Braves totally de-Gryboskified | 07/21/2005 | Rangers acquire two pitchers

Traded to Texas for someone named Matt Lorenzo, an A-ball pitcher. Who it is isn’t important; what’s important is that the Gryboski Era is over. I’ve been after the Braves to trade him for a couple of years, not just because I don’t like him but because his ERAs have been better than his actual pitching.

I assume that the Braves have another move coming. It could be to call up Lerew or someone to be the replacement reliever, it could be a trade for another pitcher, or it could be to call up Pena for three days while Estrada serves his suspension.

16 thoughts on “Braves totally de-Gryboskified”

  1. It looks like Lorenzo was actually demoted from AA to A+ ball this year.

    I like the trades where we give up major leaguers for go-nowhere prospects. Why? Because they’re better than when we trade the go-nowheres for Tom Martin.

  2. Perhaps this is acknowledgement that we already have a real Gryboski–Kold (since he likes to fill the bases and then get a double play). Either way, this sounds like a good deal.

  3. Grybo to Texas makes a lot of sense for guy who’s only real skill is preventing home runs.

    Does every rookie who gets called up receive a pro-rated share of the league minimum for the rest of the season after the callup? If so, calling up all these rooks may be getting expensive. Just wondering.

  4. My day just got so much better! I just got a meningitis shot stabbed into my arm and I come home and find that Gryboski, that pile of suckitude (should I trademark this?), has disappeared into the Barbecue State. This seems really random and weird, but he’s gone!

    Texas comes to Baltimore next week. I’ll keep you all updated.

  5. jeez, another rook!
    we got no vets to fill the hole? Mcbride has been a mcbust for a while now

  6. Maybe we just now know where a new guy would go. They wouldn’t do this just to have a look at McBride would they? Well, hell, maybe they would. I was certainly wrong about the Jordan/Francoeur thing.

  7. I wish I had splits for minor leaguers. If McBride’s been devastating on lefties that could override his general mediocrity. At least he strikes people out, which is a big step up from the guy he replaces.

  8. Lorenzo was actually a Techie for a year, part of Tech’s Ohio connection. He didnt play much so he transferred back home to Ohio to play for Kent State, did pretty good there and (I think) was drafted kinda high.

    I remember that he was actually supposed to be a decent prospect once.

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