– MLB – Box Score – Phillies at Braves

So I leave, and the Braves are up 5-0, but I really expected to come back to a loss. I wasn’t disappointed. That 5-0 lead was after two innings, Davies was on the mound, and Wickman was a long way away.

Davies didn’t get out of the third. He loaded the bases with Howard due up. Miraculously, Howard didn’t hit a homer — because Andruw robbed him. Just a “sac fly”. A double later, two more runs score, and the Vulture came in to put out the fire.

Villarreal did a good job, 3 1/3 innings of perfect baseball. Then Kali pitched a perfect seventh. The eighth was yet another of those catastrophic innings with which we’ve become familiar. McBride gave up two singles, but then struck out the Terror Twins. In comes Paronto, because of our old pal lefty/righty. Single. Wild Pitch. Error by Diaz, who was still in left field… Well, I don’t know why he was in left field. Because he was due to lead off, I guess. But with a two-run lead normal practice has been to get him out of there.

The Braves didn’t do diddly in the eighth and ninth, and now we have to play another game. I don’t have a gun, but I really want to shoot something.