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  1. Roto Authority lists top 50 free agents and projections. Any chance the cameraman incident lowers his asking price and the Braves offer Kenny Rogers a 1 year deal as the leftie starter?

    Rank Player Prediction Comment

    1 Roger Clemens Astros Rocket tops this list, but he’ll probably only play for Astros. Yankees remain a long shot.

    2 Daisuke Matsuzaka Mariners Could be the best available starter if posted. Expect a Nomo-like rookie season.

    3 Paul Konerko White Sox Beloved “Paulie” has two good years left but will get a crippling 4-yr deal with ChiSox.

    4 A.J. Burnett Nationals Said he would “absolutely” consider Nationals; more likely he will consider the biggest offer.

    5 Rafael Furcal Cubs Nomar experiment worth a shot, but Baker clamoring for reliable top-of-the-order SS.

    6 Kevin Millwood Orioles O’s can afford to make a splash with Sosa and Palmeiro off the books.

    7 Billy Wagner Phillies New Phillies management plans on securing yet another paralyzing long-term deal.

    8 B.J. Ryan Yankees After being burned by Pavano and Wright, NY will try to craft a dominant bullpen.

    9 Hideki Matsui Yankees Yanks have a three-year, $35MM offer ready. Yankee inflation I guess.

    10 Brian Giles Cubs An upgrade from Jeromy Burnitz will be required to placate Cubs fans.

    11 Johnny Damon Red Sox He’ll stay with the Red Sox on an ill-advised, four-year deal.

    12 Nomar Garciaparra Marlins Like Ivan Rodriguez, Nomar will have a resurgence with a 1-year deal.

    13 Ramon Hernandez Mets Mike Jacobs would suffice, but Mets will go for the known quantity. Might take four years.

    14 Paul Byrd Royals KC actually has a few bucks to spend, so bringing back the solid Byrd makes sense.

    15 Kenji Jojima Mariners Probably a notch above Bengie Molina, the Japanese star could be a bargain.

    16 Tom Gordon Mets He’ll jump across town for a chance to close.

    17 Jeff Weaver Angels A three-year deal might be long enough to let Jeff team up with brother Jered in the rotation.

    18 Jarrod Washburn Brewers He’s from Wisconsin, and would give the Brewers a nice series of decent lefty starters.

    19 Trevor Hoffman D’Backs Jose Valverde’s entirely capable, but Arizona will want a new, shiny Closer.

    20 Bengie Molina Padres Someone has to replace Ramon Hernandez, and Molina should cost less.

    21 Reggie Sanders Nationals The Nationals need an outfielder, and Sanders could be lured away from St. Louis.

    22 Matt Lawton A’s OBP guy whose stock fell after being traded twice; Beane’s type of player.

    23 Mike Piazza A’s Could split catching and DH duties; has a little gas left in the tank.

    24 Matt Morris Dodgers Probable 3-yr deal won’t end well; someone will have to replace Weaver.

    25 Kenny Rogers Braves In Farnsworth, Drew, and Sheffield, Braves have been willing to reform bad boys.

    26 Erubiel Durazo Red Sox A great sleeper for 2006 after a lost ’05. Durazo is definitely Epstein’s type.

    27 Todd Jones Yankees This contract will probably end up ugly. Jones will not have an ERA near 2 again.

    28 Bob Howry Cubs Price should be somewhat steep after two stellar seasons.

    29 Kyle Farnsworth Orioles Plenty of options available for the O’s to replace Ryan; good every other year.

    30 Octavio Dotel Red Sox With Durazo, the other great FA bargain. Could be ready by spring training.

    31 Bob Wickman Indians He’ll take a home-town discount to close for one more year.

    32 Mark Grudzielanek Cardinals The Cards will want him back; there just aren’t a lot of 2B options out there.

    33 Tony Graffanino Red Sox Unknown whether he can maintain the high OBP; should stay in Boston for cheap.

    34 Scott Eyre Yankees Will be hard-pressed to duplicate 2005; more than a one-year deal would be trouble.

    35 Joe Randa Twins The prototypical average 3B, just like the Twins like it.

    36 Mike Timlin Red Sox Should help solidify a much-improved Boston bullpen.

    37 Kenny Lofton Cubs Baker favorite would give the Cubs needed OBP from leadoff spot at a reasonable price.

    38 Juan Encarnacion Orioles Baltimore clearly needs a halfway decent outfielder, so he fits the bill.

    39 Rudy Seanez Cubs If Hendry is serious about the 2006 Cubs, Seanez would make their bullpen fantastic.

    40 Bill Mueller Brewers No great 3B options in Milwaukee; would be a smart addition.

    41 Jason Johnson Pirates Veteran to be traded for prospects at deadline.

    42 Jose Cruz Jr. Pirates See above.

    43 Ugueth Urbina Padres As Hoffman’s replacement, shouldn’t be a whole lot worse.

    44 Preston Wilson Giants The Giants love low-OBP guys like Wilson.

    45 Mark Sweeney Cubs Needed to bolster a terrible bench. No more Macias!

    46 Rondell White Cardinals Old hurt guy to join other old, hurt St. Louis outfielders.

    47 Brad Ausmus Houston For some reason, the Astros just keep bringing him back.

    48 Roberto Hernandez Giants The 40 year-old will flop in his return to San Fran.

    49 Julian Tavarez Cardinals A Cardinal mainstay.

    50 Kevin Brown White Sox Fits White Sox bad boy image, will either be really, really bad or a nice surprise.

  2. I’ve been wondering that, too, Tanto, and it’s giving me fits. If we wind up with a Chicago-Houston World Series, who do I root for? I hate Ozzie Guillen and his spastic personality, and I hate Hawk Harrelson and I don’t want to listen to “defending champ-ee-on SAWX” for the next year, but Houston eliminated us two years in a row and I don’t like ANY of their players, largely because of their eliminating us. But then again I absolutely despise AJ Pierzynski and watching him celebrate gives me a stomachache. I’m torn.

    Eh, White Sox, I guess; stick it to the whiny Cubs fans, plus I find Scott Podsednik. . .cough cough. . .”visually appealing.” I can avoid Harrelson if I want to. I just hate Houston more for what they did to us the past two years.

  3. This probably isn’t the thread to put this on, but the Braves official site says the Yankees got permission from the Braves to talk with Mazzone about replacing Stottlemyre. Since the Braves have Mazzone signed for one more year, why would they agree to this?

  4. Nice link on the picture of Hawk. Two things – 1) I had no idea he was that old. If my math is right (the cover says ’68), he’s at least 60. And 2) am I the only one who thinks he looks a lot like Owen Wilson? Maybe Owen can play Hawk in the movie about his life…
    And, looking him up on baseball-reference – Holy crap! He’s from Woodruff SC (that’s just down the road from me). And I thought he must have played for the White Sox – but nope, he never did, in a career where he played for the Red Sox, Washington Senators, Cleveland & Kansas City. Hard to believe he’d end up as such a CWS homer after that…

  5. No way in hell should we sign the Gambler.Go Sox. Everything about Houston sucks, if you ask me (and yes, I have spent way too much time there). Although they will probably win it all because of that stupid short porch in left.

  6. I don’t we should pass too quickly by that idea of Owen Wilson in a Hawk biopic! That has a rauchy, sleasy summer buddy pic feel that would make studios salivate.

    Dude, you can put it on the board!

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