13 thoughts on “Open thread (Florida edition)”

  1. Time for a crazy trade rummor:

    A Florida State trooper told me that Jeff Reardon told his cousin that ATL, CLE, TOR, and BOS were involved in a 4 way block buster.

    ATL gets -David Riske and Shea Hillenbrand
    BOS-gets Coco Crisp and LaRoche
    CLE-gets Marte, Langerhans,Arroyo
    TOR-gets Jason Davis and Brian Tallet

  2. SO I am going for the Championship in my football league. I have Carson Palmer and Eli Manning. Palmer is kind of hurt and the Bengals have a playoff spot locked up. I think I am going with Eli, comments?

  3. He’s got lotsa TDs & lotsa INTs this year, but I think Eli’s gonna have a big game this weekend (Tiki, too). Consider the competition.

  4. I won my league last week. This week is a “for fun” matchup against the winner of a rival week for an extra 120 bones. Good luck with your game, Smitty.. what do you get if you win?

  5. 150. I have run the table to this point for the season and I am playing a guy who finished .500, but has upset two teams in the playoffs. He has Vrebel, so that is how he won last night. I hust don’t want to take any chances.

  6. The Orioles are about to sign Jeromy F-bomb Burnitz to a 2/12 contract.

    I think I may have to resort to violence. I am teetering on the brink here, folks.

    .322, 96, 37

    OBP, OPS+, age


  7. I want Adam LaRoche out of the starting lineup as soon as humanly possible. He doesn’t hit enough to be a starting first baseman, and nothing in his performance record indicates that he ever will hit enough to be a starting first baseman.


    Shea Hillenbrand is one of the few potential replacements who could get me to soften that stance. At least LaRoche is a good target for the other infielders.

  8. Smitty, we must know different state troopers. I just got pulled over on 285 by a cop who told me that I looked like someone he could trust with the following secret:

    ATL gets Andy Marte
    BOS gets Coco Crisp
    CLE gets Ryan Langerhans


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