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  1. Why? Because Ed Wade has some serious defencies when it comes to evaluating his team needs. It’s a joke. If the Phils do make the postseason, it will be in spite of the efforts of their front office.

  2. 2 people have now told me we got Todd Hollandsworth from the Cubs for Ps Angelo Burrows (strong armed OF convert) and Todd Blackford (no idea)

    We did give anythinhg up but i dont see the point of getting Holly

    Is he any improvement on Johnson or Langerhans? i dont think so
    i hope Bobby doesnt start him

  3. Oh, wait. This is genius.

    Don’t make a new post for the trade. Just edit it in under the Tucker deal, where it belongs.

    Oh, that is rich.

  4. Sorry I was unclear. I was giving instructions to Mac, because I see the Hollandsworth deal as an Uh… Why? too. Not like you could have put it anywhere else, anyways. :)

  5. Wow. Not only a deadline deal to get Farnsworth, but a WAVER deal to get a solid outfielder.

    I LOVE this deal, by the way. It’s not a “Why” at all for me. He’s an upgrade over either of the lefty outfield bats currently on the roster.

    Also, it’s not like he’s never played first. Here’s a flux guy who’s a better hitter right now than KJ, Langerhans, OR LaRoche who can fill any of their positions.

    Great deal.

  6. Ooh. My excitement is somewhat mitigated by looking up his stats and seeing the AWFUL year he’s having.

    I didn’t realize he’d been so bad recently. I wonder who he’ll replace on the roster.

  7. Check his stats. He’s played worse than KJ, Langy, and LaRoche this year. Sub-.700 OPS. He’s a downgrade for anyone on the roster, period, IMO. Almost equal to BJ…

    He was good last year, though that looks like an enormous fluke.

  8. So who departs the 25/ 40 man roster for Hollandsworth? Is Julio hurt enough to DL? And does KJ/ Langerhans lose their job? The playoff roster just got a little harder to forecast… and Bellhorn’s been DFAed by Boston – wonder if JS has any interest. (Rumor has Billy Beane getting him.)

  9. Well, over the course of his career, he’s been about a league-average player (some ups, like last year and his “Rookie Of The Year” year, and some downs, like this year and ’97).

    I tend to trust 10 years worth of league-average play, especially when he’s been good as recently as last year, over 250 injury-plagued ABs.


    The Braves give up a 25 year old in A ball and a young’n. I don’t know enough to know if the young’n is a good’n.

  10. Nevermind, he wasn’t injured this year. Just benched.

    I could have sworn he had a knee injury or something … … (it’s late).

  11. “The Braves give up a 25 year old in A ball and a young’n. I don’t know enough to know if the young’n is a good’n.”

    the young had a 4.5 k/9 in the appy league…at least burrows has a good arm unlike blackford

  12. From atlantabraves.com

    “He was successful in nine of his six pinch-hit opportunities last year.”

    That’s pretty successful, I’d say.

  13. I would say Hollandsworth and Franco create a deadly combination off the bench. Sort of like Deavereax, Polonia, and Dwight Smith in 1995 if we add Langerhans (and Orr and Betemit…). Boy, the bench is very deep.

    However, as everybody has mentioned, who is he replacing on the roster? Is it finally Kolb’s turn to be assigned to Richmond and calling back up on Sept 1?

    By adding Hollandsworth, I would say the chance of Jordan being added to the playoff roster is slimer and slimer…

    Nevertheless, this trade comes from no where, I must say it is a pleasent surprise! Just don’t know how this fits into the roster!

  14. “He was successful in nine of his six pinch-hit opportunities last year.”

    The sentence doesn’t make sense…

  15. “He’s an accomplished, veteran hitter who has had big hits through the years as a pinch-hitter, including some in the postseason,” Schuerholz said. “That’s something we had targeted.”

    The Braves will have to clear a roster spot today for Hollandsworth. “We’re going over a couple things,” Schuerholz said.

    That pretty much sums up his role. I believe KJ and Langerhans will continue to split the leftfield duty.

  16. Right when they say Jordan will be coming back… I think he’s done.. what do you think mac?

  17. I guess he didn’t cost much of anything. And we did need a fifth outfielder. And he’s better than Brian Jordan. And Pete Orr is fast enough to be the designated PR. I guess it’s nothing to get excited about either way.

    Franco doesn’t appear to be all that bad off. He just got a cortisone shot for inflamation. Unless adding Hollandsworth can wait until Thursday, I guess someone (KJ, McBride, Devine) will get a 10-day vacation.

  18. This year Hollandsworth, KJ, and Langerhans all have reverse platoon splits (ie better against lefties than righties). Though Hollandsworth does make a nice bat against right handers, this trade strikes me as extremely redundant. Good thing they didn’t give up any prospects. The roster spot is valuable however.

  19. Extra! Extra! Todd Smells

    Good grief, what a strange move. I can only suppose that they are really worried about Julio’s injury AND Jordan is not coming back. I mean, I’d rather have Jurries as the extra outfielder, and I’m serious. I’d really hoped Marte would make the post-season roster, but it looks like that’s not in the cards.

  20. Uhhh. Not sure why we did this but in Schuerholz I trust. He does have a solid resume as a backup player, as recently as last season but this year he sucks.

  21. I just noticed something peculiar. Tucker and Hollandsworth have idendical OPS for 2005: .689.

    Tucker is better with the OBP and Holly has got better SLG. Wrigley is a little more friendly to hitters than SBC, so looks like the Phillies bested the Braves with Michael F’n Tucker.

  22. “Extra! Extra! Todd Smells” From one Simpson lover to obviously another – that is true comedy.

  23. Bellhorn got picked up by the Yanks, if not for anything else than to divulge the Sox’s signs.

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