44 thoughts on “Early Game Thread: July 31, Pirates at Braves”

  1. Will Carroll says the Braves are closing in on a “solid deal.” What that means, I don’t know…but if anything seems awry with the lineup tomorrow, that could be why.

  2. In Re: to the JF nickname I think its gotta be wonderboy just because two people (me and CFBF@primer) both kind of accidentaly came up with it in the same day

    Im sure fate is telling us something there

  3. I was just thinking, Marlins play Braves in the last series of the season. If the Wild Card comes down to the wire, would the Braves trot out their B team (with the expanded rosters) and let Dan Kolb throw three complete games to give the Marlins that Wild Card Boost?

    It sure would be nice to face a sub-.500 team in the first round.

  4. I’m gonna be at the game today, so wish me luck staying dry as there’s a 70% chance of “showers” all day.

    Hope they get the game in, the last game I went to was the long rain delay with the Cubs. (Maddux’s game) (Which was ok, ’cause I got to move right behind home plate for like 2&1/2 innings)

    In either event, I’m a little sad to be going because it means I’m going to miss the trade day excitement.

    I always think its weird to see well known players in different uniforms.
    OK, well, I’m getting ready to leave here in a bit; I look forward to reading everyone’s comments when I get back.

  5. Trade deadline…instead of trading Furcal, trade KOLB. He is killing us!!! I could not handle more tylenol when he pitches…or maybe make him a starter

  6. Thats obscene. Kolb and Furcal will not be dealt. No one will take Kolbs contract the way he is pitching and the Braves need Furcal in order to make their run. I expect a reliever to be acquired today, and if not today, then in the next month.

  7. Olney just said on Baseball Tonight that the Braves are still looking for a STARTING pitcher, and have talked with the Mariners about Jamie Moyer. I just don’t get it.

  8. You haven’t heard, Sam? According to various people on this board, we’re going to trade Kolb, Horacio, and a sack of doorknobs for Brian Giles and Jake Peavy.

    Because Kolb has so much trade value. That’s why.

  9. I thought I heard Omar Minaya wanted the doorknobs because they were made in Venezuela? Think we could get David Wright for them?

  10. Dan Kolb…dee eff ay

    Dan Kolb…dee eff ay

    I won’t say he sucks. But he sure can’t pitch.

  11. Moyer would be a nice pickup for us. Sosa could go back to the bullpen and (hopefully) solve our 8th inning issues.

  12. I see. Some people just don’t understand the idea of value for value. Clearly to get Peavy AND Giles you’d have to throw in Brian Jordan. Duh.

  13. AJC has a blog on Farnsworth coming down from Detroit, anybody know anything about this?

  14. They may be looking for a starter if they are scared of Hampton’s recurrent injury issues.

    I wonder if they’ll offer, say, Langerhans to Minnesota for JC Romero.

  15. I don’t see them giving us Romero for just Langerhans.
    My friend who is a big Mariners follower says a Mariner scour said we are speaking to them about a Guardado-for-Lerew exchange. Possibly another rumor, but who knows.

  16. Lerew is one of their better pitching prospects. Why would they trade him for a washed up relieve that at times exhibits Kolb like tendencies..

  17. What’s with Chip Caray’s man crush on Lloyd McClendon? He’s terrible, and his team is too.

  18. I was struck with Jake Peavy last year ; 2seam,4seam,changeup,curve,wicked movement,aggresive at the mound, a self-sacrificing spirit , what is better still human nature.He was so plain that declined Sandiego local car dealer’s kind offer –He wanna give Peav a Hummer. It was free of charge–.Because he lives in small town and It ain’t a good match. He maybe resides in hometown Alabama in the off-season. He made a long term deal last year with comparative ease. Besides he is moderate prices.He is under contract until 2009(including team option).I was really disappointed.Of course he has a weakness as a pitcher.
    There are many fans I know.If win or lose ,The Pads love him. They think he is best of best. SOMEHOW WANNA MAKE HIM OURS.

  19. Guardado’s had one outing this year where he allowed more than one run. It’s insulting to even mention Kolb in the same breath.

  20. I love Peavy, but he’s signed through his arb years for cheap, so we haven’t a prayer of getting him.

    Man, Reitsma really drops that changeup like it’s hot. Great pitch. Can you guys believe we got him for Jung Bong and Bubba Freakin’ Nelson? What a steal.

  21. We weren’t saying Reitsma was a steal last year when he was busy imploding in September and October. Wow how things can change in 9 months or so…

  22. I agree, Rob. Although I thought people were unfair to him then, sort of like I feel people are being unfair to the Klobber now. Klobber isn’t pitching well, but he’s not the spawn of satan any more (as he was earlier this year). Give the guy a break :)

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