Darren Bragg

A natural fourth outfielder — lefthanded hitter, not enough of a hitter to play a corner full-time, not quite fast enough to play center regularly, but a good enough hitter and fielder to be an asset part time anywhere. Last year Darren hit .269/.347/.401, which was his best season since 1998. The Braves re-signed him to a minor league contract, but the assumption is that he will make the team as the only reserve outfielder.

Absolutely atrocious as a pinch-hitter last year, 6-42 with two doubles, no homers, one RBI, three walks… A lot of his value was in interleague play, playing outfield when one of the other outfielders got a day as a DH. 6-13 against the Red Sox (his former team), 7-11 against the Rangers… The Braves’ outfield injury situation can be shown by the pattern of Bragg’s starts: 22 in right, 9 in center, 6 in left. He was best as a right fielder last year, though he doesn’t really have the arm for the position.

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  1. I would say that Bragg’s more of a fifth or sixth outfielder forced into a fourth outfielder’s role. When I think quality fourth outfielder, I think of someone like Candy Maldonado or Stan Javier, who can (or could 10 years ago) play for a month at any spot in the lineup and not cost you too much. I’m not sure Bragg’s up to that.

  2. Right. If Bragg is your fourth outfielder, you better have three damn good, healthy outfielders in front of him. He would be a perfect fifth outfielder though.

  3. He’s almost perfect as a 4th outfielder — he gets on base, hits lefty, is a good pinch runner, and won’t embaress you defensively at any of the 3 positions. If he did any more, he’d still be a starter (like Candy and Stan were for much of their careers).

  4. Bragg isnt that bad he will make the team for a few reasons. hes not that bad, he can field he wont cost you the game (although he cant win it) Theres no use putting him in the minors, and honestly i would find it hard to believe that a team would put anyone who is still developing as a bencher, makes more sense to have them play in the minors. just my thought

  5. I have no problem with Bragg being on the team, I just wish Atlanta had a bench player with a little more power, given that they’re below average in that respect at first and third.

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