Game Thread: August 12, DBacks at Braves

Don’t count on a recap from me tonight. My internet connection has gone from “intermittent” to “usually nonexistent”. Repairman will be here in the morning.

70 thoughts on “Game Thread: August 12, DBacks at Braves”

  1. I listened to your interview, Mac. Very interesting. Your voice wasn’t what I was expecting (somehow I was imagining this gravelly baritone, God knows why), but it was cool to hear. I think you were too polite to LeBatard, though. He’s a jerk, so you’re perfectly entitled to sink to his level!


  2. Labor Day. For some reason, my dad wants to DRIVE from Maryland to Minnesota. So I’m trapped in a car with my dad for 17 hours. That is the definition of hell.

    Apparently Beltran and Cameron are still both in the hospital with concussions and facial fractures. Sounds like Beltran isn’t quite as bad off, but wow. Talk about horrible.

  3. I get Adrian Beltre and Carlos Beltran confused. Let’s hope the next big slugger isn’t named Carlian Beltrane.

  4. I’m going to the Orioles game tomorrow. The forecast up here? 93 degrees with Code Red air quality. Should be fun.

  5. Hmm, Dante Bichette’s kid is pitching. Interesting. The Atlanta team is apparently a powerhouse, though. One of the kids is hitting .833.

    Can anyone tell I’m bored waiting for the Braves game to start? There is NOTHING to do up here.

  6. Labor Day. For some reason, my dad wants to DRIVE from Maryland to Minnesota.

    Minnesota, awesome. I hope you like the winter. Of course I spent four glorious years here, where they proudly keep track of the snowfall total right on the school website link, and have a Winter Carnival every year where students built elaborate sculptures out of snow.

    And yes I was there for both the 95-96 and 96-97 winters. Good times.

  7. Those were the blizzard years, right?

    You might say that. It looks we got 328.2 inches of snow the winter of 95-96. I remember that it basically snowed every day for six months.

  8. Hey, in Maryland, we don’t get much. We got 37 inches one year and thought we were all going to die.

  9. Sometimes Bobby is right to stick with his starters through slumps. Sometimes, though, it gets ridiculous. LaRoche needs to sit.

  10. Chipper should not be in the lineup tonight. If he can’t get the ball to first base or play deep, he’s going to hurt the team. This is ridiculous.

  11. O’s just had a bench-clearing incident. Their pitcher threw at a guy’s head. I was watching Giles walk. Too bad.

  12. Jenny, are you near Street, Maryland? I have a very good friend who lives there. She goes to my college in Florida but she lives up there during the summer.

  13. Ok, so Sosa doesn’t have it tonight (there’s no clearer signal than a Shawn Green home run). Time to make other plans for my evening.

  14. So it’s nitrogen’s fault that Sosa’s giving up bombs. Glad we’ve absolved all responsibilty from Jorge.

  15. Where is Street, Maryland? I’m assuming that if I knew where that was I’d know if I was near it, so I don’t think so. I live 20 minutes from DC.

  16. There’s a 50% chance I will have a ticket behind home plate for tomorrow. If anyone is interested, email. The downside is you do have to sit with me and it’s an afternoon game.

  17. Ok, when is Alex going to blow up after this Sosa start and start calling for HoHum or Davies. I predict he is already in mid sentance.

    Good thing we got Chip tonight. You could make a drinking game for everytime he says “Chicago” or “Cubs”

  18. Street, Maryland is apparently near Baltimore. I’d reckon I could Mapquest it but I’m too lazy. Florida is so frickin’ humid. I just waxed my car and I was COVERED in sweat. It was 7:30 at night!

    Is there a career project for Brian McCann former player-wise? People say he’ll have power. Mike Piazza power? Javy Lopez pre-2003 power?

  19. Good, he hit the umpire. And his horrible strike zone. Thanks, Brian!

    I can’t believe the announcers implied that KJ was aggressive.

    And I can’t believe they’re still rambling about nitrogen.

  20. You would think that a former position player like Sosa would represent himself quite well with the bat.

    You would be wrong. I would love to get a look at his minor league hitting numbers.

  21. Why the hell did they throw him a freaking fastball? WTF? That’s totally ridiculous.

    Pull Sosa now before we get dug in any deeper. He has nothing.

  22. I’ll know for sure about the tix by midnight. They are primo seats, I must say – I’ve had them since 1990.

  23. Ned? He’s tolerant to a fault, but unshakeable in his beliefs. Kind of whitebread to be sure, but he’s made a go of something nobody believed in professionally, and chicks find him attractive. What’s not to like?

  24. He’s boring and self-righteous and if I met someone like him I’d probably want to punch him in the face. But I’m a bitter, cynical teenager jaded as to adult intentions.

  25. Ned’s not self-righteous. He’s humble. The only things bad you can say about him are that he’s, like the dude said, whitebread, really whitebread, and also that he lacks or resists or whatever all the bad things, sins, failings that we can’t. I mean, he’s closer to perfect than anyone else and one of three decent, moral characters in the Simpsons (I’m thinking of Marge and Lisa as the other two).
    Not to mention he’s attractive (apparently) and successful.

  26. He got dinked and dunked to death, though. Pecked to insanity by singles.

    And am I the only one annoyed by Tylenol ads? Tylenol doesn’t work. I have to take about 6 pills before I even feel it. Excedrin all the way.

    Wow. Nice play by Green.

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