Milwaukee 3, Atlanta 1 – MLB – Box Score – Braves at Brewers

Ben Sheets just owns the Braves. And though he left with an injury, it came too late to help, with two out in the eighth; the Braves got a run in the inning, but left the tying runs on both then and in the ninth.

Horacio Ramirez gave the Braves a chance, which is all you can ask. He held the Brewers to a first-inning run through six, but then allowed a two-run homer to Carlos Lee in the seventh, which turned out to be the winning margin. Other than the homer, Horacio’s bugaboos didn’t show up tonight. He struck out five, allowed but five hits, and walked just one. If he could do that on a consistent basis he’d be okay.

Johnny Estrada got the start at catcher, and I guess Bobby knew something. He went 3-4 with a double. Kelly Johnson led off with Furcal nursing a knee injury and had two hits, including a double, but struck out to end the game (following a strikeout from a pinch-hitting Furcal). Andruw drove in Marcus with the Braves’ only run.

The Brewers were wearing old Milwaukee Braves uniforms tonight, giving the game the look of an intersquad game. The Marlins won earlier, the Natspos tonight. The Phillies trail early, and the Mets lead early… A putative huge pitching mismatch tomorrow with Smoltz facing Rick Helling. The game’s on TBS.

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  1. Mac, that should read intrasquad game. It was an intersquad game. Like an interstate highway.

    Sorry, I’ll stop being the Grammar Police now.

  2. Each of the FIVE teams chasing the Braves won while the Braves lost.

    Every single one.

    Now, the Phillies are 2.5 back, and three teams are only 4 games back. The Braves only have a 4 game lead for the last playoff spot. A winning streak needs to happen now. I don’t know about today’s pitcher, but Capuano tomorrow is really good.

  3. Missed everything about this Brew Crew game. Not surprise that Ben Sheets housed us again. Was at Yankee Stadium. Saw a very rare 2:30 AL game. And I gotta say, the KC Royals are brutal. They’re like the Baby Braves without talent.

  4. These early morning posts sometimes feel like sending a message in a bottle, but here goes:
    Bobby and Leo are planning cruch time strategy. The season will come down to the 3 weeks between Monday Sept.5th and Sunday Sept. 25th. The Braves play only the four teams chasing them. 19 games with all ten away games stuck right in the middle. This will be a meatgrinder. If they extend the lead to 5 games, the last series in Florida is academic and maybe Smoltz and Hudson get a weekend off. Neither will be fighting for a 20 win season.
    Based on this framework, if you by it, I believe this:
    1) If we’re still waiting for Hampton and/or Thompson to come around, we’re screwed. But if we have even one of them, we’re looking strong
    2) The Braves must win 13 of those 19 games.
    3) Franco should start many more games.
    4) I want to see Benemit, McCann, Johnson, Langerhans, and Frenchy as much as possible, because they need to feel the heat of this race for the Braves future.
    5) Last, anybody hits Chipper with a pitch, clear the bench. Brian Jordan should be the first one out there to fight because he sure owes the Braves something for his salary this year. Joe Morgan made sly insult to the Braves last Sunday Night. After JS had the grace to come into the booth to talk about the organization, Joe showed his class by asking the “Why only 1 World Championship?” question. It had nothing to do with John’s answer. Joe wanted to expound on how champs ride great emotion to victory. He just doesn’t think the Braves ever have it.

  5. Sorry to go on a rant; but Morgan’s comments would make any Braves fan gag. I saw twenty games at Riverfront Stadium during the ’75 and ’76 seasons and he was one hell of a player, but time allows him to forget:
    1)Until August of ’75 most of us thought the Big Red Machine had an automatic choke, having lost 2 World Series and a LCS to a vastly inferior Mets team.
    2) Most of the emotion generated came from Pete Rose. Rose would stand behind the batting cage and tell Garvey and Lopes “You know we’re gonna stick this right up your ass, don’tcha?” and the HE’D DO IT! And if you ever see the replay of the ’75 Series, Sparky doesn’t get upset when they fall behind in game seven. He yells, “Don’t worry. Perez is gonna knock one outta here.” Now tell me, who did the manager think was most clutch?
    3) Joe didn’t save the ’83 Wheeze Kid Phillies, nor did his personality push the Astros into the Series the next year.

