– MLB – Box Score – Mets at Braves

Tim Hudson truly is a #2 starter. In that he’s complete shit. (This is not license to curse in the comments. Use the Ranting thread.) Hudson gave up three runs in the first two innings, seemingly settled down, and then had his worst Episode yet, allowing six of the seven runs allowed in the horrifying sixth inning. (Paronto capped it with a three-run homer scoring two of Hudson’s runs.) How bad was this game? Jorge Sosa was — by far — the Braves’ most effective pitcher.

It was tied 3-3 much of the way after Giles drove in two with his second-inning single, having already scored in the first on a LaRoche sac fly. (With Chipper on the shelf, Adam batted third.) Marcus has been heating up, while the rest of the team is in the freezer, and had two of the team’s four hits, which equalled Paul LoDuca’s total for the day. The Mets had fifteen.

Chipper is probably going on the DL after the game when Aybar gets to Atlanta. L’il Tony is up to give the Braves a shortstop; in two weeks, if Chipper is back, they’ll have to make a decision on Orr vs. Aybar, though there’s no comparison and the Canadian should go down. Orr played third base today like a man without control of his legs and possibly his bowels. I don’t know who will go down in place of Baez or why Hudson sucks so much.