– MLB – Box Score – Mets at Braves

Marcus Giles is amazing. Tonight, he scored from second on a swinging bunt out.

The Braves and Mets had identical hit totals, seven apiece. The Mets had one walk, the Braves two, but that was matched with a HBP. Four of the Mets hits were doubles and another was a triple. And yet, the Mets couldn’t get but one run across. Just one of those things, really. And great baserunning, of course. And while I don’t believe in “situational hitting” that much, it sure worked tonight.

In the first, Furcal doubled and Marcus got him to third with a groundout. Chipper walked, and Andruw drove in the run with a forceout at second. In the third, Furcal singled, Marcus walked, Chipper grounded into the force at second, and Andruw hit a sac fly. Vanilla baseball, and if your starter isn’t on it’s not much good, but Smoltz was pitching a shutout so it did.

The Mets got a one-out double in the first, a leadoff double in the second, and a one-out triple in the third, but didn’t score. They finally got one run after an infield single, another one-out double, and a ground ball in the sixth, but that was their only run. The Braves also turned two double plays.

Reitsma allowed a two-out double in the eighth but got Wright to ground out. As so often happens, the closer got the back end of the batting order and got a groundout and two strikeouts.

And Marcus. With the game 2-1 in the sixth, he led off with a single, followed by another single by Chipper. Andruw popped out after about ten pitches (which at least guaranteed that it would be Pedro’s last inning) bringing Julio to the plate. After working the count to 3-2, he hit a swinging bunt about ten feet, which was fielded by Pedro. Marcus was running on the play, and after reaching third he kept running all the way home. That sort of thing used to happen more often, but not so often anymore.

The Phillies lost, but the Marlins won, so they move to second place, 6 1/2 back. The Phillies are 7 back, the Natspos 8, and the Mets 9 1/2. Tomorrow, on FSS, Hudson versus Glavine in a night game.