Arizona 8, Atlanta 0 – MLB – Box Score – Diamondbacks at Braves

First, the good news:

1. Chipper is back in the lineup and had two hits.

That’s pretty much it. Actually, Chipper was pretty much it; the rest of the Braves combined for two hits (none by Marcus Giles, whose hit streak ends) and they trailed from two out in the first. Jorge Sosa allowed three homers, including two two-run shots by Tony Clark. Kyle Davies pitched three innings and allowed three runs on five hits, but at least they were all singles. Since it was completely unimportant, Jim Brower threw a shutout ninth.

Francoeur and a pinch-hitting Julio had the other hits for the Braves. Nothing much to say… The Marlins lost, the Natspos and Phillies are tied, the Mets haven’t started yet… Fox day game tomorrow, the returns of both John Thomson and Russ Ortiz are scheduled. Ortiz is also coming off the DL. He still sucks.

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  1. Yikes, what an awful game. 8-run loss, shutout, snapped hitting streak, lousy pitching, no offense, bad weather…the Braves had it all!

    Larry Bowa has been reduced to announcing Little League regionals. I hope he stays there.

  2. And speaking of Little League, it’s fun to watch, but the big difference between Little League and MLB is that when the kids do something wrong, they always start crying.


  3. Well, Mac, the other good news is that you still have your internet connection and we have a game recap from you. So, I guess it’s not that bad. At least we are facing Russ tomorrow!

    Great timing by Sosa to have a bad game. When he finally beat out Colon, Davies and even Rameriz to become to team full time fifth starter, he had his worst game as a starter. Perhaps we should platoon Rameriz and Sosa based on home/road games.

  4. Winn hit the homerun against Willis to score the only run of the game against the Marlins, so at least he treats the Marlins and us equal.

  5. Hi! I’m new. Just thought I’d add my two-cents…

    I think the competition of trying to earn and keep a rotation spot helped Jorge Sosa’s performances as of late. Now that he has won the job he seemed to kind of relax a little bit and didn’t perform as well as he usually does. I’m sure he can pick himself up for next time and return to form.

    However, I think that if you take out the two at-bats from Tony Clark, (who absolutely OWNS Jorge – maybe he’ll walk him next time) Jorge wasn’t really that bad. You can’t win if your team doesn’t score you any runs though.

    Lastly, as the totally biased Braves fan that I am, I really don’t think that Vargas was that good – just kind of lucky. I guess luck trumps talent this time.

    PS It’s GREAT to have Chipper back…maybe he’ll stay back this time. I hope I didn’t just jinx it!

  6. Wow, that was a terrible game. Jennifer is right, Clarks bombs are what killed us. The first one should have not happened. KJ missed that easy fly ball and let it roll past him to keep the inning alive.

  7. Tony Clark has bombed a lot of people this season – odd, since he couldn’t hit a slug with a shovel in last year’s playoffs. But I remain worried about the Braves offense, and I wonder if they’d dare go ahead and move Chipper to 1b and call up Marte to share 3b with Betemit. Or see what does happen to a 47- year old who plays every day… anything but LaRoche.

  8. Went to the Yanks/Rangers game at Yankee Stadium tonight and was, once again, reminded why the AL totally sucks.

    Pitchers who don’t throw strikes + DH + 90-degree heat and stupid humidity = misery, especially if you don’t care who wins.

    Leiter threw 125 pitches through 5 innings & got the win. Yikes.

    Saw that the Bravos got behind early & died horribly. It seems like I didn’t miss much. Got a cheap laugh later at the expense of the Mets & their gag-o-rama. Being a Braves supporter living in NYC, I always get a kick out of that. In fact, I’d almost consider myself a Mets fan. How’s that, if I hate them? Well, they rarely let me down.

    On a sociological note: The moron who did that swan dive into the netting behind homeplate the other night at Yankee Stadium has left a legacy: No longer are they selling beer in that section–my section. Apparently, he was 18 & got served, so everyone pays for it now. If it were up to me, this Harper kid, I swear, would be on his way to military school.

  9. Today has got to be Francoeur’s best shot at a walk.

    Too bad Davies isn’t likely to stick. Even though it didn’t go well at all last night, he and Sosa would make a good tandem. Assuming a roughly 100-pitch limit on each, they might be able to put together nine innings between them ;)

  10. I hope the late inning loss to the Gigantes’ didn’t deflate the Bravos. Last night’s performance was miserable. Chipper swung the bat well I thought. The key will be getting out to an early lead today. Thank goodness the rest of the division is playing .500 ball lately. Watch out for the Phills, they might rally around a fallen Thome.

  11. I kinda like games like this. You’re gonna lose when you give up 8 runs, you’re gonna lose when you score zero runs. So just do both in one game and save yourself one loss :)

  12. I totally agree with Jennifer. No, wait…I mean I agree with jenny. Oh, heck; I’ve been married for so long I guess I just automatically agree with whatever a woman says now.
    Er…go Braves!

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