12 thoughts on “Evil! He’s evil!”

  1. Today was the first time I ever went into this “this guy vs. that guy” thing and I have to tell you I was shocked to see the loose ranking out in such a venomous way of guys that aren’t that important. You don’t like Skip Bayliss? That’s ok but to wish harm on him and curse him out in the way many here have is just a sign of either immaturity or stupidity.

    Sorry if I offended anyone here but if you can dish it out then you have to be able to take it as well.

  2. Would it be ok to wish harm upon them if they were more important? Just asking…

    It’s immature, yes, and that’s what makes it fun. These public have intentionally placed themselves in the public eye in even more of a way than atheletes so I’m sure they can handle it as well.

  3. Dude, it’s the internet. Sure the guys aren’t that important, but neither are the posts. It’s “immaturity or stupidity” to take this stuff seriously at all. I like the unbridled vitrol. It’s funny.

  4. Also, if you think this stuff is mean, you should see what Alex just wrote for the Foul Four. All I can say is “thank God for parody exceptions to libel laws”.

  5. Lighten up a little, Michael! I know that I for one don’t mean anything I write in there, and I spend a fair amount of time trying to be creatively nasty because it’s fun and a good release of unrelated tension. No one cares since it’s all in fun. You’re being such an old guy :-)

    And when are you going to write any more Raps?

  6. I’m not scolding anybody at all but think about it this way; What impression does it make on a person who’s reading the blog for the very first time? I understand that it’s in jest but it sounds mean spirited to the innocent ear.

    Hey Jenny, I don’t feel like an old guy at all!

    I’m waiting for the final versionof the site restructuring to take place before I write another Rap of any kind. Thanks for asking though, you’re the only person who has asked that question.

  7. I agree with Michael to an extent. I wasn’t going to say anything because it was so popular, but since Michael mentioned it, so will I.

    The concept of it is pretty funny. I like that. But is the obvious hate included with it necessary? As Michael said, there seems to be a ton of harm-wishing and insulting on these people who are just doing their jobs. How would you feel if someone wrote “If ESPN replaced with a steaming pile of monkey sh!t that looked suspiciously like Satan, would anyone know the difference?” about you? There’s no place for that. The ringleader is Alex R. and his constant hate-spewing ramblings on things that fit outside his liking and realm of normalcy. I can’t see how someone as professional and sensible as Mac allows a great Braves website and concept such as The Road From Bristol to be tarnished by him.

    I personally would like to see who wins the tourney, but I’ve stopped reading the comments and descriptions for that reason. It sounds like a lot of jealousy of people who get paid to talk about sports on the most popular sports network in the world. I think we would all like to have that job. How about be mad at ESPN, instead of ripping the names of normal guys with gigs on TV.

  8. Rob, if those were just “normal” guys, I don’t think you would see the venom. However, there is a real question as to how most of these people are allowed the national forums that they are. I don’t see a lot of professionalism there, and that speaks volumes about the men that keep them there.

  9. John, those are normal guys. They speak to normal fans. Normal fans don’t know a whole lot of in-depth information about their sports, teams, etc. There was a professional athlete recently who said that the average fan was pretty dumb. I don’t remember who it was, but I agree with them. Now, the people that post and vote on The Road From Bristol are a) knowledgeable fans who don’t need their sport, team, etc. dumbed down for them or b) people who have nothing else better to do than to shoot down someone with a successful career and popularity. Regardless of whether you don’t like your sport dumbed down, or you’re just jealous, there’s no place for such malicious things put in the comments. And you’re one of them, John. One of the worst…

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