Atlanta 5, Cincinnati 2 – MLB – Recap – Braves at Reds

Every fifth day, we have a change. (They may have to think about using Smoltz on a four days’ rotation soon.) Smoltz allowed a couple of solo homers, but only two other hits, didn’t walk anyone, and struck out nine in eight innings. Reitsma let the first two on but then finished it off for the save.

Furcal, back in the lineup, homered leading off the game. Marcus had a big day, reaching four times (two hits, two walks) and scoring twice, including a solo homer in the fifth. Smoltz was 2-3 and was almost 3-3, his ball to deep right-center just getting caught. Julio, starting against the lefty, had two stolen bases. The Braves had 13 hits and walked five times, and a little of that “timely hitting” and they would have scored a lot more than five runs. As it was, twelve were left on base, which could have come back to bite them.

Matt Belisle gave up two runs for the Reds and Kent Mercker also pitched… Ramirez will face Ramon Ortiz tomorrow night.

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  1. MAY have to??? They not only have to think about it, they have to go to it. This isn’t even Spahn and Sain and pray for rain. It’s Smoltz and a bunch of dolts.

  2. Smoltz just keeps setting the example for a patchwork staff. Hopefully the effects will be beneficial as the year moves on. No walks tonight, truly impressive.

    I feel you on the “timely hitting” matter, but our hitting this night was more timely than most. Still, 12 men is a lot to leave on base and surely wouldn’t have haunted us if the Reds tied it off Reitsma.

    At the end of the night, we’ll take it.

  3. Raoul,Thought that was what you meant. I took it as *extreme* sarcasm.billy-jay, where would we be otherwise? That is a good question. No trade for a Kolber? Trading for another SP instead? Anyone else got an angle on how this move could have gone different? Not to fall into the second guess trap, but this is the internet.GO BRAVES!!!

  4. I sure am glad that Smoltz came back to the starting rotation this year. Where would we be otherwise?

    Well, we’d have Reitsma in the 8th and Smoltz in the 9th; or even Reitsma int eh 7th, and Smoltz in the 8th and 9th.

    We’d have nobody or the first 7, but at least wee wouldn’t have had 2.5 months of Dank Lob :-)

  5. There almost certainly would have been a trade for another SP. I don’t think they would’ve started the season with Davies. I just have no idea who that would have been. I wonder if it wouldn’t have prompted a trade of some major league talent somewhere along the way. I can’t think of anybody who was actually traded that the Braves would have been in on (no way they could’ve beaten what StL gave up for Mulder, for example). Gosh, maybe this would’ve resulted in Furcal being traded after all? It didn’t make sense for a team with this budget and high-dollar players to have a $10M closer. Of course, now we have a near useless $3.5M reliever who was supposed to be the coser, so go figure. I’m still glad he’s starting. To me, even a great closer (which Smoltz was) can’t beat a very good starter (which is the least that he is).

  6. If that had been the case, I think the Braves would have taken a long look at Clement.

  7. I guess that I’m not a jinx after all. I was watching Dunn and Smoltz chat after John hit a single. They were both laughing about that Scud that Dunn hit. Man, that guy has some power.
    I was watching Fox Sports Ohio last night. The announcers were very complementary and somewhat in awe of the Braves long run of success. I have to admit I am spoiled. Reds fans around here haven’t had much to cheer about lately. For all the complaining we do about Time Warner, low payrolls, questionable acquisitions, not winning World Series we are pretty ERIC GREGGING lucky that we don’t have a guy like Carl Linder as our principle owner. Here it is June and they are way out of it.

  8. I just hope they don’t try to sneak Eric Milton in with the Braves luggage as they leave town.

  9. Anyone else just a tad concerned about Horam and the longball tonight? I mean, yeah, that’s a concern every night with Horam, but more so tonight.

  10. Anyone else just a tad concerned about Horam and the longball tonight? I mean, yeah, that’s a concern every night with Horam, but more so tonight.

    I’m more concerned that you’re calling him “Horam.”

  11. The second coming of Russ Ortiz without the luck?

    Hmmmmm… I guess that’s a little too long, huh?

  12. Preston Wilson would have 3 homers tonight. We should definitely get rid of Andruw.

  13. Colon is starting for Mississippi tonight. Last I heard he was going to be the closer.

  14. The bats sure woke up.

    A little dinker here in the 7th and KJ will have 8 RBIs tonight.

  15. fjensen – The plan for Colon was to get a couple of starts in Mississippi, and then move to the Richmond bullpen.

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