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  1. I’m psychic! When I saw on the Bottom Line this morning that ESPN wasn’t going to show NHL games, I was like “Ha! I bet it’ll be on OLN!” And I was right. The only time I ever watched that channel was for the end of the Tour de France, because for some reason no bigger channel had it.

    Hockey is not outdoors. How bogus.

  2. Actually, that’s great news for the NHL (Eric McErlain seems thrilled). Comcast will probably pick up the NHL Network now — at least in the NE quarter of the country — and build OLN’s attempt at sports programming around hockey. ESPN broadcast too much hockey for my taste but wasn’t really that interested in it.

  3. If ESPN had won NHL rights, they’d be locking themselves into airing even more sports programming than they already air. This would have impeded the development of sports-related talk shows and hour long dramas.

  4. Careful talking about Dale… I believe he has been elevated to prophet status in these parts.

  5. I hate hockey and I won’t watch it no matter where it is. Since I never watch OLN and I do watch ESPN it’ll be very easy to avoid. It’s boring and unnecessarily violent, IMHO. That Steve Moore-Todd Bertuzzi thing was criminal and now he’s REINSTATED? What a load of crap. He could have killed that guy. Plus, notice that the season disappeared and nobody except for maybe a few Canadians cared. Sorry to anyone who likes hockey, but ugh.

  6. Well, since my current package of Dish Network doesn’t include OLN any more, I guess I won’t be seeing any hockey this year.

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