40 thoughts on “Game Thread: August 27, Braves at Brewers”

  1. lol it should be a pitching duel so 17 runs will be scored. :P I’m betting Capuano pitches 7 innings and Hudson pitches 8 innings. One can only hope that Hudson pitches 8 innings.

  2. Hmm, I wonder who’s going to win the “Who Should Be Rookie Of The Year” poll on BRAVES TBS Xtra? Why do they even hold polls like that?

    It would be hilarious, though, if Frenchie didn’t win. If, like, enough Brewers fans watch to vote Weeks or enough people vote Duke.

  3. The thing about the NL ROY is that Zach Duke is on the DL now.. IMO that makes Franchise the clear winner right now.

  4. Whats unfortunate about tv polling is that news stations have viewers call in and vote on serious topics and then act like this is a true sampling of America..sorry i dont want to start a politic thing, its just frustrating

  5. Two questions:
    Why is LaRoche in the lineup?
    Why are we being subjected to two consecutive games with Ron Gant in the booth? He can’t even handle the softballs that Sutton tosses him.

  6. finally some realism in this thing called baseball. why would you throw the leading hr hitter in the majors your pathetic 85 mph fastball on 3-1?

  7. baseball-reference makes Aflac Trivia Questions like that, well, trivial.

    1. Cecil Cooper 219 1980
    2. Paul Molitor 216 1991
    3. Robin Yount 210 1982
    4. Cecil Cooper 205 1982
    5. Cecil Cooper 203 1983
    6. Paul Molitor 201 1982

  8. Re: Julio, that was something they should have mentioned when the starting lineup was announced (and not wait for LaRoche’s second appearance before saying something). Re: trivia question, that was one of the worst I’ve seen (Yount and Molitor were very obvious, though I had forgotten about Cooper).

  9. Watching the Nats game in Maryland… Apparently Guzman slid hard into second a few innings back and broke up a double play (and dropped Grudzielanik all over the place), and, since the Nats are coming into Atlanta in a few days, they were minded of Guzman spiking Chipper a few weeks back. “Something may happen there,” said one of the room-temperature IQ commentators.

    What do you guys think? Will something happen?

  10. That was Jose Guillen that spiked Chipper. Maybe he gets hit with a pitch at a convenient moment, but I don’t expect anything else.

  11. It was Guillen that spiked Chipper.

    I think that the Braves probably won’t start something, because they’ll probably conclude that the standings are too close to indulge in personal vendettas.

    If Guillen wants to start something (because he feels he’s been called out by Chipper), then I expect that the Braves will be quick to respond.

  12. Been reading for the last few weeks, wanted to introduce myself. My name’s also Alex, my last name begins with R, so I thought I’d sign in this way.

    Capuano’s really good. If we can beat him, that’s a good sign for a sputtering offense.
    What worries me is that we can’t score except by the longball, our most consistent, and most annoying, offensive problem over the past 15 years of success.
    Not that I mind Andruw hitting ’em.

  13. You have to love that Diet Coke commerical that was just on, I guess what they are trying to say is that they now include an ingredient that makes you homosexual. Maybe that explain’s Danny’s blog…

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