– MLB – Box Score – Diamondbacks at Braves

First, the good news:

1. Chipper is back in the lineup and had two hits.

That’s pretty much it. Actually, Chipper was pretty much it; the rest of the Braves combined for two hits (none by Marcus Giles, whose hit streak ends) and they trailed from two out in the first. Jorge Sosa allowed three homers, including two two-run shots by Tony Clark. Kyle Davies pitched three innings and allowed three runs on five hits, but at least they were all singles. Since it was completely unimportant, Jim Brower threw a shutout ninth.

Francoeur and a pinch-hitting Julio had the other hits for the Braves. Nothing much to say… The Marlins lost, the Natspos and Phillies are tied, the Mets haven’t started yet… Fox day game tomorrow, the returns of both John Thomson and Russ Ortiz are scheduled. Ortiz is also coming off the DL. He still sucks.