Liberty Game Thread

If I could make one rule change (on the field) in baseball, it would be to limit the number of pitching changes during an inning. My favored version would be that a pitcher cannot be removed during the inning unless he meets one of the following criteria:

1. He has pitched at least one full inning.
2. He has allowed at least one run (charged to him, inherited runs do not count).
3. He is hurt (we could make some rule to prevent abuse, for instance that the pitcher can’t pitch for the next two days, or the other team gets to choose the reliever who replaces him, or he has to go on the DL after the game even if he feels fine.)

One advantage of this would be that the games would be a lot more interesting and a lot shorter without all the incessant pitching changes. Also, it would annoy Tony LaRussa. Finally, it would probably cause teams to stop carrying so many relievers, which allows for more pinch-hitters, who are more interesting than relievers. Also, if you’re an owner, those pinch-hitters will probably make the minimum while your LOOGY is signed to a two-year, $1.7 million contract.

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  1. With the exception of the DH, I have no problem with the current on-the-field rules.

    Yes, LaRussa is annoying, but he bugs me more as a sore loser & a manager who is constantly reminding you that he’s in the other dugout. That’s what makes beating him so fun.

  2. Twins called up Matt Garza today….Watch out for him, his stuff looks great.
    (from Yahoo!)

    Garza, the team’s first-round draft pick in 2005, has made a fast rise through the minors, dominating at every stop. He was 3-1 with a 1.85 ERA and 33 strikeouts in five starts for the Red Wings. In his minor league career, Garza is 18-8 with a 2.73 ERA and 243 strikeouts in 37 starts.

  3. I would change the rule for who gets credit for a loss when a reliever comes in and allows inherited runners to score thereby blowing a lead. When you pull a Grybo, you should get an L.

    Also I’d redefine a save opportunity to be when a reliever comes in during the ninth inning with the tying run on base, at bat, or in the on deck circle. No more blown saves in the 6th inning or getting credit for a save when you come in with a 3 run lead. A reliever getting 3 outs to preserve a 3 run lead should be a given not something rewarded with a statistic.

    Also I’d change the rule for who gets the win when a starter leaves early. If the starter is the most effective pitcher, just give him the win even if he only goes 3 or 4 innings. Don’t give long relievers who often come in and give up a bunch of runs credit for a win just because the offense had built up a big lead before the starter came out.

    I’d implement a 3 game suspension for any manager who left the dugout to argue a call. When has an umpire ever changed his mind after a manager runs out and gets into a tirade? Get rid of that crap. It slows down the game and serves no purpose.

  4. Tim Hudson-

    “I’ve never really dealt with something like this for this long of a time,” said Hudson, who is 2-6 with a 7.60 ERA in his last 10 outings. “But I know the way that I’ve been pitching this year isn’t the kind of pitcher that I am, regardless of what it looks like. It doesn’t look too good right now, but I know that I’m a lot better than what I’m showing.”

  5. Ron and ububba are right on the money, imho. Those would be two great changes.

    I would also agree with Mac, but it would be a harder rule to write/enact/enforce. Discarding the DH and inherited runners are two very easy rules to change.

  6. Wonderful, anonther pitcher playing hurt.

    “It’s been bugging me the last two or three starts, but I was able to pitch through it,” Ramirez said. “Every time I get some good starts going, something crazy happens.”

  7. HELP !!! LEO PLEASE COME BACK !!! I know he is not having alot of success at Baltimore but man is McDowell Bad !!! … about as bad as our useless Batting coach who just watches and collects paycheck … no repercusions for making same mistakes … Frenchy swigging at first pitches would drive me batty … I would tell him I dont care if you take 3 down the middle down swing at any of the 3 or come over here and sit with me and Diaz would play …… these players do what they want they do not follow instruction …. Braves could save money by getting rid of McDowell and Pendleton .. players dont listen anyway …whew im over it .. glad im not spending money on watching these guys play at home ..

