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  1. Of course the Marlins are their rivals…they actually split their games with them. We own the Mets so it’s not a rivalry!

  2. I dunno. I guess I would say the Marlins, cause really, they’re the ones that matter, but I do hate the Mets much more. I respect the Marlins. If the Braves aren’t in the playoffs (hypothetically) I’d pull for the Marlins, but very little makes me happier than the Mets languishing at the bottom of the division with a payroll at the top.

  3. Considering their consistent regular season success and their complete postseason ineptitude, I think the Braves’ archrivals are the Braves.

  4. Man, Braves fans like you guys make me enjoy watching the Braves lose almost as much as I enjoy watching the Phillies and Yankees lose.

  5. Maybe if you win more than one world series through all of these division titles and you would have a fanbase of mroe than 35,000 in playoff games, I would respect the accomplishment. Instead you are a glorified, strung out, version of the buffalo bills in the 90’s…….sorry

  6. And whether it’s the tops or not… or whatever… I enjoy the Mets/Braves thing a lot. It’s probably more the history of Larry’s dominance (good), Rocker’s baiting (bad) and the Corales/Cook fued (irrelevant, but fun) that help fuel it for me. There’s nothing natural about it, I guess. Florida makes more sense, especailly right now, it just don’t have that same feeling. I hope there’s at least one other Mets/Braves dogfight to the end before Brave’s run ends.

  7. Ahhh, yes, I do love to listen to the fans of teams that haven’t won any World Series in the last 14 years make fun of our one win in the string of division championships. Fans of the Yankees and Marlins are the only ones who really have room to laugh at that ‘ineptitude’.

  8. I second many of creynolds sentiments. I like most braves fans love seeing the mets suffer at the hands of the braves. Maybe I just loathe the NY teams so much. I do enjoy the way the DEVIL RAYS have beat up on the Yanks this year, but then I love seeing the Yanks on the losing end as much as possible. That being said, I just can’t get so excited about a braves VS marlins series as I do when the mets are playing the braves.

  9. Grew up in Atlanta. Have lived in NY for 30 years. I hate the Yankees much more than the Mets, and I still have a fatwa on Jim Leyritz, but we don’t play the Yankees enough to make them a rival, but trust me: Mets fans are obnoxious enough up here to allow you to hate them even given their team’s relative ineptness.

  10. Yeah we only won one the WS in the last 14 years. That is still one more than everyone save the Yankees, Marlins, Blue Jays, and Mets. Oh wait, the Mets haven’t won it all since 1986? WOW! IF the Braves are a drawn out Buffalo Bills, wouldn’t that make the Mets a drawn out New Orleans Saints? It is much better to be a Bill than a Saint!

  11. Okay, that’s cleared up then.

    We’re bitter because we suck too often, and you’re bitter because you’re better, but seemingly never better enough.

    So we both lose and the Yankees/Red Sox/someone else wins.

  12. I’m with Mac on that. I’m not bitter at all, especially not towards Mets fans. Some of my best friends are Mets fans . . .

  13. Maybe you’re not, with your little superiority complex and nightly tomahawk chop ritual, but you oughta take a look at the comments in this post that I’m talkin’ about before speaking for anyone but yourself.

  14. Don’t worry Andrew. The NFL kicks off this week and I hear the Jets should be good. I hope the Falcons beat them in the Super Bowl so that we can rename New York. Here are some names I like:

    New Atlanta
    Chipper Jones City
    Robert E. Leeland

  15. Frankly, I’m just surprised to have found a couple of literate Mets fans.

    I also LOVE the fact that Chipper naming his son after your crappy, decrepit ballpark irks you guys so much. That’s priceless. How’s the view from down there?

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