Early Game Thread: Sept. 10, Braves at Natspos

Today’s fun Mets fact… If you haven’t been to Shea Stadium, let me tell you: it stinks. Literally. It smells really bad. I believe that the only way to block it out is to take copious amounts of drugs, which explains the numerous drug addicts who have played for the Mets.

81 thoughts on “Early Game Thread: Sept. 10, Braves at Natspos”

  1. Hypothetical question. Say the Braves clinch the division one year with 83 wins, standing at 83-29 or something. The rest of the division is terrible. Now you have a choice, you can either have the Braves continue at near the current pace of theirs(and finsish a robust 114 wins) or you can have them lose the rest of their games and finish 83-79(note, they would still have the talent of the 114 win team, and would still perform like that in the playoffs). The idea is, with 50 games left the Mets have 32 wins. And if the Braves continue winning the Mets will finish 82-80, if the Braves lose every game the rest of the way, the Mets will finish 32-130, easily setting the record for worst season of All-Time. What would you choose?

  2. Just as long as we win the World Series, I don’t care how many wins we get in the regular season.
    But seeing the Mets finish 32-130 would be priceless.

  3. If anyone cares, I have posted my observations about Cox’s use of Davies in last night’s game thread.

  4. Can a manager be in a slump?

    So your starter’s struggling, yet again, way too young to allow this mediocrtity. Maybe you let him work it out to improve his character, get him a win. Or maybe you yank him and tell him to get his half-assed act together. What would Bobby do?

    Dan Kolbb can’t pitch. Sending him out is waving a white flag. What would Lerew look like in this situation? Mc Bride? What would Bobby do?

    Last night’s ESPN announcers drew a parallel between how Bobby used a young Jimmy Key with the way he uses Boyer. At least somebody has an explaination. Everybody looked flat, mentally tired from the Mets games or worn down by the long season. Maybe Benemit gets a start, or Marte. What would Bobby do?

    It’s only one game. But I’ve been on this ride for over a decade and when it gets to playoff time I can’t help but wonder…

    What will Bobby do?

  5. The additions of Eddie Perez (who still can’t catch) as a pinch hitter and the DFA of Bernero in the midst of a bullpen meltdown and Reitsma hurt are strange. Is Bernero good? No. Is he better than Kolb and Brower? No question in my mind. Since we’ve gotten our fill of both of these losers, why not just add him to at least help mop-up. And if you needed room on the 40-man for Eddie, what about Onil Joseph? Like someone’s going to pick him up.

    And how is Andy Marte supposed to get any at-bats if he’s on the PH depth chart behind Eddie “Mendoza” Perez AND Brian Jordan? Pete Orr and Hollandsworthless are getting PHs ahead of Kelly Johnson? This is all just too weird.

  6. Joel, I love your observation on Davies. I didn’t bother to double check your observation so I pretty much assume your observation is accurate, and your observation is very consistent with Bobby’s way of handling his players.

    You know, sometimes, I believe Bobby is at his best when he has limited options. When he has too many options, he tends to worry about too many other things and not as focuses on winning the games. I guess that’s what makes him a player manager…

  7. I second kc’s comment. That was a really good observation you made, Joel. And it makes a lot of sense, I guess, although it didn’t quite pan out last night. We’ll see what happens today.

    I will say right now that I don’t want KolBB on the playoff roster. There should not even be a chance of him coming into a game. He has had his shot, multiple shots in fact, to demonstrate his worthiness and he has failed. A decent July (relative to the rest of the year) does not convince me of anything.

  8. One thing I admire Kolb is that he has been consistently terrible. I guess Kolb understands consistency is a very important element of being a Brave. It took Andruw ten years to find consistency, and it took Kolbb no time at all!

  9. this is from espn:

    The Braves could win, but only if Todd Farnsworth shows he can do a job he never could do for the Cubs — closing games.


