

  6. i caught a piece of the astros game last night. there was still a ton of excitement in the stands. the announcers also said they think they still have a chance in getting in the playoffs. i dont get it. most braves fans gave up during the june drought. the astros are still 5 1/2 out with 9 games left (we were tied before last night). there is absolutely nothing going on in the stands in atlanta. are they stupid or just hungrier than we are? maybe both. i have heard some people on here say that attendance is not that big of an issue, but i disagree. what can the braves do to get the attendance and excitement back? we know that jordan, reitsma, and pratt should definitely be gone, but is there a big trade we can make to put people in the stands? i think this team needs someone to stir some shit up. i dislike rocker now, but when he was a brave, there was no one that pumped me up more. imo, roger clemens seems like an ass, but if i were an astro fan, man, i would love him. his emotion really gets me going. the braves need an emotional leader on there team. there is none. i know it is not really the braves style to sign a rebel, but maybe we should give it a try.

  7. Man, Georgia has been awful so far.

    Ryan, the Braves actually have done well on attendance.

    Average Attendance and Rank:
    2006: 32,075, 13th in the majors
    2005: 31,519, 15th
    2004: 29,399, 16th
    2003: 30,393, 10th

    As for acquiring players who will stir things up, we really didn’t do any better when we had Rocker and Jordan the first time than when we had the buttoned-down teams of the mid-90s. And Smoltz has been willing to stir things up with Schuerholz; I don’t see that it’s helped very much.

  8. If the Braves had Clemens, Oswalt, and Pettite, then maybe our fans would be still be excited and dreaming of sweeping the rest of the week and somehow making the playoffs. Hudson, Cormier, Davies doesn’t inspire quite the same confidence. Anyway the Astros fans are delusional. They are as done as the Braves.

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