Early Game Thread: Braves at Phillies, July 2

Again, lest I forget in the morning. I bet McCarver’s there, too. Mute button, do your work!

15 thoughts on “Early Game Thread: Braves at Phillies, July 2”

  1. Looking back over the “Who wanted to throw Kelly Johnson under the bus in early June” debate, I also looked at the archives. Alex, to his credit, consistently argued that Johnson should not be traded or even sent down, and would have created roster space by ditching Kolb and/or Jordan. True, he did want Preston Wilson, but we all have our vices :)

  2. Guys, Joey Devine has been promoted to AA…I am sure Benarro will be gone very soon. As I think nobody within the organization has total confidence in Jim Brower as the eighth inning man the remaining of the season (not to mention the postseason), the setup position may come down to a competition among Colon, Sosa and Devine…

  3. Did Buck just say McCarver would “sashay” over?

    …I need to get that image out of my head, and fast. Damn my overactive imagination!

  4. Not listening to the accompaning explanation, those “Scouting Report” notes on the pitcher on TV look really stupid.

    Myers must “remember to forget” his last two starts.

    For Ramirez, “Mazzone hopes groin still hurts.”

    Nice catch by Langerhans.

  5. [MCCARVER]You see, in baseball, the player with the stick, who is called the batter, gets three chances to hit the round thing, which is called the ball, when it’s thrown by the guy on the hill, who is called the pitcher…[/MCCARVER]

  6. I haven’t heard anything stupid by McCarver yet, but Fox put Jordan in left on their defensive lineup. This was right after Johnson hit in the first inning.

    I think Langerhans’ nice catch was more accidental then intended. I really like who the Braves have in the lineup today. It almost reminds of college baseball and the intensity college players play with. I really respect how Kelly Johnson just walks right back to the dugout after he gets rung up. He doesn’t look at the umpire, he doesn’t mutter under his breath, he doesn’t head-butt the umpire, he just does walks back to the dugout.

  7. I think the Phillis learned something yesterday. They are pitching Andruw away fastballs and sliders. Hope Andruw will adjust and hit to the opposite field the next at-bat.

  8. I don’t know, I liked out they spent a full half-inning talking about Kenny Rogers. I mean, who cares?

  9. The braves are taking weak swings…perhaps they are finally getting tired after the hectic travelling…hope they will wake up soon…

  10. [MCCARVER]According to section 23, paragraph 5, of the Texas Criminal Code, Kenny Rogers is subject to up to ten years’ imprisonment or 60 lashes with a cat o’nine tails. Now, the Supreme Court, in Texas v. Randle, ruled that the cat o’nine tails is cruel and unusual punishment, but with the resignation of Sandra Day O’Connor, they might revisit that. When I was with the Cardinals, Bob Gibson said…[/MCCARVER]

  11. The Fox stat line said Kelly had 3 homers and 15 RBI when he came up in the first inning. I yelled at the TV that they had made a mistake, then began to doubt myself. Guess I shouldn’t have – just checked and they were wrong. Then they put Jordan in LF. Stupid Fox.

    Of course, Horacio sucks. Too bad we didn’t trade him for Austin Kearns :)

  12. I hate FOX…. It’s the three hour Mccarver and Buck comedy hour…..I think the Braves are trying to finish up early to get to the second half of the Live 8.Beyonce’s already been on guys… The bats are sleeping..

  13. Forget Quantrill, He was traded to San Diego for Tim Redding and Darrell May. That makes no sense for the Yankees, good pickup for San Diego..

  14. Am I the only one really irritated by that stupid Scooter graphic? It’s totally uninformative.

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