  8. Frenchy’s situational stats.

    Count 0-0 93 101 60 35 2 2 9 29 0 0 0 0 .347 .368 .673 1.041
    Count 0-1 43 53 0 14 3 1 2 8 0 0 0 1 .264 .278 .472 .749
    After (0-1) 105 207 0 38 8 1 5 21 1 64 1 4 .184 .190 .304 .495
    Count 0-2 37 41 0 5 2 0 0 2 0 21 0 1 .122 .122 .171 .293
    After (0-2) 62 77 0 10 3 0 1 3 0 40 0 2 .130 .130 .208 .338
    Count 1-0 35 39 0 16 1 0 3 12 0 0 0 1 .410 .415 .667 1.081
    After (1-0) 96 154 0 46 6 2 7 28 10 28 0 2 .299 .343 .500 .843
    Count 1-1 28 30 0 9 1 0 2 8 0 0 0 1 .300 .290 .533 .824
    After (1-1) 85 148 0 31 4 1 5 20 2 48 1 2 .209 .219 .351 .570
    Count 1-2 49 60 0 9 2 0 0 3 0 26 0 0 .150 .150 .183 .333
    After (1-2) 76 104 0 12 3 0 1 4 0 54 0 1 .115 .115 .173 .288
    Count 2-0 19 20 0 8 2 1 0 3 0 0 0 0 .400 .400 .600 1.000
    After (2-0) 43 44 0 13 3 1 1 6 9 4 0 0 .295 .415 .477 .892
    Count 2-1 21 22 0 7 1 1 1 4 0 0 0 0 .318 .318 .591 .909
    After (2-1) 56 70 0 19 2 1 4 12 3 16 1 1 .271 .301 .500 .801
    Count 2-2 40 49 0 8 0 0 2 4 0 26 1 0 .163 .163 .286 .449
    After (2-2) 55 75 0 9 1 0 2 4 0 39 1 2 .120 .120 .213 .333
    Count 3-0 7 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 7 0 0 0 .000 1.000 .000 .000
    After (3-0) 11 4 0 1 0 0 0 0 8 1 0 0 .250 .750 .250 1.000
    Count 3-1 14 11 0 6 1 0 2 5 4 0 0 0 .545 .667 1.182 1.848
    After (3-1) 24 21 0 7 1 0 2 5 4 6 0 0 .333 .440 .667 1.107
    Count 3-2 33 36 0 2 1 0 0 0 0 19 0 2 .056 .056 .083 .139
    After (3-2) 33 36 0 2 1 0 0 0 0 19 0 2 .056 .056 .083 .139

  9. The DH rule now, unfortunately, has more to do with the players union than it does with anything else. It’s a high-paying job that the union doesn’t want to lose.

    There was a time during MLB/union negotiations a few years ago when MLB offered to add one roster spot to each team if the DH could be scrapped. The union wouldn’t go for it, because an extra guy making MLB minimum didn’t really float their boat.

    The original reason the AL adopted the DH was because pitchers were dominating the hitters—that reasoning doesn’t hold any more.

    Speaking for myself, I believe every player should wear a glove. If David Ortiz or Jason Giambi or Edgar Martinez have to play a position, so be it.

  10. Tad, how much of this is McDowell’s fault.


    have all been on the DL at some point this year, that’s remarkable. I want to point the finger at someone too, but I dont think Leo’s magic would work w/ this crop this year. Keep in mind we had another bullpen full of crap arms this year. For me, I’m blaming JS for the quality of pitchers and also putting McDowell in this situation.

  11. I agree with Mac although I probably wouldn’t go as far. My idea is that the pitcher has to face at least two (and preferably 3) hitters. This would obviously eliminate LOOGY’s and speed up the game; consequently, there is no way the player’s union would go along. As for the rule on inherited runners, I understand the sentiment, but consider a situation where a pitcher comes in with bases loaded, no outs and gets a sac fly and a double play. He did allow an inherited runner to score but it doesn’t seem fair to give him a loss in that situation. I have no problem with starters being credited for runners that they put on base, but the inherited runners stat for relievers should be much more prominent than it is.

