Game Thread: September 7, Mets at Braves

Today’s fun Mets fact: “Mets” is short for “Metropolitans”, where the metr- is from the Greek word for “mother”. This may explain why Mets fans all throw like girls.

(Do I bait them? Yes, yes I do.)

81 thoughts on “Game Thread: September 7, Mets at Braves”

  1. So, I figured I’d check if the game was on ESPN2 in my area, as I prefer just about anyone to the Fox Twins, and I switched to the channel a half hour early. I saw the intro graphics to “Quite Frankly”, and I was confused.

    Isn’t Quite Frankly a one hour show?

    Don’t they have baseball in half an hour?

    Then I checked the listings.

    They cut his airtime. Quite Frankly is now a half hour show.

    I never thought I’d be glad to see a show called “ESPN Hollywood” on the schedule.

  2. Are the Mets really so hard up for runs that Randolph feels Beltran should bunt with fast runners on first and second and no outs? Guess so.

    Inning would be much worse if Beltran had hit his usual double off Braves pitching.

  3. God Bless him! If you want to see a work of Internet beauty go over to and click baseball and click the Braves game.

    I’m rooting for Tommy Glavine, This is only one game I hope we lose today.

  4. I’m tired so I’m going to sleep. Or maybe not, maybe I’ll just doze for awhile. I’ll do a recap whenever I wake up or when the game’s over whichever comes last.

  5. This is a little late, but can anyone explain the scoring on the Matsui grounder to Hudson in the top of the 1st? I guess its some technicality, but why wouldn’t that be a fielder’s choice or an error instead of a hit?

  6. Hi, Alex, I’m right here. I’ve been driving to school for the past few days so I haven’t been online but my computer’s all hooked up now. I’m watching on MLB.TV.

  7. I fail to understand why I, living thirty miles away from RFK stadium, am watching Mets-Braves on ESPN2, while people that aren’t in DC are watching Nats-Marlins. But I am glad. :)

  8. Looper: I wanna bring the heat and announce my presence with authority!!
    Castro: Announce your what with what?
    Looper: Announce my presence with authority!
    Castro: Announce your… this guy’s a first pitch fastball hitter! He’s lookin for heat!
    Looper: So what, he ain’t seen my heat!
    Castro: … Ok, meat. Bring him your heat.

    (Sorry. The ESPN2 announcers made me think of that…)

  9. Ok, I’ll be honest. I hate the Mets. Maybe more than I hate the Yankees. I enjoy seeing them fail miserably. I take delight in Chipper owning them and naming his son Shea. I absolutely love them having never finished higher than us in any division (thanks Mac).
    But I was pulling for Glavine tonight. We didn’t really need this one. He did. It makes me hate the Mets even more that they blew this one. What a bunch of @#@%@#$ers.

  10. Free baseball!

    Yeah. Glavine doesn’t deserve the wretched fate the Mets have delivered him. He was a sure-fire hall of famer before they got hold of him.

  11. Also, I hate Tom Glavine and actively cheer against him, even on nights when he’s not pitching against the team he sold out.

  12. Glavine’s a whore.

    He left the Braves for the money, pure and simple.

    I hope he doesn’t make the HOF until the Vet Committee votes him in.

  13. That’ll work for me Stu. I’d rather have just about anyone but him pinch hit. If he starts another game this year I’ll throw something.

    Meanwhile, I’d better not see Dan Kolb pitching when this commercial is over… I’ll just go to bed right now; I know how that ends up.

  14. Not only did he leave the Braves, Malone. He left them to sign with their–at least at that time–ARCHrival. Unforgiveable. And this is coming from a guy who basically worshiped Glavine for his entire career. I’m able to hate him so much now because I loved him so much before. Kind of like an ex-wife type thing, I’d imagine.

  15. Glavine was born in Concord, Mass… he probably was a whore to come to atlanta for the money; he should have refused to leave the red sox farm system. That sort of betrayal of your homeland just to go somewhere that they’re willing to pay more money is despicable in a person. It’s as bad as that SOB Maddox, who spent most of the best years of his career in atlanta after ditching the cubbies.

    Baseball players, nothing but whores, all of ’em.

