– MLB – Box Score – Dodgers at Braves

Much better. The Braves took a 3-0 lead after two and built from there, Hudson gave them eight good innings, and the bullpen didn’t come into play until the game was well in hand.

Chipper drove in Furcal with a double in the first. Francoeur tripled in the second, then was singled in by Johnson, who came home later in the inning on a Furcal single. But they broke it open in the fifth, with a solo homer by Andruw and a two-run homer by Francoeur. Chipper walked with two out and the bases loaded, but then they got Andruw to end the inning.

The Dodgers cut it to 7-2, with Hudson maybe relaxing a little, but pushed it out to 10-0 in the eighth, the big blow being KJ’s two-out, two-run triple. All the Braves’ regulars but Giles had hits, and of those who had hits all but Andruw had at least two. McCann had three and a walk, and Furcal had four and a walk. Johnson and Chipper had two hits and two walks each. Francoeur, in addition to his triple and homer, also threw out another baserunner. Sixteen hits in all.

Hudson wound up pitching eight, allowing seven hits, striking out three and walking two. He’s getting good sinking action right now and that’s always good. Kolb pitched the ninth, allowing a hit and hitting a guy, but getting a double play.

The Phillies beat the Natspos; the Braves lead the former by five and the latter by a half game more. Marlins and Mets both won to keep pace with the Phils, who are now tied with the Astros for the wildcard lead. I think they’ll win it… Rubber game tomorrow on TBS, Thomson versus Jeff Weaver.