Game Thread: Dodgers at Braves, May 31

If we can’t beat Aaron Sele, who can we beat?  Hopefully Brett Tomko.  It’s like the Ex-Mariners Club over there.

70 thoughts on “Game Thread: Dodgers at Braves, May 31”

  1. Need another big outing from Huddy tonight. He seems to have come up with some big efforts this year after some tough losses (NYM, Arizona). Need it again tonight.

    Tomko has had 2 really bad outings (vs. LAA & WAS) after 6 pretty good ones in a row. It would be nice to give Hudson some room to work tonight. He’s been amazing in these pitchers duels, but he can’t win every game 2-1.

  2. Andruw 2 run shot. Game over! Early run support with the way Hudson has been pitching? GG L.A.!

  3. As long as Tim Hudson throws a complete game, we’ll be fine.

    So – what’s the magic number of runs we would need to be ahead (and in what inning) for everyone to feel comfortable?

    I’d say – up 3 in the 9th, up 5 in the 8th or beforehand and I’d be okay.

  4. I thought I’d take a moment to say how much I dislike Roger Clemens. $22 million? No wonder some folks find sports to be… ‘confusing.’

    How many runs did the Braves need on opening day – when Hudson pitched against the Dodgers? I feel that a 5 or 6 run lead in the 8th evaporated…

  5. Adam — that’s if it were over the entire season. As-is, he’s only getting just over $12 million for the balance of the season. Not that it’s still not a lot of money, but it’s not $22m.

  6. I just noticed that Mac’s “Favourite sites” on the left is spelled with a “u”, Brit style. Is that new?

  7. I can not stand torborg…. he has been talking about furcal leading off , hudson throwing over, for 39 mins… wow

  8. Off topic: Does anyone else think it’s a shame that McCann is not in the top 5 in all-star voting for NL catchers? I mean, I know he has been hurt and out of the spotlight recently, but I just think the kid deserves the recognition. Although, if he doesn’t get voted on, I would have to think he would be a shoe-in as a player/manager selection.

  9. Not a big fan of all-star voting, so I kinda don’t care.

    But more importantly: CHIPPAH!

  10. and if anyone cares Salty is 2-2 tonight… he’d been HORRIBLE yet again lately but he’s done well tonight… started the game batting under .200 but has gotten it up to .207 right now

  11. I voted 75 times… lol… and I pick up several ballots each time I go see the MS Bravos

  12. that was a great catch! …how was that a balk again? not that I’m against the call! ha

  13. I still remember (without looking it up) those five runs Kolb gave up in extra innings to the Reds in early September. I thought he may have cost us the division then.

  14. Torborg just stated the obvious..that the Dogers have the best offense in the N.L. West. That’s insight folks

  15. I noticed the “favourite” thing this morning, and was going to comment on it then didn’t. I figured it had to be default.

    This ought to be enough breathing room for our bullpen. “Ought” is the key word there.

  16. Mets & Az going to extras scoreless. Brandon Lyon just struck out Beltran, Delgado & Wright to finish the 9th.

    Pedro went 8, Webb 7.

    Wagner going his second inning now.

  17. Shawn Green just made one of the dumbest baserunning goofs ever…

    Guess we’ll be seeing the dregs of the ‘pen tonight. Reitsma anyone?

  18. Top 10th, one out, tie game, Green steals second. The very next pitch gets hit to Reyes at shortstop about 10 feet in front of him. He gets caught off second & Reyes tosses to second & he’s tagged out. End of rally.

  19. Does anyone else want to vomit when they see the AL all-star ballot totals? I really hope something changes. Otherwise, it’s going to be the YankSox v. the National League in the All Star game.

  20. The all-star game is a popularity contest, just like high school. And just like high school, it’s not really indicative of what’s important.

  21. LMAO! Why is it in a 9-3 game Bobby will make the pitching change but in a 1 or 2 run game he will leave him in there?

  22. I’m beginning to think Bobby is trying to show JS that he has no one to count on in the bullpen.

  23. I’m not sure what about Rathbun annoys me. Maybe it’s that he always sounds so phony, and his enthusiasm seems so forced. Maybe it’s something about his voice I don’t quite have the words to express. I just wish he’d stop talking.

  24. Among all the stories we’ve heard, Jeff, that was the most … recent.

    Thanks for not wasting time, Ken.

  25. ray is officially the closer in my book. i just hope my book matches bobby’s

  26. Another good effort from Hudson when we were on the ropes. Like legendary Georgia footballer Theron Sapp, Hudson’s our droughtbreaker.

  27. This NYM-Az game is getting weird. Jorge Julio just got the Mets out in order in the bottom of the 12th.

    Top 13 now…

  28. I’ve been hoping for Ray as closer for the past month so it’s nice to see him getting the opportunity.

  29. Beltran fouled a ball of his knee in extra innings. He lay on the ground forever, getting looked at by the trainer, flexing, etc. Finally, he finished the at-bat, struck out & was replaced in the field.

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