– MLB – Box Score – Nationals at Braves

So, what is that, the fourth one-run loss to the Natspos this year? No, I checked, the fifth. Sheesh. The Braves left nine men on base, hit into two double plays, had a runner thrown out at third and another at the plate, and generally played the field like little leaguers with motor control problems. Somehow, this is Kelly Johnson’s fault, even though his egregious misplay didn’t lead to any runs.

John Thomson pitched the worst six innings of two-run baseball ever. The Natspos were having similar problems with leaving runners all over the place and getting them thrown out. Thomson allowed eight hits, including two doubles, and walked two.

But the real action was left for when the bullpen came in. Chipper left the game with some sort of stomach virus (bad wings at Hooters again?) and Marcus, who was supposed to take the game off, came in at third, where he’s rarely played. It cost them. On a chopper with runners first and second, one out, Marcus made the relay to second well enough but Orr dropped the ball. Well, not so much dropped it as threw it backhanded into center field to allow a run to score, making it 3-1. Then, after the Braves rallied to tie it, Marcus tried to stay on the bag at third on a bad throw by McCann on a steal attempt, allowing the runner to get up and trot home. This is also Johnson’s fault, because he wasn’t standing right behind third base to make the play.

Reitsma picked up the loss. Boyer looked good again. So did Kolb, but we’ve been burned by him before, haven’t we?

The Phillies beat the Mets, and the Marlins lost. The Phils stand four back, Florida 4 1/2, the Mets 5 1/2, the Natspos 6. Should be 5, 5 1/2, 6 1/2, 8. This one shouldn’t have been lost. Smoltz versus Tony Armas tomorrow night. You’d think that the Braves should win this one. It would help if Furcal and Chipper play. Callup day; expect Davies, Brower, and Pena. Others will be called up eventually, I expect, but not yet. Well, Furcal’s and Chipper’s situations make a Marte callup more likely.