  12. I”ve been swayed over time to favor the DH rule. For 8 positions on the field, a team must balance a player’s hitting against his fielding. The pitcher is the exception; a pitcher’s hitting ability has no bearing on whether he plays. If you are going to discount half the game for one lineup spot, it’s better to plug in the player who excels (or is at least good) at hitting than the player whose hitting ability is irrelevant.

    Also, at this point, the NL is the minority of organized baseball in not using the DH.

  13. You could change it a little. If a reliever comes in w/ runners in scoring position, those runs should be charged to the previous pitcher. Any runners on 1st that score are charged to the new reliever. For example, tied game ninth inning. The starter walks the 1st batter and gets pulled. The reliever comes in a gives up a double to the 1st batter and the runner on 1st scores. The reliever gets charged w/ the run and the loss.

  14. Maybe they should raise the mound again? I do, agree, however, that if you wear a uniform, then you should wear a glove.

  15. It appeared that he left the game with a blister, but this could turn out to be quite a bit more serious. With Kyle Davies still likely a couple of weeks away, the Braves might have to look to add a stopgap starter in a waiver trade. The Nationals could have Ramon Ortiz and/or Tony Armas Jr. available. Rodrigo Lopez and Mark Redman might also be possibilities.

  16. A little off topic but I have been meaning to ask this for awhile but I keep on forgetting,did Woody Paige get veneers? His teeth look bigger and whiter.

  17. I actually like Tony Armas. I know he is having a rough season but I still wouldn’t mind having him.

  18. I don’t know if the player’s union would have a say-so in such a change as I suggested. They definitely do on the DH. I like the designated pinch-hitter rule better myself but that will never happen.

  19. I have a few thoughts I would like to share:

    DH: I think both leagues should have them, who wants to see a pitcher hit anyway? Why is the national league the only league that does this? It would be the equivalent of the AFC quartebacks having to play defense, but the NFC quarterbacks don’t have to. Plus that would take away some of the double switches and seeing Tony Pena Jr. pinch hit.

    Mac’s suggestions: Too complicated for someone like Booby to figure out, and possibly everyother manager, so thats a no go.

  20. How is that too complicated? If your pitcher hasn’t retired three men or given up a run, you can’t relieve him unless he’s hurt. It’s a lot simpler than the DH rule.

  21. Jay,

    I know. Pretty hysterical, like the in-stadium court rooms for unruly fans.

    I can’t really remember ever needing to dial that number during an MLB game (OK, maybe once in the Yankee Stadium bleachers), but I’ve definitely needed it at a few NHL playoff games.

  22. Tonight’s lineups.

    J.Rollins SS
    S.Victorino RF
    C.Utley 2B
    R.Howard 1B
    D.Dellucci LF
    C.Coste C
    A.Rowand CF
    A.Nunez 3B
    C.Hamels P

    W.Aybar 3B
    M.Giles 2B
    E.Renteria SS
    A.Jones CF
    J.Francoeur RF
    B.McCann C
    M.Diaz LF
    A.LaRoche 1B
    T.Hudson P

  23. Justin, I gotta diagree on the DH. Baseball is not a sport of specialists; every player is expected to earn his keep through the totality of his contributions. (That doesn’t mean that specialists have no place, but they’d better be really good at their specialty.) Why shouldn’t pitchers be required to hit? That’s the way they’re brought up through high school and often college. Besides, baseball doesn’t have 10 players. Softball has 10 players.

    I agree with Mac’s pitching proposal, and also agree that there’s no chance it will be adopted while there are LOOGYs making millions.

