Game Thread: August 27, Braves at Brewers

This thing is getting way too tight. And if the Braves can’t hit Rick Helling, they’re in big trouble.

64 thoughts on “Game Thread: August 27, Braves at Brewers”

  1. And the Giants helped 2-1 over the Mets.

    The Cards helped 6-0 over the Nats, though the Nats aren’t that much of a threat.

    The Cubs failed to help 1-2 against the Marlins. Bastards.

    Good day to get a win, though. Make up some of that ground lost to EVERY team yesterday.

  2. I have a hard time understanding why I am hearing Bud Selig talking about Bob Uecker…I thought I would be watching Smoltz pitching by now…

  3. How weird is it that Millwood, Glavine, Maddux, Smoltz, Schmit(sic), Marquis, and Wright have all pitched/will pitch today?

    All we’re missing is Denny Neagle, Russ Ortiz, and Steve Avery to keep me from being too freaked out.

  4. Hey! just the 3rd inning! Don’t give up a hope.NEVER EVER.We should watch the situation .

  5. Eddie Perez is in the sausage race, and, according to Sutton, he’s been working on the groundscrew.

    Yeah, he’s hurt.

  6. Gant needs to get off this bunt fetish. This is what happens, though. People hang on to one failed play, and selective memory leads to poor strategic decisions in the future.

  7. Eddie Perez lost that race cause he doesn’t have the heart–the emotion that’s needed to win. Joe Morgan would agree with me.

  8. Moving Smoltz back to the rotation was the best idea ever.

    Up there with “creating fire by hand” and “the wheel”.

  9. Sac flies are counted separately.

    You know what was even dumber? When Ron was talking about Francoeur hitting to the opposite field. I have never seen a more extreme righthanded pull hitter than Ron Gant.

  10. I am forced to watch the game through FSN North as I am watching the game through, I think I should be grateful that I don’t have to listen to Gant…

  11. off topic:
    Danny Kolb in the sausage race? I canīt stop laughing~~~~I can imagine you’re so cute!ok,sorry Danny.

  12. I logged in to mention how dubious Perez’s “injury” seems, given his participation in the sausage race and membership on the grounds crew. I guess it’s already been done. Oh well.

    I have to say, I’m impressed with how both Jordan and Perez have handled their demotions. Just more evidence that the Braves do a better-than-usual job of making their expectations and plans clear with their players to avoid the pointless bickering that plagues clubhouses around this league and in other sports.

  13. If Perez has a chronic shoulder problem, how should that affect him running a sausage race or raking some dirt? I don’t see how playing catcher and running in a sausage race are correlated. The guys got a bum shoulder. His playing days are done. Let him run around a field dressed as processed meat.

  14. I actually think Jordan wasn’t demoted. I’m pretty sure he’s been actually hurt.

    Personally, I’d like to see him on the playoff roster. He’d be a good righty to platoon in against lefty pitchers. Then again, if the Braves only carry 4 OF, he’s the odd man out, but I’d be for 5 OF and the subtraction of Kolb or Devine.

  15. You know what, those guys working for FSN North are saying Dan Kolb has a good sinker and a good slider. I have not seen Kolb throwing one slider since coming to the Braves. I really wonder what happened…

  16. Farnsworth has been pretty great so far. One of his two runs was a fly ball that Great American magically transformed into a homerun. Other than a legit HR to Pujols, he hasn’t really given up anything.

    Another win by Schuerholz.

  17. Again, gotta give credit to Schuerholz for pulling the trigger on Farnsworth this season after standing still for the past couple of seasons. It also helps a lot when JS has more “prospects” to trade away in comparison to prior years.

  18. Jordan hit pretty well on his rehab assignment over a week ago, so I assume he could come back now – they’re just waiting till the rosters expand. That’s what I meant.

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