Braves 12, Mets 0, Relevance also 0 – MLB – Box Score – Mets at Braves

This is the sort of thing that drives you crazy. Now that it’s completely irrelevant, the Braves beat up Ollie Perez for six and pile on the Mets’ bullpen. Smoltz, who pitched well when things were relevant, did pitch well, going eight, striking out six with two walks and six hits, and was rarely in any kind of trouble after allowing two singles to lead off the game. It was his fifteenth win; one of the least of the crimes of Lying Chris Reitsma and the Monkeyboy Bullpen is that they cost Smoltz a chance at 18 or more wins and maybe Cy Young consideration.

The Braves jumped on top in the first; after back-to-back singles of their own (by Aybar and Giles) Renteria hit a sac fly to score the first run and Andruw hit his 40th homer of the year to score the next two. Aybar led off the third with a homer and Diaz did the same in the fourth. In the sixth, they chased Perez with a single, double, and sac fly. In the eighth, they put six on the board off of Heath “I Get a Postseason Share Even If I’m Not on the Roster” Bell, Renteria finishing off with a bases-clearing double. Aybar finished 3-3 with two walks, three runs scored. McBride came in for the Atlanta Save.

Then Jeff Blauser came in and hit a home run.

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  1. They would have probably let Baluser repeat his 3 home run game.
    They Mets could not have cared less.
    Let’s give Reitsma to the Yanks, they love to pick up our discarded relievers. For that matter lets give them everyone in the whole bullpen!!!! (except for Wickman)

  2. monkeyboy bullpen you must be a chris matthews junkie. so mac, what is your post mortem on roger mc and the demise of the pitching staff among all the other factors. did it play any role in wickman signing for next year?

  3. You know, the second I saw the final result, the first thing to go through my head was “Oh sure, NOW they kick ass.” Oh well. At least this might throw the Mets off a tiny bit. Emphasis on might.

  4. u know i dont care how far out of it the braves are, anytime you can kick the shit out of the mets its been a good night

  5. One of my favorite things to watch when I’d go to Pearl was when they’d take infield… Blauser could NOT hit a pop foul for the catchers… they’d end up in the stands or in the outfield!

    He’d get so aggrevated… the players and everyone would give him a hard time… he’d try about 3 or 4 times ….then they’d just throw one up in the air… it was always amusing though!

  6. Just a note on McBride… remember, he was hurt in spring training and took a long time to get “in shape”, always relative. Splits:

    Before All-Star Break: 26.2 IP, 4.39 ERA, 15 K 20 BB
    After All-Star Break: 26.2 IP, 3.04 ERA, 27 K 10 BB

    He’s a ground-ball pitcher and has allowed a fair number of unearned runs (two in the first, three in the second) so the ERAs are a bit more deceptive than usual, but anyone with that second-half K rate is worthwhile.

  7. Went to the game tonight — the crowd was reminiscent of the ’80s crowds — modest and uninvolved. All three Brave HRs landed in my section, which was pretty cool.

    All the homers reminded me — the source material for the music played on the PA when a Brave goes deep is an old disco song called “Apache”. Bill Simmons recently featured the YouTube clip, and it would make a fine addition to Mac’s game thread links. Searching disco + apache will get you there…BAD DISCO ALERT!!!!

  8. Still plenty to play for, even if the playoffs are gone:

    1. A chance at .500
    2. A chance to shake Pedro’s confidence and maybe cost him the game one start in the NLDS. He’s been bad during his last two starts since coming off the DL.
    3. A chance to take revenge on the Astros for the 2004 and 2005 NLDS series, and cost them the playoffs.

    Go Braves.

  9. Went to Yanks-O’s in The Bronx tonight, which had plenty of no-shows. Moved down to the lower rightfield seats & Bobby Abreu clunked a 2-run homer off the upper deck facing right above us. CLANK!

    Other than that, I watched the Braves run up the score on the Mets. I wish they’d made their two extra points—but I’ll take it.

    Got tix for Friday vs. Toronto & then again for Game 1 of the ALDS next Tuesday. Though a Wang-Santana matchup should be entertaining, it’s awfully strange to go in the post-season not scheduling my entire October life around the Braves (at least the first week). Go Dawgs.

  10. Thanks for the post Dan.

    It would have been nice to keep Baez (particularly because we have to give up Betemit), but its not a choice between him and Wickman…

  11. I’m sitting here watching a rerun of Bill O’Reilly (nothing else on more interesting) and he’s going to have John Rocker on. I don’t really get why.

  12. “Thomson activated: The Braves activated John Thomson from the disabled list before Tuesday’s game. Shoulder soreness has prevented him from pitching since July 9. If needed, he’ll be used as a reliever.”

    Noooooooooo! Well I guess we know what reliever will blow a save for us sometime this week.