    Before these problems emerged in baseball, there was the

    1914 Update:

    NY Giants 56-39 (–)
    Chicago Cubs 53-47 (5.5)
    St. Louis Cardinals 54-48 (5.5)
    Boston Braves 50-46 (6.5)
    Philadelphia Phillies 46-51 (11)
    Cincinnati Reds 47-53 (11.5)
    Brooklyn Robins 42-52 (13.5)
    Pittsburgh Pirates 42-54 (14.5)

    Today’s Game:
    Cincy 120 000 000 0 – 3 7 2 LP- Schneider
    Braves 000 000 000 1 – 4 6 2 WP- Strand
    Rabbit Maranville knocks in the winning run in the 10th inning for the 2nd time in 3 days. Day off tomorrow, and big things happening in the coming week.

  24. Re: The 1914 Boston Braves.

    I’m proud to say that, as a youngster & teenager, I played ball on Gowdy Field in Ft. Benning, Ga. It was named after Hank Gowdy, the Braves catcher on the ’14 squad.

    If I remember correctly, Gowdy missed the entire 1918 season to fight in WWI. He returned the next year and, after his playing days were over, he volunteered for service again when WW2 broke out & served as an officer at Benning. Not sure when they named the stadium after him, but it’s located right on Main Post, near the officer’s club.

  25. So, HoRam’s on the DL, Bobby says maybe out for the season. So, this leaves us with how many real starting pitchers?

  26. “DH: I think both leagues should have them, who wants to see a pitcher hit anyway? Why is the national league the only league that does this?”

    Uh, since the DH was not adopted until 1973, I think the more appropriate question is, why does the AL do it? Well, it ruins the symmetry of the game to have defensive players who only pitch and don’t hit, and offensive players who only hit and don’t play the field. It also reduces the importance of bench role players, since they rarely get in the game except in the event of injury or occasionally as defensive substitutions in late innings.

    The DH is just another little manifestation of evil in this world — one we may have to recognize as a natural consequence of an imperfect world, but one that all good people should consistently work to contain until it slowly fades away.

  27. Correct on both counts, ububba. Gowdy played 128 games for the 1914 Braves in his first reasonably full season. He hit 243/ 337/ 347, better than league average at the most demanding position on the diamond. (The average “starting” NL catcher played in only 109 games.)

    Gowdy would keep playing until 1924 for the Braves and Giants, and came back for a little while in 1929-30. He wasn’t the best catcher in the league- the Cubs’ HoF’er Roger Bresnahan and the Giants’ Chief Meyers were both better, but not by much. But he was definitely an asset.

  28. Brian,

    From years of playing APBA, I know Meyers & Bresnahan pretty well. I have Bresnahan on the 1905 Giants & Meyers on the 1912 Giants—they’re both pretty bad-ass on those teams. (It was Bresnahan, I think, who popularized the idea of the catcher’s mask.)

    Those dead-ball-era teams are a blast to manage. You gotta ride ’em like Whitey Herzog or you’ll never score.

  29. Hey Davey, how do you feel about losing Willie Williams? He was supposed to have a big season.

  30. Why even mention Hampton on the DL? It’s not like he started this year and got hurt.

  31. 1914 was downright lively compared to earlier in the century. The NL averaged 3.84 runs per game in 1914. That was up from the all-time low of 3.33 in 1908. (In 1908, the whole league hit 239/ 299/ 306- Todd Pratt with a few more walks. 1914 sees that go all the way up to 251/ 317/ 334, or Ryan Langerhans on Quaaludes.)

    And given the importance of the stolen base, as you noted, why didn’t it occur to people that caught stealing numbers might be important? The NL didn’t collect them at all until 1915 and not consistently until 1951.

  32. I wrote a Miami preview for the college football previews that we have going here but it’s not put up yet.

    Williams is gone, Moss will miss atleast 1 game, Ryan Moore will miss 2 games…but they should be there when the ‘Canes play V-Tech

  33. “I don’t think he’s been able to keep the ball down consistenly”-Gant on Hudson…

    You THINK???? I know, and if you watche dthe games, you would too you piece of dead air.

    Tim Mclellan has a tight strike zone.