  16. Obviously I lied and didn’t go to bed.

    Foster I can handle. I don’t have supreme confidence or anything, but I’m assuming that Farnsworth is unavailable after pitching what seems like 10 days in a row.

    So basically the key to winning this game is this: Not Sucking.

    If The Braves can manage to not suck, while hoping the Mets do, they have a chance at this thing.

  17. Um, Glavine was drafted by the Braves, delg. He never left the Red Sox farm system, because he was never in the Red Sox farm system. And Maddus didn’t sign with the Cardinals. Plus, he hadn’t been with the Cubs nearly as long as Glavine had been with the Braves.

    Your sarcasm doesn’t actually touch on any of the points I made, come to think of it.

  18. Angel Hernandez has been terrible this game.

    Skip just informed us Kolb is ready if needed

    Nice play Marcus

  19. Is “not sucking” sabermetrically quantifiable, latnam? I bet Brower has about a -.350 or so in whatever the appropriate measure for that is.

  20. If I had any skill in numbers whatsoever I devise a “suck” stat. Kolb and Brower would be the high mark, while someone like.. Pujols would be the low end.

    Can Andruw earn some MVP votes here?

  21. You could call it like Statistically Unproductive Contribution (SUC) Quotient. I’d write the forward to your book.

  22. Well this is interesting isn’t it?

    This game had next to nothing going on for the longest time, and now it’s been non-stop excitement.

    Gotta love baseball.

  23. I’m sorry, Stu, I must have missed your point. My thought was to suggest that it was neither uncommon nor incomprehensible that a guy might leave a team that paid him a lot of money to go to a team that paid him more money (Glavine’s best year with ATL = $9.5M; first year with NYM = $11M).

    Was your point that he was unforgiveable because he was playing baseball primarily for money, and that you hated him like an ex-wife? Because, if that was it, I can’t argue with either of those; the first because it’s nonsensical and the second because it’s ridiculous. So it’s probably best just to pretend this whole discussion never happened.

  24. Stu: maybe that can be my writing requirment for graduation. Those of us not on journals have to do those the hard way.. Haha…

    But yeah I’ll get right on that. My background is in English, so it’ll have more words than numbers, but it’s sure to be entertaining…

    In other words, Jeff needs to lower his SUC now… Or raise it… Whichever the good way is… That’ll be chapter one.

  25. Quick and dirty SUC Ratings:
    Ryan Langerhands: .102
    Dan Kolb: .985
    Jim Brower: .955
    Roger Clemens: .089
    Albert Pujols: .085
    Christian Guzman: 1.000
    Alex Rodriguez: .090

  26. I think the high numbers should be for the good players. But it’s your statistic, so do with it what you want.

  27. Well I’m thinking that the number is the percentage they suck, so the higher it is, the more Suck they have in them.

    Just a thought, its a work in progress. So while Guzman sucks all the time. A-Rod only sucks 9% of the time.

    Again just testing so far.

  28. I´m checking in from Ibiza, Spain. I´m just getting in from the clubs this morning & (you´re not gonna believe this) I heard “Apache” played in this enormous dance club. Nice to make it back to the hotel & find out that the Braves skunked the Mets.


  29. Great win…. I was a bit worried when the circus music started playing and the clown Reitsma came into the game. He tried his best to lose it for us but unfortunately pulled a hamstring. No word yet but lets keep our fingers crossed and hope the clown is out for the season.

  30. delg: In defense of Stu, for many Braves fans the Mets have rightfully earned the “most hated team” status. At the time that Glavine defected, those feelings were still near their peak in most Braves fans’ hearts. And they were quite mutual from Mets fans.

    Glavine to the Mets solidified his position in the players’ union is one as a champion for signing for more money regardless of any other consideration. It was a shocking, whorish move for fans on both sides, otherwise he would not have gone to the side of pure evil.

    As much as we all loved Glavine in Atlanta, I think most, if not all of us cheered gleefully as he got consistently and embarassingly shelled by the Braves in his new uniform. I do regret that his HOF status seems to have been downgraded as a result of the move (we ALL saw this coming… how could he have been so blind?), but he has nobody to blame but himself. He will probably still make it, but it won’t be nearly as easy for him now.

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