– MLB – Box Score – Marlins at Braves

Big props to the tag team of Yates and Paronto, without whom many a loss — for instance, today’s — would have been much more difficult.

Leading 3-1 in the eighth, Bobby used Kali to setup again for no readily apparent reason; he allowed a two-run homer to tie the game up. Typical. After Wickman got through the ninth, Paronto came out and allowed a two-run double, followed by another two-run homer, to lose the game. Oh, so typical.

Hudson started and did very well, allowing just one run on three hits, striking out five and not walking any. The only run the Marlins got off him was on the rarely seen sac fly to the second baseman (Marcus was running away from the play). I still have no confidence in Hudson… The Braves meanwhile drew six walks but had only five hits and left a bunch of men on. Francoeur had two hits and his assault on the Guillen Line continues. Renteria drove in two runs with a bases-loaded single in the seventh that should have won the game.

This team has so frustrated me that I’m writing this while the top of the tenth is still going on. We had no chance, even when it was only 5-3.

PREUPDATE: But wait! The Braves did have a chance! One out, McCann doubled, Francoeur singled, and Diaz doubled to bring the tying run to the plate with one out. (Both doubles could have been caught.) Aybar then hits a bloop single to the Bermuda Triangle behind second, making it first and third. Brayan Pena comes in to pinch hit… Ground ball to second, the second baseman throws to the shortstop covering… and the shortstop drops it! 7-6, everyone is safe, tying run at second, winning at first.

OHMYGOD!!! Marcus singles to left, Aybar is running home, the left fielder tries to pick up the ball and throw and it gets past him, Pena scores from first, Braves win!

I’ve got to pre-write more of these. Barry finished the tenth and gets the win. Joe Borowski is going to murder his outfield.