    Outgha be fun…

  34. Brian,

    Hmm, that’s curious.

    All my APBA teams from the dead-ball have caught-stealing stats. Some of those guys have unreal numbers. I remember that from the ’06 Cubs Frank Chance stole 25 bases, but was caught 34 times.
    I wonder where they got those numbers from.

  35. True, but it will be hard to win against FSU without those guys. And 1 more loss for Miami is a plus for VTECH. :)

    I have a strong feeling that the ACC title will be won by VTECH or Miami.

  36. Huckleberry out with a “sore forearm”

    seriously now, Huck is such a pussy. He’s out ever other week with a “sore” body part.

  37. Hudson throws his fastball too much, its a sinker, not a 97 mph rocket that you can base everything off of.

    A 91mph sinker pitcher needs some off-speed junk.

    Not just a 87mph splitter.

    curve/knuckle/slurve/fork/circle change whatever

    Hudson GOT PLUNKED!!

  38. I know Jay. The FSU game will be very very tough. I think who ever wins V-Tech – FSU will win the ACC.

    Great..Hudson might be hurt.

  39. “Looks like Smoltz is going to pitch all the remaining games.”

    But then we might have a chance at winning some games.

    That goes against what Bobby Cox is trying to do.

  40. Was LaRoche supposed to start and then scratched or something? Do you realize that the last time we faced Hamels, Pratt and LaRoche hit a combined 3 homers off of him…and neither is in the lineup?

  41. This is how Skip Caray started the game tonight on the radio..
    Skip : “ with more mechanical bull…Joe Simpson…”

    Wild West night indeed…

  42. rathbun’s quote of the day: “hamels has a circle change that will just bend you over.” Ridiculous.

  43. Smitty,
    If you like Chuck Norris, check out “Return of the Dragon.” It’s a ’70s kung-fu flick. There’s a great battle scene with him & Bruce Lee in the Roman Coliseum. It goes on & on.

    Of course, other than that, I’ve never seen a Chuck Norris movie, or “Walker Texas Ranger.”

  44. Aybar should try to steal, so that way he can get throw out like a good Brave and make this Inning a “Brave Inning”.

    We got to suck better than this, I’m dissapponited they haven’t met the expectations.

    Renteria is also hurting our suck factor. Edgar you’ve let us down, you are getting hits and walking, dang.

  45. Walker is a great show. It looks like it is put together and written by a Junior College productions class.

    It is a fun show to watch

  46. Chuck Norris in Missing in Action 2 where the commie breaks the POW’s pet chicken’s neck was preety awesome.

    I remember that wooden rope bridge swinging as people started getting wasted.

  47. Ah, this is one of those games where Hudson plays with us for a few innings then melts down.

  48. My favorite blood and guts movie is Predator.

    I watched that when I was a 4-5 uncut. Awesome.

    “I ain’t got time to bleed”

    “Get to the Chopper”

    “He’s out there”

    My favorite part of the movie was where Carl Weathers got his arm hacked off.

    Second was where the Indian guy decided to go face to face with the alien on the bridge.

    Good times….

  49. Jason Marquis is struggling against the Reds. 3-1 in the 3rd. The Reds already have 8 hits.

  50. McCann is a machine.

    I just wiki’d Chuck Norris. He’s 66. His first name is Carlos. He’s of mixed ethnicity (Irish, Cherokee, etc.), so he was picked on a lot as a youth in Oklahoma and he began to have revenge fantasies. He became a karate champ & met Bruce Lee, who convinced him to take acting lessons. Guess that worked out alright.

  51. “Landogarner
    #75. August 8th, 2006, at 6:43 PM.

    Huckleberry out with a “sore forearm”

    seriously now, Huck is such a pussy. He’s out ever other week with a “sore” body part. ”

    Uhh.. Landess, LaRoche has played in 104 of 111 game this season, more than Giles, Renteria, McCann, Chipper, Langerhans. Basically, everyone but Francouer and Andruw.

