Just shut him down

Hampton going back on DL | ajc.com

I think Hampton’s season is lost, and he needs to just rest and train the rest of the way. Maybe I’m wrong.

No word on a callup. I assume that they will bring up a reliever or a bench player (Pena? Estrada apparently is still out) for the next few days, then make a move to bring back Colon or Davies the next time they need a fifth starter.

(Thanks JayP.)

4 thoughts on “Just shut him down”

  1. why bring up those two when Lerew has been awesome at AAA? Lerew deserves a chance in the big league spotlight.

  2. Leaving aside that the other two have pitched well at times on the major league level, there’s no reason to start Lerew’s service time clock yet.

    Word now is that the callup today will be a pitcher, though.

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