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  1. AJC is reporting that Jon Mark Owings broke his jaw last week and could miss up to two months. News to me because I go to Rome a lot….

  2. I just read that on the Brave’s site! ..collided with another player in the outfield.

  3. I love this:

    “The Braves have been through this all before, going through a closer-a-year routine ó sometimes more than one ó that has marred many of their 14 straight division titles.”

    Yes, it’s just “marred” the hell out of them, hasn’t it? Imagine how many of the last 14 division titles we would have had, if not for the unsettled closer situation!

  4. I’ve been an advocate of acquiring Craig Wilson for a while. At least there’s a little smoke, though I think he’ll end up in Boston because they’re smart like that these days.

    Wilson in demand

    Craig Wilson, who reportedly could be the focus of the Clement/Arroyo trade talks, without question could be available in a trade of any kind.

    The Red Sox aren’t the only team interested in Wilson. ATLANTA, Cleveland, San Diego and Seattle also are believed to have asked about Wilson’s availability.

    “Nothing really would surprise me,” Wilson said. “But I think I know about as much as everyone else does — not much. The only thing I know is what you guys write. If you guys write that I’m a starting pitcher, then maybe I should go get another glove.”

  5. He would be a nice pick up, but I think the Pirates are going to ask for a lot to pick him up. It would probably mean parting with the WB

  6. Atlanta is not going to trade Betemit, so I’m not concerned about that. It just isn’t an option becuase they don’t have anyone capable of playing 3B once Chipper gets hurt.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Braves move a starter for him, but I wouldn’t want to see anyone outside of Thomson or Horacio get traded.

  7. Cary’s seen this, but my trade proposal:

    Craig Wilson and Mike Gonzalez
    Horacio Ramirez, Adam LaRoche, B prospect

    I am counting on the Pirates being dumb.

  8. Mike Gonzalez is my favorite unknown reliever. I took a baseball trip in 04 to NY, Philly, then Pittsburgh over a long weekend. Of course, there is nothing remarkable about the Pirates except for this guy. I watched him come in relief and throw a 90+ mph fastball followed up by a 60 mph breaking ball. Thats just insane. His 04 stats are just stupid; 43 IP, 32 hits, 7 Rs, 6 BBs, 55 Ks for a 1.25 ERA and a 0.877 WHIP. I know its just a pipe dream, but one thing Pittsburgh has is a good pen and I’d be all for getting Mike Gonzalez. A perfect fit for our closer problems.

  9. Gonzalez would be a perfect fit for us… but he’s also perfect for the Pirates.

    They won’t give him up without someone like Salty in the mix and we’re not doing that.

  10. Jonathon Schuerholz is like Salty in that he has experience in AA ball and hit two home runs this spring.

  11. And Kyle Petty is like Salty for marrying a teacher from his high school who is many years his elder.

  12. Speaking of Gonzalezes, did anyone see where the Red Sox inked Juan to a minor leage deal?

  13. well, that should help the braves move on Wilson. We arent exactly solid offensively at 1B,C, or OF right now. Nothing like a good platoon for ladouche, 3rd catcher, and PH/OF bat off the bench.

    lets just hope that dont watch Horam’s film.

  14. the pirates dont need another lefty starter, but since they are all about the veteran character players now they might take thomson.

  15. Wily Mo Pena had 20 walks and 116 strikeouts last year, in 311 at-bats. He has power, but boy–plate discipline he doesn’t have.

    Couldn’t we get Craig Wilson for Langerhans/KJ, Horacio Ramirez, and the decaying remains of Mike Remlinger?

  16. Relative to the rest of the league, we should be very solid offensively at catcher. I wouldn’t trade Thomson for Wilson — I have a feeling it’ll be all-hands-on-deck in our rotation this season, much like last year.

  17. I wouldn’t want anyone off the pirates other than that young lefty starter Duke or Jason Bay

  18. I’m becoming a real Langerhans fan.

    Was watching the game on Saturday & was reminded why I really like this kid. Two outs, runner on third, Braves down by a run in the middle innings. Langerhans fights off an inside pitch and bloops the ball over the shortstop for an RBI hit. The LF was dozing just enough & Langerhans legs out a bloop double over short. A good, heads-up play, sure, but with 2 outs it’s a great play.

  19. I don’t see C. Wilson as a big upgrade.

    I fall into the “Let Wilson Betemit play 1st base” camp.
    It is easier to find a replacement backup infielder than a firstbaseman. If Betemit can play third he won’t have too much problem with first. He’s also cheap.
    If we deal a starter, do it in July after the staff has sorted itself out.

  20. That’s a really nice story, ububba. Okay, I take it back. Let’s keep him.

  21. where’s the talk about jurries? are his AB coming against garbage pitchers? All the talk about Diaz hitting his way onto the roster, but nothign about the fact we have a 1B whose numbers look like you took Ladouche’s stats and multiplied times two. i hate to say it, but if we trade for anything, it needs to be a lefty reliever. I’d even take Dirty Ray King at this point.

  22. Smoltz looked great in the first inning against the Cards today, FWIW. Hit 93-94 with his FB, good control, 8 pitch inning.

    I think Craig Wilson is someone who is good to have during pre-arb and early arb years but isn’t really worth trading for. As others have said, he’s not very different than James Jurries, who we have the right to pay $330k to play for us.

    I don’t like WB at first. His batting numbers were similar to LaRoche’s last year (.271 EqA for Wilson, .262 for LaRoche) but his track record is worse – he performed at the upper end of expectation last year. If he has a .270 EqA midway through the year, fine, maybe that’s his true talent now, but if you force me to bet $100 on one of the two being over a .270 EqA in June, I’d take LaRoche.

    I think we hold onto Thomson, at least for now. He’s not great but he can eat innings for us, something we’re not sure that KD and CJ can do. I think CJ and Macay McB will be two lefties in the pen, and am fine with that. Better to have more than enough guys who can start in case one of Homerun Ramirez/Jorge Sosa gets hurt or sucks and we need a replacement.

    Damian Moss scares me. I want no part of him. None.

  23. I just found out that this weekend I’m going to be part of an event with Mo Vaughn.

    To butter him up, I plan on mentioning to him that he hit the longest HR I’ve ever seen in my life (off Gryboski at Shea, hit the very top of the Bud sign in right). Then I’ll try to get some good Met dirt.

    Any questions from the peanut gallery?

  24. “To butter him up?” Don’t use the term ‘butter’ in front of Mo – he may get hungry and try to eat you.

  25. Have no idea how much he weighs these days. I’m sure I can offer a reasonable guess after I see him–I damnsure ain’t gonna ask.

    And I’ll avoid all tricep jokes, no matter how many adult beverages I’ve had.

    I do know that he’s very involved in real estate & he’s a partner in some nightclubs. From what I hear, he’s a supernice guy.

    We’ll see if he’s nice enough to offer some perspective on the many failures of Metdom.

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