44 thoughts on “Game Thread: August 13, D-Backs at Braves”

  1. why does fox think people want to see cubs-cards game? I live in georgia and this mofos are talking about switching over to that cubs-cards broadcast.

  2. I don’t know if I didn’t like Ortiz, I certainly didn’t feel confident when he was pitching. A lot like Jorge Sosa now-a-days.

  3. does anyone else think that russ ortiz and laroche have a lot in common? they both seem a little spacey.

  4. You guys forget that Ortiz was our best pitcher for about a year and a half. He really struggled at the end of last year, but he was a solid–though stressful to watch–pitcher.

  5. Ortiz was not that good. He had a big W/L record in 2003 because the Braves scored a ton of runs, but was a fairly ordinary pitcher. The Braves’ best pitcher was Smoltz; Ortiz might have been the best starter, or it might have been Maddux, or Hampton. There wasn’t much of a difference overall, though Hampton was much better in the second half. Wright and Thomson were better than Ortiz from the get-go last season, and Byrd was better when he came back.

  6. Andruw’s AB in the first shows exactly Ortiz’s problem. He doesn’t have an out pitch. He never has. He has good stuff but he doesn’t have a pitch he can rely upon to get a strikeout or a ground ball.

  7. he has another problem besides not having an out pitch. he has zero control and it always seems as he throws 100 pitches by the 5th inning.

  8. I didn’t say Ortiz had an out pitch. I said he was a solid pitcher, which he was. Also, you can have Hampton’s second halves if you want, but I’ll take Ortiz’s consistency over the first 1.5 years he was here. He was also a big game pitcher–and our stopper–over that time.

  9. How long has it been since Francoeur last grounded out? Or hit a ground ball? It seems like he’s been shooting a lot of balls straight up in the air.

  10. Why, are you supposed to get that game? According to Comcast, I’m supposed to get this one. Haha!


  11. man im julio no.1 fan but i think its reeally suspicious hes not on some kind of drug. to be playing at the level hes playing at his age is unheard of.

  12. Rookie braves affiliate Danville has 2 players who are tearing up the league. Cuevos (21) is 6-0 with a 1.50 era and has hits, k’s and walks similar to Chuck James. Ramirez (20) catcher,dh, is batting .382 with 8 hrs in 186 abs with 22 walks and 29 strikeouts. Neither were in the 05 draft. Brandon Jones (of) was drafted out of high school and has moved up to M.B. He was compensation for Jared Wright.

  13. I like to see Andruw laying off that low and outside pitch. Even if he did fly out to left on the next one.

  14. You see the walks don’t really matter…because he’s a ground ball pitcher…he walks them just to double them up…ya….that’s it….

  15. I can’t stand those announcers on Fox. They seem to hate the Braves and love to criticize Bobby. It makes me mad. Have either of those guys been successful managers?

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