Panic time!

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You remember what happened a year ago?

Braves Journal: Trades Trades Trades!

Yes, the Mets gutted their farm system for marginal upgrades in Kristin Benson and Victor Zambrano. They’re already trying to unload Zambrano.

Are they about to do it again? Being the Mets, they only have a couple of good prospects. Giving them up for Manny Ramirez is one thing, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. So they’re probably going to trade for someone else who won’t help them, or make a lateral trade (killing their outfield by dealing Cameron or Floyd to get Soriano).

Thing is, they’re eight games back now. And while they’re only five back in the wildcard race, they’re also in sixth place. They’re never going to get anywhere if they keep doing this.

Definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

6 thoughts on “Panic time!”

  1. Are we playing the Mets anytime soon? Last year after they traded for Benson and Zambrano, we promptly swept the Mets and kicked them out of the playoff race. It was great!

  2. Gosh…8 games out at the trading deadline…history DOES repeat itself. Hey, I bet they could go & get Sidney Ponson & Phil Nevin!!! ba ha ha ha ha ah!!!!

    And yes, Omar…Dan Kolb IS available.

  3. Yes, the Mets keep shooting themselves in the foot, but, evidently, these recent acquisitions, namely Pedro and Beltran, have caught the attention of New York’s Latino community, especially those members from the Dominican Republic. So says an article in the magazine section of today’s New York Times.

    “Building the Béisbol Brand”

    Use if you need to get around the registration wall.

  4. I’d guess Nevin is very available, Mac. I think the Rangers were mostly interested in dumping Park, not acquiring Nevin.

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