    So, I’ve personally experienced the Big Red Machine, lived in Pittsburgh in ’79 when Dan Marino played at Pitt, the Pirates came back from being down 3-2 in the Series, and the biggest question in football wasn’t if the Steelers would win, but if the other team would score!
    And I wouldn’t trade any of that for one week of this baseball season be cause we’re watching an organization that’s got it figured out. I hope this gives you a sense of the value of what you’re watching.
    I’ve got it off my chest. Wish I could rant like Alex!

  6. I was at the game last night. Ben Sheets is terrific; had the Braves off balance until he hurt himself.
    As a matter of concern, Wonderboy (thanks, Jenny, for the terrific nickname) swings at EVERYTHING. If this keeps up, the only strikes he will see will be mistakes. Despite the wonderful start, he may not be ready.

  7. It’s safe to say I am very, very worried. I agree about Francoeur–he’s not ready. He swung at some really terrible pitches last night. I keep hoping we’ll add an outfield bat in the next couple of days, but I’m not optimistic.

  8. I thought Morgan’s question to Schuerholz was tough but fair. It was abrupt, as he asked it just as an inning-ending play was being made, but they came back to it after commercial, and Schuerholz gave an answer in which he included the element of luck as a factor.

    Afterwards, Morgan did talk about “the importance of veteran leadership” or something to that effect, but not before acknowledging that luck plays a part in who advances among postseason teams. He doesn’t think luck is the overriding factor, though, and it didn’t sound like Schuerholz does, either.

    I mean, I understand that a lot of people here don’t like Morgan. It seems, though, that once it’s decided he is the enemy (maybe too strong a word, but you know what I mean), then the blinders go on whenever he says anything. I happen to like him quite a bit, so that’s the perspective I come from when I listen to him. Doesn’t mean I agree with him all the time, but that would be an impossible standard. I’ll point again to his recent column about Bradley and Kent as an example of fairmindedness.

    Of course, nothing he wrote could compare to Scoop Jackson’s line in his “letter” to Kent: “The first thing you gotta understand is that sometimes we be trippin’.” lol

  9. ok the brves shouled have won that game!!!! i am a HUGE braves fan and i will always go for them!!! marcus giles is one of the hottest guys on the team and so is jeff francoeur!!!

    GO BRAVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Calm Down everyone, when the schedule returns to NL East vs NL East the Braves will get on a run. The Filthies are on a role because there playing the NL West( Which they own this year). The Braves struggled against the West. After this weekend the Filthies have
    3 @ Mets 4 wins 8 losses in 2005
    3 @ Wash 7 wins 6 losses in 2005
    3 vs Houston 0 wins 3 losses in 2005
    3 v Flor 6 wins 7 losses in 2005
    4 big games v Atlanta 5 wins 7 losses in 2005
    3 @ Flor
    There’s no more NL West after this weekend for them .They will fall back. I still fear the Marlins more..
    Everyone also needs to relax on Frenchy. He didn’t look good last night( it was Ben Sheets for godsakes) but against the Cubs Wednesday he looked patient, ( he drew that walk) and he had 2 hits including a bunt hit. He’ll be a little up and down but he’s fine, if there’s a huge problem brewing it’s Laroche..
    I agree with the earlier post MORE JULIO…
    Smoltzie will get it back tonight…

  11. Kevin,

    Really like and agree with your game plan. You hit it right on the head especially clearing the benches if Chipper gets tagged. Let s hope Bobby takes some of your advice.

  12. 1. R Furcal, SS
    2. M Giles, 2B
    3. C Jones, 3B
    4. A Jones, CF
    5. A LaRoche, 1B
    6. J Francoeur, RF
    7. K Johnson, LF
    8. B McCann, C
    9. J Smoltz, P

    McCann’s playing. Yay.

    LaRoche is starting. …

  13. My ideal lineup would be similar to the one above.


    Except LaRoche/Julio, it’s the same people as in today’s early lineup, with a little shuffling at the bottom of the order to avoid three righties in a row.

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