We’ve heard that before

Perez nears end of playing days | ajc.com

Dear Eddie:  RETIRE ALREADY!!!!

Also, I was dropping off my dry cleaning and the clerk says she heard a rumor from Lance Cormier’s wife that the Braves are going to trade her husband, Anthony Lerew, and two low-level pitching prospects to the Cubs for Greg Maddux and Scott Williamson, but the Braves are demanding that the Cubs take Reitsma.

17 thoughts on “We’ve heard that before”

  1. That would be a good deal, if we could get Maddux to take an extension.

    Plus the Cubs would trade Lerew to the Marlins for a Jeff Conine (Yes I know that Jeff plays in Baltimore, but some how the Cubs will dump a top pitching prospect on the Marlins. I think Jeff plays for the Marlins, no matter what team he is on.)

  2. Meh, I love Maddux but I don’t think the answer to our bullpen is to bring back picthers near the end of their careers.

  3. That sounds fantastic. Lerew has been awful this year, Cormier not much better. Is Cormier’s wife AKA Smitty’s barber? That seems like a strange rumor to invent.

  4. No my barber is Billy Beene’s cousins, wife’s, best friend’s, brother-in-law’s, 4th cousin to be.

  5. I’ve wanted us to go after WIlliamson for some time now. I think he could be a great closer for us.

  6. If Eddie, Juan Piere, and a expecting mother had a throwing contest; Eddie would finish a distant fourth.

  7. If Adam LaRoche and Brian McCann raced from home to first against a throw by Eddie, they would lose. Barely.

  8. Kelly Johnson had Tommy John surgery again in B’ham TODAY according to Press Pass

  9. He hadn’t had TJ surgery; they were hoping it could be avoided and the rehab is such that he could wait and still be ready for spring. I guess he couldn’t avoid it.

  10. I think getting Maddux back would be a huge boost for the team emotionally. I say go for it.

  11. Haha….what a one way deal u should all be ashamed 4 ATTEMPTING to believe this..Please dont waste peoples time with seriously one sided. BRAVES AINT GONNA WIN AGAIN SRY. HERE IS A TRADE RUMOR I HEARD FROM A FRIEND OF PAT GILLICK.

    Phi Gets:
    3B Melvin Mora
    P Erik Bedard

    Bal Gets:
    3B David Bell
    P Gavin Floyd
    2 prospects

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