A natural fourth outfielder — lefthanded hitter, not enough of a hitter to play a corner full-time, not quite fast enough to play center regularly, but a good enough hitter and fielder to be an asset part time anywhere. Last year Darren hit .269/.347/.401, which was his best season since 1998. The Braves re-signed him to a minor league contract, but the assumption is that he will make the team as the only reserve outfielder.

Absolutely atrocious as a pinch-hitter last year, 6-42 with two doubles, no homers, one RBI, three walks… A lot of his value was in interleague play, playing outfield when one of the other outfielders got a day as a DH. 6-13 against the Red Sox (his former team), 7-11 against the Rangers… The Braves’ outfield injury situation can be shown by the pattern of Bragg’s starts: 22 in right, 9 in center, 6 in left. He was best as a right fielder last year, though he doesn’t really have the arm for the position.

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