2006 BBWAA Hall of Fame Ballot Results

Sutter in, barely. I don’t understand why he’s considered a better pitcher than Gossage, who was just as dominant, if not more so, and pitched far longer. The Blyleven push seems not to have worked.

Murph stays on the ballot, but makes no real progress, going from 54 votes/10.5 percent to 56/10.8. He passed Willie McGee, whose vote collapsed and fell off the ballot. There were two other ex-Braves on the ballot, neither of whom had a chance. Ozzie Guillen got five votes, four of which are probably for managing. Walt Weiss got one vote. The top new performer was Hershiser with 11.2 percent; he and Belle (7.7) are the only new players to stay on and probably aren’t long for the ballot.

Next year is a very rugged group — Ripken and Gwynn should make it easily, while the steroids rumors will at most delay McGwire’s induction. After that, though, there are a few more weak classes with no shoo-ins. Well, Tim Raines should be in 2008 but probably will have to scratch just to survive the cut. And Rickey Henderson is supposed to come up in 2009 but that depends upon him not convincing someone to give him another shot in the majors.