83 thoughts on “Game Thread: July 8, Brewers at Braves”

  1. Tuning in early, Turner South is airing “3 Day Weekend: Atlanta”, because a channel with over half its viewers in Atlanta really needs to air a half hour infomercial on Atlanta tourist sites.

  2. Hey Mac, I made the banner. Gimme at least 24 hours without a Bernero crack, huh? :)

  3. Richmond. Rotoworld’s ‘assessment’:

    Vazquez gave up four runs — three earned — in nine innings. He may have a tough time getting another chance since Tim Hudson and Mike Hampton are on the way back. Jul. 8 – 5:47 pm et

  4. Is Marte really starting and batting 6th?

    Just how many times did Betemit run over Cox’ dog, anyway?

  5. Reference Betemit – the knock on Betemit in the minors is that he had trouble with the breaking ball at the AAA level. That MAY be catching up with him now. Not sure, but it is something to watch.

  6. Clearly, Betemit doesn’t have the Cox pictures…

    But it makes sense that the extra pitcher has been sent down since we are through the hard part of the couple of weeks without an off day (and since the starters really have been quite good considering that 3/5 of them are on the dl). And if you are going to bring Marte up, you ought not to let him languish on the bench, as they are doing with McCann 4 out of 5 days.

  7. For those without Turner South: Jenkins on second, one out. Hall singles to shallow center. The Brewers’ third base coach inexplicably waves the runner home, he’s about 10 feet away from the plate when Estrada catches it and tags him out easily.

    I was cracking up.

  8. If we start talking about how Marte doesn’t look remotely ready, will he hit a home run?

  9. The way the dots lined up on the sportsline screen made him look totally overmatched in that last AB.

    (I hope that helps. It’s the best I can do.)

  10. I stand by my comments. I am as happy as anyone else he got a dinger, but prolonged exposure at this level will show he ain’t there yet. I feel a lot better about Marte, although I think Betemit is getting jobbed.

  11. Is it just me, or do we have a fantastic bench these days? Julio, Langerhans, Orr, Betemit, and McCann are all decent-to-above average hitters with good defensive abilities.

  12. They are closer to average than above, but yeah, what a difference getting rid of the Garcias and Perez’ makes. Having at least believable bench options makes things a lot toughr on the other side.

  13. The bench looks better to me today than it did yesterday… especially since I’m warming to the Francoeur thing in a “what the hell, give it a whirl” sorta way. I still think it would be nice to have someone a little more likely to be potent as the 4th OF, but really… what the hell, give it a whirl. Although I still like the Jordan conspiracy stuff. Much more fun.

  14. Oh. eck. Much worse. I was getting all excited if for no other reason than there might be a new blog entry. Oh boy.

  15. Well that will get KG a few more chances to bump that inherited runners total. At least it’s not tonight though.

  16. These are the kinds of things that you almost wish wouldn’t happen. Of course we all saw what Jordan getting a homer worked out, so maybe it’ll be ok :)

  17. Duh, because it’s the eighth inning. Sheesh. ;)

    Actually, you would think that with a tie game and the break coming up it wouldn’t be so bad to let him go another. But I guess it was the eight inning, and them’s the rules.

  18. Kolbous is turning into a decent reliever. Keep him away from the 9th and I think he’ll be useful for us.

  19. By the way, I don’t know if someone said this already, but there was an AP story today that had Chipper targeting July 18 for his return. Here’s a portion …

    Associated Press Writer
    ATLANTA — Atlanta third baseman Chipper Jones hopes to return to the lineup July 18 when the Braves begin a three-game series in San Francisco.
    On Friday, Jones took live batting practice for the first time since June 6 when he went on the 15-day disabled list with an injured left foot.
    “My mobility’s not where I want it to be,” Jones said. “I’ve still got a little discomfort on the bottom of my foot preventing me from moving side to side the way I want to, but I can’t expect it to be perfect the first day out.”

  20. Does anyone else get the feeling that Chipper ain’t gonna be off the DL for very long?

  21. Hey look! Former Braves stiff Wes Helms! Even Ned YOst couldn’t pencil him in everyday.

  22. Of course I take all the credit. If they can’t score a run off of a former teammate with an almost 6.00 ERA, they don’t deserve to win.
    Wendy’s Hamburgers for everyone!

  23. I hated that the crowd booed Langerhans. He’s been good for us this year, and I’d much rather of had him hitting than Fancouer[sic?]. And I started writing this before Langerhans got that hit. Lets go Phillies!

  24. The crowd wasn’t booing Langerhans. They were booing that fact that Cox removed Francoeur, the local boy.

  25. “Does anyone else get the feeling that Chipper ain’t gonna be off the DL for very long?”

    Not particularly. I had a very similar injury a couple of years ago (partially torn ligament in my left foot). At first, I couldn’t lift my left heel off the ground at all with any weight on it.

    I had to keep it wrapped up for weeks, and it took well over a month before I could put weight on it without pain. But once the swelling had gone down and the pain had subsided, I made slow but steady progress (with no surgery required).

    Judging by the latest reports, it sounds like Chipper is recovering nicely. Obviously, given his age and the apparent condition of his tendons and ligaments, he’s an injury risk and he might get hurt again. But I wouldn’t assume that it is virtually assured that he will go back on the DL right away.

  26. Let’s see… your outfield is Wilkerson, Guillen and Church/Byrd. Your infield is Baerga(!), Vidro, Carrol/Guzman and Castilla. What do you trade for? No, dummy. You go get yourself a mediocre outfielder with no knees.

    (sorry, I know we went over this before. But seeing the lineup on the screen really broguht it home).

  27. “I hated that the crowd booed Langerhans.”

    The crowd booed Bobby pulling Francoeur, but the crowd then cheered when Langerhans was announced as the pinch hitter.

    No one booed Langerhans.

  28. Creg: All I know if I’m Langerhans in that situation, this is what I’m thinking: “Wha? the crowd would rather see the other guy hit, and I’ve been doing a fine job for this team already, hasn’t anyone besides Amy noticed? I’ll show him, I’ll get a hit and they’ll love me again”

  29. It’s good to hear from someone who has had a similar injury, Joel. It sounds like it took you a while to recover. I am concerned that playing on it will hurt it again. Obviously, I don’t want that to happen.

  30. Actually, latnam, Langerhans was probably thinking “The bases are loaded with one out. I’d better not ground into a double play.”

  31. “It sounds like it took you a while to recover.”

    It did. It was months before I could walk without a noticeable limp.

    “I am concerned that playing on it will hurt it again.”

    And maybe it will – I don’t know. Not being paid a lot of money to do so, I didn’t rush out to participate in sports asap after the injury.

    But in my case, at least, the “turning point” in the recovery was when the swelling was gone and the pain had subsided. A lack of range of motion is to be expected in a case like this, and it can be worked on with physical therapy, but you can’t make too much progress on rehabilitation until the underlying injury has “healed”. It sounds to me like Chipper has reached the point where what he needs is rehab, not healing. That’s a good sign.

  32. It is a good sign that he only has some discomfort and a loss of mobility. I’m just wondering if he shouldn’t sit and rehab for a while longer so we get to have him in the post season. I think we can get there without him, provided most of the pitchers come back and perform. Chipper is a tremendous gamer and it seems to be particularly difficult for him to sit on the bench and watch the game. Still seems a little risky for me. I hope I’m wrong.

  33. Ditto,latnam.

    I’d take kelly^^.
    I think jeff and home fans are on a tiptoe of excitement.But today was not good well.
    The most important thing is bobby lovs his guys.And we love all of them ,also.
    Anyway Braves win. kolb did a good job. That is true.

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