  10. I can’t believe it. For the first time in memory, none of the channels I receive on my DirecTV system are carrying the Braves game. My local Fox channel is carrying … Duke vs VaTech. Fox Sports South is carrying … Duke vs VaTech !!! Fox FX is carrying … a movie. I guess I’m feeling the frustration those of you who can’t get TurnerSouth feel. Aaargh !!!

  11. I don’t get Fox’s broadcast pairings. Mel Proctor and Chris Welch? Proctor, the Nats guy, makes sense, but I thought Welch was a Reds guy.

    I guess it doesn’t really matter, but Welch seems pretty random.

    Do Patiorek or Rathbun ever get national broadcasts?

  12. Well, I see Proctor here as kind of the equivalent of Chip Carey calling playoff games. A guy familiar with one of the teams is nice to have on air.

  13. Right. How can you NOT catch a ball that ricochets off the first base bag at a tough angle with heavy spin?

  14. As a public service to those of you who are missing the game between VaTech-Duke while watching Andruw tie the franchise homerun record, it’s currently 28-0 VaTech. It’s in the third quarter, and Duke has something like 40 total yards. Just thought you’d like to know.

  15. Leo wasn’t happy with HoRo only going five innings last night with a four run lead, and I agree with him. See the difference between Soso and Cy HoRo?!

  16. Yeah, but some are kind of funny. Like the new one with the BK mascot scoring the TD. And the one where the mascot was stalking all these people.

    I just didn’t get the “sit down” thing.

  17. I meant Sosa…I guess you guys know what I mean. My fingers aren’t working too well at 2:30 in the morning here at my time…

  18. Does Chip honestly imagine that it makes us radio listeners feel better to think that each long fly ball out could have been a home run?

  19. Hey, look, LaRoche gets an out with two on to end the inning.

    The Nats finally did what all teams will do from now until 2006 … walk Andruw to get to LaRoche.

  20. Fair enough–I can’t see them (or LaRoche’s, for that matter). But I must say I preferred the treatment of Andruw’s HR, where there was some doubt, and then a very pleasant surprise.
    Radio announcers have some serious responsibility. When you listen to a really good one–Ernie Harwell, for example–you really appreciate this.

  21. that doesnt happen if you have francoeur in the 5 hole. i really despise laroche. what has he done in the past 2 months to justify the 5th batting position. bobby is really taking this “player’s manager” title a little too far. i understand chances to redeem yourself, but kolb and laroche just are not working out at all.

  22. I think I’d like them if there was any hitter but LaRoche behind him.

    Lefty? McCann. There’s no rule that a catcher has to hit 7th or 8th.

  23. Sosa’s out still.

    I’m beginning to think, unless Thomson just puts everything back together or Hampton Comes Alive, Sosa’s the #3 man for the playoffs.

    What a trade. With Sosa and Farnsworth, this has been a good year for Schuerholtz.

    And Mazzone.

  24. Capellan, Green, Colon, and Minor for Kolbb, Sosa, and Farnsworth…I guess JS still deserves an “A” for this season considering we basically stole Hudson from the A’s too.

  25. Ahem.

    Napolean Lajole had 227 (uh, Lester!) hits in 1910.
    Carlos Baerga had 205 in 1992.


  26. On August 7, Jorge pitched 7 innings. That was the only start, before today, in which he got more than 18 outs.

  27. Nap also had seasons of 214 hits in 1906 and 208 hits in 1904, both with the Indians.

    So, Baerga isn’t even close.

  28. I mean, he’s the best second baseman in history not named Hornsby, he played with the Indians most of his career, and he was so famous they changed the name of the team to HIS NAME.

    How could he not be the first person to check when asking a question like that? What did they do, run it by Jeannie Zelasko to make sure they got it right?

  29. For those who missed a hard fought ACC contest, VaTech defeats Duke 45-0. I don’t think even Duke Alumni really want to watch Duke football. But, my local Fox affiliate did decide to carry the game between the Padres and Dodgers, which I’m sure has a lot of local interest here in the Carolinas.

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