Baseball Prospectus | Articles | Transaction Analysis: July 14-19, 2005

Okay, there is also the question of who to play where. Chipper is resuming his duties at third base, and that puts Wilson Betemit on the bench. There’s still the question of whether the Braves have a corner outfielder on whom they can rely. Kelly Johnson is cooling off, Ryan Langerhans just doesn’t look like he’s going to be more than the new Pat Sheridan, and why is Jeff Francoeur up if he’s here to watch those two play? I like all three of them, so perhaps the Braves will make do with them (plus Brian Jordan when he’s healed up). Like Davies, Francoeur and Johnson are getting work on a contender but in relatively low-pressure roles. It’s a way to win and keep winning, even allowing for normal turnover.