6 thoughts on “This is also not a recap”

  1. Cormier pitches two scoreless. Hope to hear that more often. He was fantastic for two months last year.

    Roll Tide!!

  2. You can be sure that all of the relievers will be sharp since almost nobody has a guaranteed job.

  3. Hee Seop just fell on his ass striking out with 2 outs and a man on second facing some Taiwanese scrub. Smoltz is going to love pitching to this guy this year.

  4. Joey, I can’t believe you are actually watching the Korea vs Taiwan game. Hey, the Mavs vs Spurs game has to be better!

    John Thomson, Mike Remlinger, Wes Obermueller, Chuck James, Brad Baker, and Anthony Lerew will be pitching tomorrow. I will be watching the game on MLB.TV!

  5. Actually, I got the guy wrong. I just assumed Hee Seop would be batting cleanup. He’s batting fifth and just got a leadoff double in the top of the second.

  6. I can’t wait till the season starts, afraid I’ll have to miss the home opener though. I miss seeing all of the Mets fans at Turner Field having their feelings hurt.

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