    Can’t you just go post at some Mets forum and save some server space for that NY METS guy on here? He’s atleast right some time…

  52. Runner going on the 1-0 pitch. Why? Diaz is only fast compared to McCann, who makes mailboxes look fleet.

  53. Diaz in the outfield…”Remember you’re Kansas City Royals training Matty, make sure you screw up fielding the ball, then throw it inyo the bleachers”

  54. That’s because almost all his ABs in the 5 spot are against lefties, and he hits lefties. But he isn’t going to hit that changeup any more than righthanders used to hit Glavine’s changeup.

  55. Thorman is LaRoche Jr. Given the way he clomps around LF, I don’t think we need two of them.

  56. Ever notice that the radio stolen-base-prize inning is usually the second? When the most normal group of hitters is McCann-Francoeur-LaRoche?


    Gant “Some times Hudsons stuff is so good he can’t control it”

    At least Gant is good for a laugh.

  58. Ron Gant is the next Papadakis(USC idiot)

    Chuck James was bitten by a snake, why I’m I not suprised?

    Anyone gonna go see SNAKES ON A PLANE?


  59. LoJack got a sweet arrangement.

    But it’s because McCann is a great defensive catcher, if the Braves catch a runner trying to steal in the inning, somebody wins something.

  60. “He’s gotta put his pitches where he needs to put em”

    He gets better and better.

  61. Samuel L. Jackson was in the Star Wars movie.

    And sucked.

    Thats why Jar-Jar had such a big part, he was a betetr actor.

  62. Ah yes, a classic “Hudson walks one gets two outs, walks another guy gives up a massive shot to put the team down three.”

  63. Landogarner has a hatred for LaRoche that goes beyong reason.

    LaRoche is the next Sid Bream, with a better bat and slightly faster legs.

    He also is more patient.

    Howard struck out.

  64. Wow, how did he get out of that?

    Is this going to be the game that Hudson gives us a chance to win and we blow it or is next inning the melt down inning

  65. Or Mac,

    He should be on Junkin,

    SLJ: I need a wallet

    Junk Guy: What kind?

    SLJ: One that says ‘Bad Mother Fuc-er’ on it

  66. Is this going to be the game that Hudson gives us a chance to win and we blow it or is next inning the melt down inning

    It’s always the sixth inning. Something to look forward to.

  67. Mac, I think Lance Cormier will take Horacio’s spot. Cormier went nine the other day at Richmond.

  68. That’s ten hits for Aybar since coming over…and you guessed ten singles. Couldn’t we have just picked up Sean Burroughs to play third? He would have been free.

  69. UH, Aybar.

    I don’t even want to consider Chipper moving to left. That’s where all of this injury sh** started.

  70. Hmm… just saw where Chipper is gonna be in Pearl Friday & Saturday for rehab! Awesome… I’ll definitely be there!

  71. I think John Smoltz should have an alter ego, Sohn Joltz, and have him pitch fourth in the rotation. He could put on a blonde wig or something.

  72. Hasn’t anyone ever wondered why you never see Jose Lima and Pedro Martinez in the same room?

  73. Hudson is dealing.

    He has returned.

    He’s gonna win the rest of his decisions and lead us to the Wild Card and then the World Series.

    Anyone else want some Whiskey?

  74. Charlie O’Brien, there’s a blast from the past. That was before we wanted our catchers to be good.

  75. Charlie O was actually better than the backup catchers who came after him (remember, Javy was the regular). By the Henry Blanco Era, Charlie seemed like a God in retrospect.

  76. O’Brien was a defender, offensively he wasn’t horrible, and he would take pitches and work the count.


    AJ out.


    Gant stuttering every 3 words.

  77. What Inning will Hudson blow up, this one or the next place your bets.

    I have a Bud Light Inflatable Karaoke Machine along with a CD entitles “Ron Gant Sings The Standards”.

    It is also Inflatable.