  13. It really doesn’t. Surely no one is thinking of bringing Thomson back in 2007, though I’d rather see him than Lance Cormier. I’d rather see Dan Kolb than Cormier….

  14. I don’t entirely agree. I’d rather watch the Braves win than lose even though they are already eliminated from the playoffs. I’m rooting for them to get to 81 wins until they lose their 82nd game. They are also tied with Florida in the East, and it would be nice if they finished ahead in the final standings.

    What’s the point of pitching a guy in relief who has been injured for 4 months and doesn’t figure in your plans for next year anyway? Barring another 18 inning game with Houston, just let Thomson ride the bench.

  15. I really hope Smoltzie wins his next game, if everything stays the same that’ll tie him in the NL for wins. Even though Webb will probably take it, Smoltz should be considered for the title. Keeping in mind that the bullpen has been so bad it Atl, 16 wins is remarkable and he basically did it with no help. He’s our MVP….

  16. After watching Chipper and Giles sit out all this year, I’m actually glad that Francouer comes to the ballpark ready to play everyday. Even though, he has had terrible slumps this year and probably should’ve been benched, It says alot about his character and what we can expect from him. I appreciate his desire and work ethic, I just wish he could learn to take a few pitches. He doesnt make excuses, he just comes ready to play. You cant fault him for that.

  17. You know, Thomspson, sweat and all, was an effective pitcher for us when he wasn’t injured. And after this year, he might well have priced himself back into our market. If he were healthy, he would be a good 3-4 pitcher, certainly better than Cormier, Villareal, Barry, etc. So, while I wouldn’t pay him a large dollar amount, nor would I sign him to a long term contract, I’d certainly talk with him. A flyer of 1 year at 2 million (plus incentives) would certainly be worth the risk. If he’s awful or if Hampton, Ho-Ram, Davies, and Chucky are all great, we release him and go on our merry way. If, on the other hand, he’s healthy and Hampton isn’t (while Ho-Ram and Davies continue their maddening inconsistencies with injuries to boot), then we might have a decent plan B.

  18. Question: Who would you rather have? If all $$$ is equal

    1. Horam
    2. Thomson

    I think I like the rotation of Smoltz, Hudson, Hampton, Thomson, James w/ Davies as plan B. I think Thomson will draw some interest in the FA market and will cost more than we are willing to give though. I just hope our SP’s stay healthy, whoever they are

  19. The man in post #11 made a good point about the Astros-they’ve risen from the dead like characters in a Romero movie.They seem to do it every year. What’s up with that?
    And the A’s have clinched a spot again. If there is one team that I’m more certain to stumble in the playoffs that ours, it has to be the A’s. How’d they do it again?

    I hope to come out of my footblal coma ling enough to see the Braves break some hearts.

    Like the man said above: Go Braves!

  20. Posted this yesterday.

    things to watch for the rest of the year.

    Frenchy 100 Rbi’s 30HR
    Andruw 125 Rbi’s 40HR
    Laroche 100 Rbi’s 35HR
    McCann 100 Rbi’s 30HR
    Chipper 25HR’s
    Smoltz only pitcher with 15 wins

    Well, Druw got his 40Hr and is 1 shy of 125 Rbi’s. Smoltzie also picked up his 15th. McCann picked up 1 more Rbi, but his might be a stretch to get to.

  21. NO DECISION: This is Tom Glavine’s last trip to Atlanta this season, but the door still is open for him to rejoin the Braves next year. The Mets and the southpaw have a mutual option for next season, but the parties have an understanding that any decision to keep Glavine in Queens must be welcomed by both sides.

    “There’s really not a whole lot to think about until the season is over and I sit down and talk to (chief operating officer) Jeff (Wilpon) and he tells me what they think,” said Glavine, whose family lives in Atlanta. He has hinted he would only pitch for the Mets or Braves next season. “Beyond that, I really haven’t given it a whole lot of thought.”

    I dont really understand why this is being brought up. There is no way we can afford Glavine for a year. I would like to have him back but not for anything more than Smoltz is getting. I dont know if that’s even affordable

  22. Mac, everytime McBride gets out there he lets somebody on base and somebody scores. He is really pretty useless and I have no faith in him.
    There should be a new stat: “Runs scored while pitching”
    When a reliever comes in many times runners are already on base. The Braves reliever promptly gives up a hit and the runner scores. The reliever is not credited with an earned run, but he should be credited “With a run scored while pitching”. The Braves pullben would lead the league in this stat. This stat for relievers would be much more useful than ERA.

  23. Doug, I think there is an easy way to solve this. Instead of your “runs scored while pitching” stat. I think they should change the rule. I think all runners in scoring position should be credited to the previous pitcher. Any runner on 1st that scores, should be credited to the reliever.

    Jay10, good to see you back. I’m ready to here TO’s side of this story. I dont believe it to be true

  24. Thanks CSG,

    Yeah I am basically only focused on football right now…I havent posted in a long time.

