4 thoughts on “I’m glad we’re not them”

  1. You know, some of us live in L.A. and only watch Dodgers games on TV to hear Vin Scully broadcast it. I understand you have to eventually replace him, but why with these two morons?

  2. I don’t care how old and slow Vin is getting, even young fans like me love to hear his voice. There isn’t one guy on Fox Sports Net who can call games with the same sense of history and camraderie as Vin Scully, except for maybe Mike Lange. And he’s the Pittsburgh Penguins play-by-play guy. Hell, the Dodgers should call Mikey, seeing as there’s no ice to cover right now…

  3. I’m still awaiting Al Leiter’s retirement from the mound. Whichever team gets him, he will be a great addition to their booth.

  4. I heard tons of people talk on and on throughout the playoffs about how great Al Leiter was in the booth for Fox. I just don’t see it. He’s a great guy and helpfully shares with viewers how pitchers think and throw. I just don’t see an energetic or entertaining personality in Leiter. Much better than McCarver though, I think most of us await the retirement of this self-important hack. I think all American sports broadcasters could learn a thing or two from English Football (soccer) announcers. They’re patient, aware of when drama is needed, and excellent at allowing the game to speak for itself. English football announcers don’t fill dead air with even more uncomfortable language and hardly ever use air time to tell the audience something that is blatantly obvious to any half-wit viewer. Just one opinion, however…

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