Okay, here’s what the Reitsma contest was going to be:

Introducing the Chris Reitsma Contest! Whoever best predicts:

1) The day when the Braves finally get Reitsma off the active roster;

2) The method of disposal;

Wins a signed (by me, with the name “Thomas Cruise Mapother”) copy of Dianetics from 1956. This book is worth literally hundreds (of centavos).

Approved methods of disposal are: DL/mysterious injury; DL/”Inability to pitch”; Cut outright; Designated for assignment; Outrighted to AAA; claimed on waivers; traded; shot in the back of the head execution-style. Or you may have some other idea.

So anyway, new contest idea:  Whoever can come up with the most creative/amusing explanation of What the Hell is Wrong With Marcus Giles? wins the book, which I will autograph also with the name of any other celebrity Scientologist you choose.