    I wanna hear his side of the story aswell, i guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  25. or maybe he watched ESPN and all they were talking about is the Yanks and the Mets meeting in the WS. He wanted the highlights and didnt get any

  26. Before Friday the Braves were 45-35 since June 23, better than every National League wild-card contender during that stretch and two games behind the NL East champion New York Mets (47-33).

    From the article about Baez

  27. But really, what does that mean? You can pick any arbitrary stretch of games and say, “Team X performed better than everybody else during these games.”

    They say, “It’s not about how you start, it’s about how you finish.” Well that’s bullshit. The Braves could have finished as well as they wanted to, but after how they played in the first half, there was nothing to be done. Games in June count just as much as the games in September.

  28. T.O. was released from the hospital moments ago and gave reporters a thumbs up….his publicist,Kim Etheridge, is denying an attempted suicide..

    man, i dont know what is going on….publicist saying it wasnt suicide, police and fire rescue saying it is…

  29. we will probably never know, I doubt it was a suicide attempt and I think a reporter was just getting something started, but who knows.

    I just read this.

    “If the Giants have to go to St. Louis for a makeup game Monday that would determine an NL playoff spot, Bonds wasn’t sure whether he would have to make the trip.

    “That’s something to ask them,” he said. “That’s a question for the manager.”

    Felipe Alou was hoping it doesn’t come to that – and said he was unsure about Bonds’ status for the game.

    “I’m going on the way home, definitely,” said the 71-year-old Alou, who lives in Florida and might retire after the season. “I will make people go. As an organization, and the league has to take a stand. It’s an important game for the National League and the integrity of the game. Ideally, we don’t have to go.”

    Does anyone really understand this? I dont really know what he’s talking about. “I’m going on the way home, definitely.” “I make people go.” ???????????????? Doesnt make sense to me

  30. ATL: RHP Tim Hudson (12-12, 4.96 ERA)
    The righty has allowed four earned runs or more in 13 of his past 20 starts.

    In 12 of his 34 starts he has given up 5 ER or more, he’s our ace

  31. did mac just surprise bill simmons with new information in the sport guys chat? 3:15, what are the odds this news conference clears up nothing?

  32. TO is going to say that it wasnt an attempted suicide, it was an allergic reaction due to the fact that he was taking supplements with the pain killers….

    Alot of the stuff that has been released doesnt really add up right, im sure most of it wont be answered…

  33. yep, very confusing. No matter what, he wont come out and say it was a suicide attempt. No one will know for sure, everyone will speculate though.

  34. Simmons said at the beginning of his chat that he wouldn’t take questions making fun of TO. I said that I heard that TO was now claiming it was an allergic reaction, and if so if we were allowed to make jokes now.

  35. Mac, Can Shula make a phone call down to hell (or up to heaven) and get some advise from the Bear on how to beat Florida? I think the Gators are ripe for the picking, but Shula has to become a better coach over night or something.

  36. Smitty & Mac, go ahead and make plans or do whatever. The game wont be worth watching I’m afraid.

    I bet we throw every down in our 1st possession and we beat their corners on every play. We go up 7 to nothing. Then Shula starts thinking and we never throw again.

  37. Here is the joke I wanted to submit though I know Simmons wouldn’t be allowed to comment on it:

    “Michael Irvin was just on the radio here and he said they weren’t TO’s painkillers, he was just swallowing them to keep them away from a friend.”

  38. It’s gonna be a good game fellas. It can go either way. It does get loud in the Swamp though…

    I may be going. I’m trying to get my mom’s godparents to give me tickets on the alumni side about 20 rows up at the 40 yard line. I could do a lot worse for free.

  39. I will say as Tennessee fan, nothing would please me more than hell opening up and sucking “The Swamp” down with the Tide, Gators, and the Gator fans, but I will pull for the lesser of the two evils and murmer a “roll tide.”

  40. The best way to attack Florida’s defense is to run slants and screens. That will spread out their line backers and line so you might be able to run the ball.

  41. I honestly think T.O. was probably out drinking. He then thought he could take more medicine than what the doctor told him to take and it caused him to get sick. After everything was over someone probably asked him if he was trying to harm himself and sarcastically he said yes. It was then reported and everything got started. He really needs to go away. Thats my explanation and I guess we’ll see

  42. The point about the Braves record down the stretch is, there is no need to panic. This team is good enough to win the division next year. Even with the sub-par starting pitching, just having Wickman all year would have been the difference with this team (IMO).

  43. oneeye, I agree offensively I agree. Two things have to happen for us next year. Chipper has to stay healthy and our pitching has to dramatically make a turn around. I dont want the division, its time to put together a team thats good enough to make a run in the post-season. That means Hudson, if he stays, has to return to being an elite pitcher and figure out what’s wrong. JS has to pull a few strings and make a splash this offseason.

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