  78. I’m homeless!!!

    Well at least I still have my dignity.

    Although that doesn’t protect me from these giant mosquitoes.

  79. You can win your house back later in the game, 4 Seam. I’m sure we have lots of missed opportunities around the corner.

  80. All signs point to a meltdown; a newly acquired lead, Tim Hudson on the mound, Hell freezing over.

  81. Utley just Jermaine Dye’d himself.

    Gant talking about Hudson’s sinker moving.

    Unfortunately for this to happen Gant’s mouth moves also.

    T-T-Tim Hudson

  82. My bet is still safe. But hey, I’ll give back the inflatable house for my bet to be wrong.

  83. Welcome home, 4 Seam. I took an inflatable beer from your inflatable fridge, hope you don’t mind.

  84. Did you lock the inflatable door?

    My inflatable dog needs to pee, take him out and check on my inflatable garden, it may need some air.

  85. And he followed it up with one of the worst baserunning decisions I’ve ever seen….

  86. Is this the Whiskey talking, or did Gant just make some sense concernign running the basepaths and when not to go for the double?

  87. Too bad I took your inflatalble dog to the inflatable vet…I’m surprised he didn’t pop.

  88. Not I! I’m just giving the board less than full attention tonight. Politics are interfering.

  89. Great news!

    I was sitting on my porch drinking a beer with my room mate. We notice the blinds were open across from us and the chick was without shirt. It was nice. Just thought you guys should know.

    Good play by Giles

  90. 3 OUT!!!!!!


    WE ARE GOING TO WIN!!!!!!!

    1-0 Take that Philly!!




  91. So, what do you do guys? Bring out the two guys in the ‘Pen who have been doing so well, or let Huddy go one more?

  92. Tony Pena Jr. takes a ball a 12 year old would shoot into the opposite field gap and he has a soft lineout.

    Tony Sr. is wrong

  93. Hey don’t pick on Belliard. I remember that homerun he got, that was one the best homeruns ever. Everyone was so happy for him.

  94. Because without Thor, Richmond’s offense regressed from bad to historically awful.

  95. The headline at is “Built to Win.” Unfortunately, it’s about a team that was actually built to win (Detroit) and not us (because, apparently, we must have been built not to win this year, because it sure isn’t happening on a regular basis.)

    Oh yeah, that was a fun inning. Wish we could have gotten one more, but then again I’m just greedy.

  96. McCann is having an insane season. I really hope this keeps up for like 10 years or more.

  97. My mother still brings up that Belliard homerun every so often.
    She’ll say.. “remember that time Belliard got a homerun?”
    or..”even Belliard could hit a homerun off of this guy”…

    A moment we’ll never forget…

  98. McDowell threatens to send Baez back to Cuba if he can’t get things going. I think he brought a picture of Jorge Sosa.

  99. Yeah, see how great he is. His one homer was so great people still talk share a bond because they witnessed a miracle.

  100. Wow, that was a scary inning. Let’s hope Wickman doesn’t decide to make us go through THAT again.

  101. Major League is still classic. Even 2 is pretty good. Bob Ueker (sp?) is hillarious.

  102. I’m following this journal with my roomate, who is a Braves fan. I must warn you about Wayne Franklin. Last year, the Yankees were up 1-0 after a great outing by Mussina. In the 8th inning with two outs, with Mariano unavailiable, Joe turned to his new “favorite” Wayne Franklin, who had had one good outing against the Indians and one bad one against the Orioles. A hanging curve to Hank Blalock later, it was 2-1. We lost. This is just a sample of the horror show that is Wayne.

  103. (Heard after Kin Jong-Il hung yet another pitch)

    “He’s gonna need a rocket up his ass to catch that one…”

  104. (Heard after Kim Jong-Il hung yet another pitch)

    “He’s gonna need a rocket up his ass to catch that one…”

  105. I wonder if Bobby ever came with a big cardboard cut out of JS…and told the players that everytime they win, they’ll “tear a piece”

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